Which cell phone service do you use?


We know from our previous surveys that most RVers carry a cellular phone with them when they travel. But which service do they prefer? Let’s find out. What provider do you use? If you use one not noted here, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Curious minds want to know.

It may take a few moments for the poll to load. So stand by.

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I use Tracphon. Purchased at Wal Mart.

Harry Milosavljevic

sprint sucks
without service regularly on a trip from Chicago to Glacier
NP. Bad service out east as well Chicago to Acadia.
Evreyone with ATT had service while our service was intermittent to Non- existent in Acadia.
And don’t even think about Canada. Zero service there.


We have MetroPCS which I understand is related to T-Mobile which we had previously. Both of these have many dead areas across the US. I also carry a TracPhone, and that works in most places that the MetroPCS does not work.

Jim Collins

Had t.mobile for years, switched to verizon after visiting lake of the ozarks, had no service unless I got up on the roof, everyone else had verizon and had good signals, thats why we switched

Francois Rochon

Being Canadians we get into the nearest Wally after entering the U.S.A. and buy a Tracfone we spend winter with it and forget it when getting back home… Next year new Tracfone… nothing is cheaper

Kathy Derting

Hubby and I both have Verizon unlimited. In addition we have a ?Verizon Hotspot for those times we need internet for laptop. Curious if anybody has Verizon prepay. Is the cell service as good? Since we are on fixed income, looking for ways to cut our expenses.


We had Verizon for many years with no complaints. Then AT&T offered the buy one I Phone 7 and get another free and we, for some stupid reason went for it along with the two year contract. One of our worst decisions, The service has been horrible, we get some of the worst reception at our house. On a trip to South Dakota last year we found many dead areas and many times had to rely on local WIFI to get any internet service. We have spent hours with AT&T in their stores and on the phone trying to resoleve the issues to no avail. As soon as our contract is up, it’s back to Verizon (unfortunately when you get an I Phone from AT&T, it can only be used on the AT&T network so more new phones are in order)


StraightTalk [tracfone subsidiary?] $45/month +unlimited data, text & calls. Big bonus was nice phones [we have LG Premier 4g for $29 [refurb w/new warranty] Uses Verizon network but any cdma if Verizon weak. They offer $20 month hotspot also.
Have had since mid 2015 with zero issues.


I switched to Verizon from Sprint in June 2018. It was the first thing I did in my preparation for the rv life. You have provided a wealth of information in my daily research and I am so grateful for your service and generous supporters. I will become more of a participant as my current stressful life eases into the rv life. Spring of 2019! Thank you!


Verizon for cell phone, AT&T devices for internet as well.


We use Republic. Good coverage for $ 23 a month. Unlimited texts and calls plus 1 gig for web.

Michael Mccracken

I have been traveling the US for the past six years. Traveled from west coast to east coast and also north to south. I have always had Verizon. Never been without service weak in very few areas. My only issue is their service costs. I am afraid to change to another service until I quit my full time motor home travel.


We use US Cellular here in the northeast.


We use Tracfone and meets our needs except when we are in Alaska, no coverage. That is a pia as we are there al least once a year. Use our sons cell phone there.


Switched from years with AT&T to Verizon based on what we learned from this newsletter. We rarely have dead spots while traveling now.

Lisa Cantrell

We have ATT Unlimited but carry a Verizon prepaid Hotspot.

Joe Ego

Verizon and a AT&T Mobley.


Company switched to AT&T, not much difference but Verizon coverage was better in several of the areas we frequent.


Tracfone. Service has always been very reliable.


Consumer Cellular is FAR and Away the best Cell service in the US. And they have AARP discounts on all their products.

We saved more than $100 per month switching over.

Had Verizon before and wouldn’t have them again.