Wife doesn’t like RV’s “Beverly Hillbillies” look


Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
My wife and I like to kayak. We both have our own kayak which I have been strapping to the roof ladder on the back of the motorhome. My wife says we look like the Beverly Hillbillies with our bikes and boats all roped on. She is constantly complaining but has no suggestions on how else we can carry all our toys. She thinks storage engineering is my department, and I think I have already found the best solution. Should I ignore her subtle jabs about my kayak configurations, change them, sell them or continue to be frustrated? —Up a creek with too many paddles in Paducah 

Dear Up a Creek
Hauling toys is a problem for everyone. I am always walking campgrounds and amazed at how people have figured out how to haul boats, Harleys, four wheelers, tow cars, bicycles, golf carts, horses, ladders, and various other individual necessities. I do not know what type of motorhome you have but it sounds like you are dealing with two of the lightest toys on the list. I personally do not care to strap things to my roof ladder, but if it works for you, and done in a safe manner, more power to you.

As for appearance, that is a personal choice you and your wife will have to work out. We use a Sea Eagle inflatable that fits in our basement storage. It tracks very well on rivers. It is a bit more high profile so catches wind when lake paddling.
There are also kayak/bike combination racks available that could solve the storage and appearance problem. It places both the kayaks and the bikes in a vertical position, all supported by the motorhome’s hitch. Another suggestion would be to carry the kayaks on the tow car if you pull one.

If none of these arrangements make your wife happy there may be a toy hauler RV in your future. That way you can take everything in your garage and no one will even notice. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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How about a tow dolly fitted with a rack to haul Kayaks, bicycles etc with a box to place O&E’s into. Built to be removable for auto, motorcycle hauling. Just a thought.

Valere Murray

Try a ‘Pakayak’. Another modular that stacks like Russian nesting dolls. It has its own pack and ends up being about 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 square. This was a Kickstarter project and mine is just rolling off the assembly line now.

lauren oliver

We have a toy hauler (garage)that we use for all of our junk. We also have an Acura MDX towing a a 5 x 8 enclosed cargo trailer for more junk. works for us!


We own a Point 65 North kayak which is a 4 piece modular kayak that could likely fit in their storage area and is an awesome kayak that can be used as a single or tandem.

Sherry Dawson

Reading the “Shrink’s” letters leads me to believe he makes up most of them so he can write about a topic of interest to RVers. They’re too perfectly worded for humor to be authentic. This one sounds fishy enough to me to be made up.


Karen, that’s funny! I know this might be a pain to deal with and you’ve probably considered it, but what about a smaller box trailer to put your stuff in? You can keep adding in more stuff all the time:)


Kind of reminds me of the guy that said he got a bottle of wine for his wife. The next guy said “good trade”


Toy hauler. Then she can see them inside.

Gene and Carol

We heard a lady tell her husband loudly that “I want to go with them” , she was referring to our rig that had two short kayak’s on the roof of the pickup that was pulling the fifth wheel toy hauler that has the obvious rear door . They both wanted to go with us when then found out that it held motorcycles . That was a fun conversation with strangers . Does not bother me to have our stuff hanging out there .

Traveling Man

Just another suggestion…You may consider “renting” when you get there. Many of the popular locations have rental bikes and kayaks available. Granted, you would have to be without in some of the premium locations around the country, but happy wife brings happy life. Or… there is always the option of separate RV’s…

Another question might be, “What’s the underlying issue?”