What we learned about you last week (March 9-15)


By Emily Woodbury

Well, I must say, reading the comments on Saturday’s poll this week was pretty neat. It’s incredible to learn that RV Travel readers are all over the world, reading these same words, isn’t it?

As a reminder, our poll question was “Where are you reading this newsletter?”

Gerrit Van Keulen writes that he is “in my captain’s chair in our Class A 42′ HR Scepter, in the Yuma Foothills, AZ, with the Gila Mountains in view out the front window.”

Peter Donahue is “in snowy, cold upstate NY watching snowmobiles go by the house!!!” and MikeJ is staying away from the animals in Alaska where “nothing poisonous lives.”

Larry is staying at a villa in Portugal, and Steve is in Cartagena, Colombia. He writes, “I like to ride out the winter in the Tropics, this year in South America. There’s more to see in the world than just America. Put yer RV into storage and take off.”

Mike is in Mexico, Bob Perata is in Uruguay, and Grant Edgar is “at home in Canterbury, New Zealand.”

Photo at McMurdo Station by meaty_thighs77, Instagram

Many of you are reading this from sunny Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona, but Jim Soper took “going south for the winter” to the next level. Jim commented that he’s “actually at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Sitting in my dorm room.” WOW! Here’s a link to McMurdo Station, so that you get an idea of what Jim’s current location is like. (It’s currently -2 degrees Fahrenheit there.)

Anyways, from the looks of our poll, over half of you are west of the Mississippi, 42 percent of you are east of the Mississippi, 5 percent of you are in Canada, and 1 percent of you are somewhere outside North America. Only 14 voters are in either Alaska or Hawaii, and 12 of you are leyendo esto desde México (that’s “reading this from Mexico”).

On Monday we were curious to learn if you got the flu shot this season. You sure did! A whopping 70 percent of you did get the flu shot, but 30 percent of you did not. We know that this can be a touchy subject, so thank you for keeping your comments respectful.

Tuesday’s poll revealed that you probably have never, or will never, attend a high school reunion. More than half of you said you’d never attend one, but more than a quarter of you said you might attend one, though rarely. A decent amount of you, 14 percent, said you’d try and attend them all, and 8 percent said you’ll attend about half of them. Zipper commented, “Mrs. C and I just went to our 50th class reunion, one month and 2 days before our 50th wedding anniversary. We are what ya call true high-school sweethearts.” Cue: “Awwwwww!”

There’s a very good chance you’ve never posted a video on YouTube, considering 90 percent of you never have. According to Wednesday’s poll, only a tiny 1 percent of you post on YouTube often, and 9 percent have posted before, but rarely. If you have posted on YouTube before, send me the link in the comments – I’d love to see!

Photo by Dave Parker, Wikimedia

Jim Langley pointed out that Thursday’s poll question (“Have you ever buried a pet in your yard?”) was a “depressing question to ask.” Yes, Jim, it was. I think it’s because I had recently mentioned to Chuck that a remake of “Pet Semetary” (a Stephen King classic) is coming to theaters early next month. He probably had that on his mind when he wrote this question. Anyways, surprisingly, 72 percent of you have buried a pet in your yard, but 28 percent of you have not. This question, much like last Saturday’s question, got a lot of great comments. I don’t have room to quote them all here, but I suggest you read them for yourself. Dave buried a monkey in his backyard. If that doesn’t make you want to go read the comments, I’m not sure what will.

I can hardly wait to write this next week when I can finally say, “Happy Spring!” See you then.

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Swan Bells Bell Tower in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Bells cast between 1725 and 11770. The video is the bells “change ringing”.

You can find more detail at my journal: http://www.mytripjournal.com/travel-799464

Astrid Bierworth

Here’s a video I posted on YouTube. It’s my cat going after a mouse. No, she did not get it. She is an inept hunter and thinks mice are just toys.


Tommy Molnar

I periodically upload videos to my YouTube channel just for fun. Our internet connection is SO bad here at home, it always takes at least an hour to upload. Anyway, this video is one of my ‘best’ (don’t laugh), showing how we got our kayaks up on a tall pickup. And since then we bought “Hullivators” which makes the job effortless. That, and a new truck to boot.

Bill King

As per your Monday poll about flu shots, I am one of the 30% who do not get one. The reason in my case is that 31 years ago I received my first and only flu shot. Within days I had a bad reaction and was rushed to hospital. I was unconscious for two days. When I finally woke up I was told I had a bad allergic reaction and was told never to get another flu shot. It took me 6 weeks before I fully recovered. I have inquired recently with my doctor if things have changed and if it would safe for me to get a flu shot again. My doctor told me in no uncertain terms that due to my past allergic reaction, that I should not get any flu shots.

Bill King

We just started a YouTube channel and our videos are still very rough as we are learning how to shoot and edit video’s. As per your request under the Wednesday poll results above, if you are interested in seeing it, here is the link to it