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When you can’t agree on a destination — try RV Roulette


Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
My husband and I have been traveling for two years. We have now seen a lot of the country and have enjoyed many places enough to go back a second time. The problem is his favorites are not my favorites. We are having a difficult time planning our next trip because we want to go to completely different places. Is this a normal problem with full-timers? How can we solve this destination dilemma? —Torn in Toledo

Dear Torn:
Leaving Toledo for anywhere cannot be a huge problem, if the line from an old John Denver song is any gauge: “I spent a week there one day.” To solve your problem you might just want to go to both your favorite places. You are full-timing. That should give you plenty of time allotment to make you both happy. Somewhere in between you might just find Utopia for Ubothia.

If that does not sound reasonable you may have to play RV Roulette. It is very easy. Pick a tire on your rig. With chalk, mark a dividing line across the tire. Mark one side #1 and the other #2. Start driving. At your first pit stop, check the tire. If your number is pavement down, you head for your destination. Check this tire each time you stop. Whoever has their number, pavement down, changes the direction to their destination. You keep doing this until one of you reaches your destination or by chance you find Ubothia first.

You can just flip a coin but that is so boring, so final and so depressing for the loser. The RV Roulette method gives you hope every time you make a pit stop. It is much like the lottery. Statistics have proven that your chances of winning are the same whether you buy a ticket or not. The mathematical probability of one of you actually getting to your destination before finding a thousand great places by chance is nil. It’s like Spin the Bottle and Wheel of Fortune combined into one satisfying adventure. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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Jeff (@guest_5351)
6 years ago

Hate to be nit picky but the statement ” Statistics have proven that your chances of winning are the same wether you buy a ticket or not” is false.
It is true that’s statistics have shown you have an infinitesimal chance of winning the lottery, and anyone with a true grasp of numbers will save their money , but without a ticket there is zero chance. (just to finely split this hair)

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