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Which cell phone service do you use?

We know from our previous surveys that most RVers carry a cellular phone with them when they travel. But which service do they prefer? Let’s find out. What provider do you use? If you use one not noted here, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Curious minds want to know.

It may take a few moments for the poll to load. So stand by.


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Brenda Bilton
11 months ago

We are planning on taking an RV trip from Michigan to Washington and then through Canada to Alaska. Just wondering if anyone has taken this type of trip and what cell phone service (talk & text are the priorities) you have used, pros & cons. We currently have Consumer Cellular, which we have had no issues with, but we believe we have to get a new SIM card for use in Canada and calls and texts are per minute charges.

1 year ago

I have been using Visible for over 6 months. Owned by Verizon – $25/mo per line for unlimited everything, including hotspot. Check out this page:, it has all the info you need to know about joining Visible. When you use my friend code, 3fBnWl, you’ll get your first month of service for only $5! From then on, its a flat $25/mo with your own bill for each line added

Kingfish Stevens
6 months ago
Reply to  AZNomad

My wife and I have been Visible customers for a couple years using their $25 PartyPay. No problems what so ever.

Ray Brown
1 year ago

RVing in the South this January through March, I was able to use Verizon data over 50GB/month without throttling. Theoretically, it should have been throttled at 22GB. We’re still yet to be throttled on the Florida Atlantic Coast since. I’m sticking with Verizon as long as this condition exists!

Stanley Sokolow
1 year ago

Verizon Wireless works well for me in the west. At home I have Xfinity for wired Internet, which not only is very fast hardwired but also their access box provides a wifi signal for my mobile devices around the house. Xfinity also has a lot of wifi hotspots around the country which subscribers to the wired service can access at no additional cost, so this extends my Internet to many more places without having to use data through my cell phone. Once my mobile devices have learned my Xfinity password, they connect automatically to a secure hotspot when they find one.

Joe White
2 years ago

Switched from Verizon to Spectrum last year, same coverage, cut my bill by more than half. Only needed a sim card switch which was part of the deal. Have yet to have an issue while traveling.

Headphone Radar
2 years ago

I get excellent coverage here where others with other companies are not so fortunate. Prices are competitive and the selection of phones is excellent. I have had Verizon for 7 years now and recommend them to everyone and see no chance at all that I will ever change.

Mike Whelan
2 years ago

A year ago we switched from ATT to Spectrum Mobile. Great deal on the service saving us hundreds per year. My only concern was availability. This turned out to not be an issue for us anywhere in our travels across the north, south, southwest or midwest. No contracts, unlimited internet and great speeds. Phone is clear and seldom drops a call.

Steve Baker
2 years ago

We’re on Verizon Unlimited. We have our adult kids and my elderly mother on the plan too (we bill the kids, we’re not spoilers, ha!). With that many people sharing an unlimited plan we get the lowest rate per phone ($30/mo + all the fees and taxes for Start Unlimited). Verizon’s coverage is about as good as it gets for RV-ing in the west. We also have a cell phone booster (WeBoost Drive X) that really helps in fringe areas.

If you ever have an issue with charges on your bill or want them to find out why some of the incentives their customer service people promised you when signing up have never materialized, good luck. Those of us that well remember the “phone company run-around” of years past will find much of the same crappy, incompetent service that the old Bell System was famous for is alive and well at Verizon.

2 years ago

I use Tracphon. Purchased at Wal Mart.

2 years ago
Reply to  Donn

I use that as well Donn, it’s Spelled TracFone.
And they now have cheap unlimited plans.

Harry Milosavljevic
4 years ago

sprint sucks
without service regularly on a trip from Chicago to Glacier
NP. Bad service out east as well Chicago to Acadia.
Evreyone with ATT had service while our service was intermittent to Non- existent in Acadia.
And don’t even think about Canada. Zero service there.

4 years ago

We have MetroPCS which I understand is related to T-Mobile which we had previously. Both of these have many dead areas across the US. I also carry a TracPhone, and that works in most places that the MetroPCS does not work.

Steve Baker
2 years ago
Reply to  Nick

MetroPCS is Sprint. But as of a couple of months ago, Sprint is now being integrated with T-Mobile who bought them up. Sprint, without a doubt, was the most unethical and difficult company we’ve ever dealt with.

