Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Would you pay $15/night for a site with electricity at a truck stop?

RV parks and many public campgrounds are getting more crowded all the time. It can be difficult to get a space without a reservation — days, weeks, even a year ahead. For some, an overnight stop in a Walmart works for grabbing a night of sleep. But what if a truck stop were to offer a dedicated site with an electric hookup for $15 a night? Would you stay?

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1 month ago

We paid $15 for a reserved site at a Flying J near Chicago. We looked funny to all the big truckers, but we were able to visit a granddaughter and were lulled to sleep by the refrigerator truck next to us.

Steve Garrett
1 month ago

I was an Owner Operator trucking for a long time, there are a few truck stops I might consider staying in but not many. There is entirely too much going on after dark and a lot of it is not good, After reading many of these comments I am surprised so many folks don’t know about many State Laws in regards to Idling of engines, many States have a five minute law, this includes generators in RV’s. Personally I find it rude to park near anyone and run a generator all night. If you have need for electricity at night and your inverter cannot handle the load then you need to park somewhere you can plug in and pay the fee, if you can’t afford that then maybe you should find another way to travel or park somewhere you don’t disturb others.

4 months ago

I’d pay more if it included a free dump station.

9 months ago

we stayed at a truck stop in Wyoming once. Once was enough.

10 months ago

I would pay $5.

11 months ago

Totally… absolutely …why not… they have a business to run .. maybe they would like to own a 5th wheel and a 350 truck too.

1 year ago

RVers are a strange bunch. People spend over $100K for a rig and then complain about $15 a night and would rather look for a free parking spot in Walmart and run their generator all night. They complain about noise at a truck stop and every generator I’ve heard is much louder than a semi truck idling.

I prefer truck stops and would pay $15 for a hookup any day. If you are anywhere south of the mason-dixon line you will need a/c and I don’t like sleeping with the generator on. I will do that only as a last resort. It’s not the noise but I don’t want to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

1 year ago

Yes, if it’s a secure location and on my route (without too far of a detour.)

1 year ago

No, We would not stay for a fee, even if it’s FREE we only stay if nothing else is available.
Too noisy, Trucks running all night long and lots of traffic coming and going through Truck Stops. Also depending on your parking spot lots of light pollution from headlights and parking lot lighting.
Some Truckers with bad attitudes are sometimes a problem.

1 year ago

I spent the first night in my RV in a truck stop while driving it back home after picking it up. I awoke at 1am to the sound of my CO2 alarm going off due to the amount of fumes from surrounding trucks. So be cautious where you park.

1 year ago

It would have to designated spots wide enough to open slides and away from the truckers. As a retired trucking executive, drivers are not what they use to be, and I would not like to sleep with one eye open afraid someone would back into our rig.
Hit and run claims from truck stops was one of our biggest expense.
If this was the case, I would be the first to pull in for an overnight stop. Big truck stops are safe and the drivers are hard working honest folks.

1 year ago

I would only stay at a truck stop if I was desperate. Like, extremely bad weather, or extremely tired. On the other hand, I’m not sure I would be able to relax there and sleep. I, or my dog, would hear every little noise outside. So sleeping would be difficult.

1 year ago

Truck Stops to noisy for me. Use PassPort America, $15-25 night for FHU and quiet.

1 year ago

If some *** trucker wouldn’t wreck my RV, just because he figured I was in HIS SPACE.

Terry Monos
1 year ago

Too much traffic and noise.

1 year ago

Probably the noise would be a show stopper. But then again I have a generator which produces comparable or less noise and will run all night for around $5. So what do you think? $15 + noise or $5 + noise. Still. another resource. That is always welcomed.

1 year ago
Reply to  Friz

Yes i would love to be able to have electric i can get a/c in my van in florida for grandkids and me…i wish every truck stop and rest area allowed it to for min. 6 hrs. Id pay 15 bucks nightly when traveling.

Tom S
2 years ago

Truck Stops appreciate your business, but trucks keep them in business. Truck Stops cater to trucks because trucks can spend $1,000 or more to fill their tanks [300 gals at $3+ per gallon]. Only some Class A’s are in that league. Of course neither fills up every stop. Range is ~300 gals x 6-8 mpg. Unlike RVers, truckers hours of service are highly regulated by the clock. I have yet to see a semi that insists on extending a slide out.

2 years ago

My lady friend is a truck driver. I asked her if truck stops were safe and she said yes they are. The state police do patrol along with the local pd. She told me of an app called trucker path that gives us an idea of where truck stops are if we want to stop for the nite. I was told for 15 bucks you can take a shower but never heard of 15 to plug in. But would pay that over having to pay 2 x that amount for a campground. We plan to do Colorado next summer and want to just stop along the road and then continue on the next day. I remember doing that at rest stops to Florida years ago. I have the app on my phone and she did tell me that along I 80 is a truck museum. Not sure where but it is along that route. Something to think about when traveling the open road. Now that Michigan is entering colder temps I am looking towards June and warm camping weather. Happy camping folks.

Anthony Vinson
2 years ago

I’ll use my generator for $5 a night, but it’s a good idea though. We plan for Cabelas, truck stops are our last resort, due to noise and “lurkers”.

Lee Ensminger
2 years ago

I would be happy to pay $10, but not $15. $10 for a legal place to park with electricity is reasonable, and I would put up with the noise for an inexpensive place to sleep for the night as I’m on my way to a destination. I can often find Passport America parks in the $16-$20 range with full hookups, so I’m not likely to spend $15 at a truck stop. It’s a novel idea, though!

Mike Sokol (@mike)
1 year ago
Reply to  Lee Ensminger

One thing to factor in is that if you’re using even 10,000 watts of electricity for your RV (a 50-amp RV outlet can supply up to 12,000 watts) and the price of electricity is $0.10 (10 cents) per kWh, that’s at least $1 per hour. So a 10-hour stay could cost the truck stop $10 in electricity to power your RV. And nobody wants to pay for metering, so there’s a lot of misuse and waste of electrical power.