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What we learned about you last week (August 17-23)

By Emily Woodbury

I know I love living in Seattle, I’m well aware. But the time I’m most aware of loving it here is when people come to visit, and I get to show them this beautiful little corner of our planet. That’s what happening with me today, after I finish writing this, of course.

It’s fun to be a tourist in your own city. I highly suggest you take a day off from your typical routines (because I know we all have routines. Ugh.), and go do something new in your city. Or spend the day doing your top five favorite things. Wear yourself out. Make your legs hurt from walking, keep your belly full all day, and get a little color on those arms. You’ll have fun. I promise.

OK, well before I jump into my day, I better get to my usual business here first. Let’s see what we learned…

Last Saturday we asked you: How accurate are the holding tank gauges on your RV? Almost half of you said the gauges are somewhat accurate, but not generally reliable; however, a lucky 12 percent of you have very accurate gauges. Unfortunately, 39 percent of you can’t rely on your gauges at all. Bah. If you’re looking for any tips regarding this, I highly suggest you read the comments. There’s some useful information from you all – thanks!

In case you missed one of my favorite jokes in an RV Daily Tips issue a few months ago, I’ll repeat it here: What is Beethoven’s favorite fruit? BA-NA-NA-NAAAAAA. Ah, makes me laugh every time. Anyway, speaking of Beethoven, I’m sure he would be disappointed to hear that 89 percent of you don’t bring any musical instruments with you when you travel. Only 7 percent of you always have an instrument with you, and 5 percent of you sometimes bring one along. Oh, that was Monday’s poll, by the way.

On Tuesday we got back in the swim of things and asked what type of water you’d rather swim in. Most of you voted that you’d prefer to swim in a pool (45 percent), a tied 12 percent of you said either a lake or the ocean, and 13 percent of you said you didn’t have a preference, you like all three! A decent amount of you, 18 percent, said you don’t like to swim, so none of the above. I bet you’d like to swim (or at least sit and admire from afar) if it was in one of these spots!

Wednesday’s poll needed fewer options than we gave you. Jeesh! We asked you: How old were you when you first dreamed of buying an RV? A whopping 75 percent of you answered that you were younger than 30, and the other quarter of you, 25 percent, said you were between the ages of 41-50. All the other age groups we listed got 0 percent! Well OK then!

Lastly, on Thursday we asked if you bring a portable grill with you on most of your RV travels and, if so, what kind? Most of you, 66 percent, bring a gas grill with you, and 10 percent of you bring a charcoal grill. A small 5 percent of you bring both, but 18 percent of you don’t bring one at all.

OK, folks, I’m off! I’m taking my dog, Astor, over to my dad’s house (your favorite editor, Chuck) to play with his dog, Archie, for a while. While you’re reading the newsletter this weekend, know it was written while simultaneously playing with two adorable dogs. That’s all. See you next week.



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3 years ago

Emily ~ so true on two points. Seattle is a great place to live. We lived there for 15 years until our jobs took us to San Francisco, another great place to live.

And, yes, be a tourist in your city. We returned to our native Oregon seven years ago to Bend. We discovered many places we wanted to visit in the summer and, summer after summer, never did. So this year we actually made a check off list of those desired visits and have actually been seeing them. Hey, Bend is even a greater place to live than we knew!

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