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What we learned about you last week (September 22-28)


By Emily Woodbury

Another busy week here at RV Travel. We’ve got a lot in store for this little website and big community so stay tuned, friends! 

We learned a lot about you this week, and last week’s Saturday poll shocked us. Let’s dive in. 

Last Saturday we were curious to know how many days, in the last year, you spent in your RV on the road. Shockingly, the majority of you, 31 percent, only spent about a week to a month on the road. A quarter of you answered that you spent between one and two months out roamin’ around, and 12 percent of you spent less than a week! A chunk of you, 17 percent, say you spent two to three months out, and only 16 percent said you were on the road more than three months. That was a lot of numbers, so check out the poll to the right for clarification. 

Monday we went a little “far out” and asked: If you were given a chance to go to Mars and risk your life, would you? Nope. You sure wouldn’t. Well, 85 percent of you wouldn’t. A solid 10 percent of you said yes, and wondered when you could leave, and a tempted, though hesitant, 5 percent answered that yes, you’d go, but you’d be scared. As reader Jillie recommends, watch (or read) “The Martian” (which is excellent, by the way), and maybe you’ll change your mind. 

After doing some thinking this week about security cameras, we wondered if you have one for your RV, either inside or outside. The response to Tuesday’s poll was pretty clear: nope, nada. A whopping 94 percent of you do not have any cameras. An equal 3 percent said yes, but only on the inside, and another 3 percent said yes, but only on the outside. Well, that’s that. 

Well, I won’t bore you with the many (maaaaany) numbers on Wednesday’s poll, but it was interesting to learn that most of you, 22 percent, take six or more medications on a daily basis. Whew! A combined 29 percent of you take either one or zero, 28 percent of you take two to three, and another 22 percent of you take either four or five. That’s a whole lot o’ medicine! 

And finally, on Thursday (which in my household is called Friday eve) we asked: Have your slide out(s) ever failed bad enough that you needed them professionally fixed? Whew, we’re pleased to learn that 67 percent of you have never needed your slide outs professionally fixed, but 11 percent of you said yes you have, and more than once. Yikes! The remaining 22 percent of you said you have, but only one time. Let’s keep it at that! 

Well, everyone, enjoy this last weekend of September (hopefully it’s as beautiful wherever you are as it is here in the crisp corner of the Pacific Northwest), and I’ll see you back here next week to celebrate the arrival of October and all things spooky! 

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Joel and Betty Hagler
4 years ago

Question was not clear.
In our case we belong to two RV clubs that meet 9 months of the year for 3 to 6 days at a time. The drive to the various RV parks in CA is a round trip of 300-500 miles….twice a month.
So we are actually driving 4 days per month (going and coming), and ‘camping’ 8 days per month (avg).

Not bad for old retired folks.

4 years ago

Hey guys, how about a survey in regards to rv service and maintenance. Not just washing and checking the fluids but service and repairs, that is to what exactly one is comfortable doing themselves to “it goes to the shop for EVERYTHING “. Thanks

George Cederholm
4 years ago

The “on the road” survey confused me. I initially answered “More than 100” because that’s how long our trips are. But then it seemed like you were asking how many days were specifically “travel days”, when the wheels were turning. I changed my answer to “30-60”. Now, after reading this, I’m still not sure but think maybe my initial read was more correct?

Diane M
4 years ago

Why is it shocking to you that 31% of folks spend only a week to a month on the road? Lots of campers have jobs, have children in school, or have other commitments that prevent long trips.

Bob p
4 years ago

I don’t know your exact meaning of “on the road”, do you mean actually driving or away from our home base? We are snowbirds and spend several months away, but we only spend a couple of weeks going to and from our snowbird location. If you’re talking about the inclusive time away from hom base then we would say we are on the road 6-7 months per year.

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