Thursday, December 8, 2022


What we learned about you last week (December 8-14)


By Emily Woodbury

Another week of 2018 has come and gone. It’s hard to believe that in less than three weeks we’ll be ringing in another year. Where the heck does the time go? The only real advantage to time flying is that we get to learn more about you in what feels like a shorter amount of time. This week in our reader surveys, we received 8,381 votes. Thank you for teaching us a little bit about you and your life.

Last Saturday we asked if you were heading south in your RV this winter. Yep, most of you are. A combined 35 percent of you are either heading south now or will go right after the first of the year. A quarter of you, 24 percent, have already traveled down and are there now, and a lucky 13 percent of you say that you already live in the sunshine, so no need to move. We have a few north-stayers out there though, with 28 percent of you saying you won’t head south at all this winter.

Speaking of traveling, on Monday we wanted to know how old you were the first time you flew on an airplane. Most of you, 52 percent, answered that you were between 10-20 years old the first time you flew, and 29 percent of you said you were between the ages of 21-40. A few of you, 16 percent, traveled on a plane before the age of 10, and 22 voters, 1 percent, have never been on an airplane. What’s holding ya back? (Speaking of planes, did you see the blurb we did in Tuesday’s newsletter about the man who ate an airplane?)


I have the body of a god…unfortunately it’s Buddha. If that made you laugh as much as it did me, you can get it on a t-shirt here. On Tuesday we asked, “How would you describe your weight?” Eh. According to most of you, 58 percent, you’re slightly overweight (I write as a shove a Hershey Kiss in my mouth…), 18 percent of you think you’re very overweight, 22 percent of you would consider your weight normal, and 2 percent of you think you’re underweight.

On Wednesday we wanted to know if you carry an ironing board in your RV with you. Nope, 77 percent of you do not, and 21 percent of you carry a small one. Only 3 percent of you say yes, you carry a full-sized ironing board in your RV. Reader Linda Costanzo commented, “What’s an ironing board??!! LOL! ?”

On Thursday, we wanted you to pick the lesser of two evils, but you didn’t really feel like doing that. We asked, “Would you rather know the cause or date of your death?” Notice how we didn’t put a “Neither” option on there? You were supposed to pick, you goofballs. Seven of you commented, “neither,” but we wanted to force you to pick (just for fun, of course). More of you, 56 percent, would rather know the cause of your death than the 44 percent who would like to know the date. Our surveys are meant to be fun and entertaining – take the questions lightly. 🙂

Okie dokie, gotta run! I’m off to finish up that big ol’ newsletter you receive every Saturday. Be safe driving south, go book a flight (if you never have), go for a walk or sign up for a gym membership, and take life easy. Cheers, friends. See you next week.

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Joel and Betty Hagler
3 years ago

We, ages 88 and 75 now send or give Visa gift cards and avoid all the Holiday tumult.

And the kids come to us, no driving or flying chaos for us. Been there, done that.

Joel & Betty in Hunt. Beach, CA.

3 years ago

How about an article on how insurance companies treat rv’rs. We had our awning blown off and they are saying it may have been lack of maintenance. I mean…what? They may not pay for our loss based on lack of maintenance and the awnings age. Four claims in 26 years. All minor, yet they want to just blow us off. What gives?

Bob p
3 years ago

Today’s wouldn’t load all day until late this evening, thought I was going to go all day without my “fix”. Lol

Karen Willis
3 years ago

The surveys stopped showing up on my daily news letter mid-week, last week. ???????

gerald buscemi
3 years ago

how about a thread about new rv’s guarantee’s. even cheap cars come with a three year/10-20 thousand mile guarantee. aftewr spending between 100 and above for a rv I would think a better than a one year ands 10,000 mile would be offered. yea, I know tiffin offers a 3 year (I think), but they are the exception , not the rule.
maybe if the community starts making enough noise, something in the future will change.

Captn John
3 years ago
Reply to  gerald buscemi

Forest River just dropped their 2 year warranty ~~ the 2nd year was available for $100. Understandable as their quality dropped long ago. Keystone (a Thor company) has added to their warranty in the past year or so.