Jim Collins
4 years ago

Had for years, switched to verizon after visiting lake of the ozarks, had no service unless I got up on the roof, everyone else had verizon and had good signals, thats why we switched

Francois Rochon
4 years ago

Being Canadians we get into the nearest Wally after entering the U.S.A. and buy a Tracfone we spend winter with it and forget it when getting back home… Next year new Tracfone… nothing is cheaper

Kathy Derting
4 years ago

Hubby and I both have Verizon unlimited. In addition we have a ?Verizon Hotspot for those times we need internet for laptop. Curious if anybody has Verizon prepay. Is the cell service as good? Since we are on fixed income, looking for ways to cut our expenses.

Sherry Dawson
4 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Derting

Check out Straight Talk Wireless at

It is a prepaid service using Verizon cell towers. So you get the same coverage as Verizon customers, which is excellent. You may use your existing phones, or purchase new or refurbished ones from them. The costs for one phone vary with how much data and what speed you want. They have plans for $35, $45, $55 and $60, for one phone. (The cost for 2 phones would be more.)

I use the $35 plan as I am not yet full-time, and find the 2GBs of high speed amazing for me. I don’t notice any kind of slow down watching videos on my phone, playing online games, using social media, sending email and texts, doing internet searches, etc. So you might want to try one of the cheaper plans first to see if it meets your needs–you can upgrade at any time (or downgrade) if you need to.

They also offer mobile hotspots for $15-$75 a month, depending upon how much data you need. The site has a great tool for estimating that at:!ut/p/a1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOKd_F2C_fwdPYy8HE2NDRwtvL0sjMy8jQ1CzfTD9aPASlwMvHyNA4FKgjzMTQ08Azycg93N_QxMDMzxK_B3M4IqMMABHA30C7KzgwAE-kaO/#Z7_OIK61A40LG7490ADT4EFHV30G2

I have been using Straight Talk for about a year and love it! (Other commenters on this thread also have it and like it.) Good luck finding an affordable solution for you.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sherry Dawson

I love my straight all. I have signal where others do not that pay more. Been with them 10 yrs. Tried others but always come back. Customer service is always great too.

John Crawford
4 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Derting

We have T Mobile and only pay $60 per month for two phones, unlimited talk, text, Data and hotspot. There are very few places we can’t get a signal. We were able to to use them in Europe and got unlimited text and data with $. 05 per minute talk. We switched from Verizon due to the increasing price.

4 years ago

We had Verizon for many years with no complaints. Then AT&T offered the buy one I Phone 7 and get another free and we, for some stupid reason went for it along with the two year contract. One of our worst decisions, The service has been horrible, we get some of the worst reception at our house. On a trip to South Dakota last year we found many dead areas and many times had to rely on local WIFI to get any internet service. We have spent hours with AT&T in their stores and on the phone trying to resoleve the issues to no avail. As soon as our contract is up, it’s back to Verizon (unfortunately when you get an I Phone from AT&T, it can only be used on the AT&T network so more new phones are in order)

4 years ago

StraightTalk [tracfone subsidiary?] $45/month +unlimited data, text & calls. Big bonus was nice phones [we have LG Premier 4g for $29 [refurb w/new warranty] Uses Verizon network but any cdma if Verizon weak. They offer $20 month hotspot also.
Have had since mid 2015 with zero issues.

Sherry Dawson
4 years ago

Thanks for the tip about the hotspot. I also use StraightTalk on an IPhone 6 and love the service, but didn’t know about the hotspot availability. I will need it when I go full time. Will you educate me also on the meaning of “cdma.” I can tell it refers to other vendor’s cell towers, but am curious about the initials.

Bill Bateman
4 years ago
Reply to  Sherry Dawson

Hi Sherry, Type in ‘cdma vs gsm’ in Google or go to this website for the info … too much info for me to explain here.,2817,2407896,00.asp
By the way, I liked your elaboration on Straight Talk and for Kathy Derting … the prepaid plans are by far the most economical and least restrictive.
Happy Trails!

4 years ago

I switched to Verizon from Sprint in June 2018. It was the first thing I did in my preparation for the rv life. You have provided a wealth of information in my daily research and I am so grateful for your service and generous supporters. I will become more of a participant as my current stressful life eases into the rv life. Spring of 2019! Thank you!

4 years ago

Verizon for cell phone, AT&T devices for internet as well.

4 years ago

We use Republic. Good coverage for $ 23 a month. Unlimited texts and calls plus 1 gig for web.

Michael Mccracken
4 years ago

I have been traveling the US for the past six years. Traveled from west coast to east coast and also north to south. I have always had Verizon. Never been without service weak in very few areas. My only issue is their service costs. I am afraid to change to another service until I quit my full time motor home travel.

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