Will you head south with your RV this winter?


Are you headed to warmer climes this winter season with your RV, joining countless thousands of other RVers in sunny Florida, Texas or Arizona (or maybe even Baja)? Or are you sticking close to home where you’ll just deal with icy temps and snow?

Curious minds want to know.

It may take a few minutes for the survey to load, so stand by.

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Bruce Lantz

We were fulltime for 7 years. Bought a house in Yuma, spend 6 months here and 6 in Western Washington. The best of 2 worlds.
I can take 6 steps out the kitchen door and there’s my RV. Plugged into power and all the slides out. My man cave is still handy.

Jerry X Shea

Leaving Pismo Beach, Ca on January 12 and heading to Grand Isle, Louisiana and other “bottom Southern States” till April when we will head North to Minnesota for the summer. 10 month trip before we return home. Did this in 2013 and loved it.

john Mitchell

Love to go south like we did for 10 years but the years have caught up with us. I only have 2 allergies -work and snow.


Headed to Death Valley, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas right after Christmas. Can’t wait to hit the RV trail…


Staying in Canada this winter. May not be the warmest place but we don’t really feel all that welcome in the US lately… sad to say.

Herb Dinken

Before we sold our house and moved into the RV, we lived in Florida, which is still our legal address. Now we head out in the summer but always return “home” for the winter, even if it is in a CG.

John Rakoci

One daughter lives here in SE coastal NC where it rarely snows. The other just built a 2nd home here so we stay here through the holidays then head to FL.

Jean Knapper

Staying in Silverton, Oregon. Just got back from CA.


Chico, CA. It doesn’t get below 32° and less than 35″ rain, no snow and day temps 50-70°. We are staying home and loving the holidays. Happy Holidays to all. (Oh, and Merry Christmas).