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Readers tell us: What is your relationship status?


By Emily Woodbury

To be honest, in normal times (by normal times I mean 2019), I may have skipped over this question and chosen not to write about it. But today, when selecting a reader poll to write about, this one caught my eye. The comments on this one were just so dang cute, and I think we could all use a good “awwwwww” moment right now, don’t you agree?

There’s nothing better to help lift your spirits than a beautiful love story… (or a cute animal, I won’t deny that). So let’s take a break from some of the heavy stuff right now and focus on some “in lighter news” topics, such as this one…

According to this poll, where we asked you on Thursday, April 2nd to tell us your current relationship status… 86 percent of you are currently married. A tiny 1 percent of you are engaged (congratulations!), and 5 percent of you are in a relationship. Any of you who are single (which is 7 percent of you) feel like meeting a fellow RV Travel reader? Hint hint…drop a comment below. Wink. Another tiny 1 percent of you answered “other,” which, as some of you pointed out in the comments, could mean widowed, divorced, or…other!

OK…now for some cute stuff (by stuff I mean comments).

Joe and Helen wrote what I’m going to say is probably the most adorable comment ever left on They wrote, “We made it 65 years of marriage last June and that was after 4-1/2 years of dating. For the last 46 years, we have kept our love alive by writing a love letter every single day and it is working. Daily communication pays off!!” *heart melts*

Soooo many of you who commented wrote that you’d been married for 50+ years – how admirable! From a young kid like me (28), you give me hope! As Joe Allen commented, “Life long partners are a wonderful find for sure!” Indeed!

Some of you made me laugh. Like Cee, who has been married for 40 years:”We are blessed to have found each other. The only thing I would change: should have started “training him” sooner.” And Richard, who said, “50 years in September. I can’t believe she has put up with me this long!”

I’ll let Gary’s comment have the final word here, which is sure to spark a smile. He wrote, “Congratulations to all of you posting 50+ years marriage. That is an admirable accomplishment. In the spirit of that, I’ll leave you with Ruth Graham’s (Billy’s wife) comment on marriage- ‘I never considered divorce in all our years…murder possibly, but not divorce.'”

P.S. Happy Birthday to Clyde’s wife, who turned 82 today (April 17th).

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2 years ago

65 and single. Montana for 7 months of the year then it’s pack up and head south, for 5 months. I spend the winter in Az at a horse camp in my fifth wheel . Life is grand. Would love to share it and have someone to play with!

2 years ago

After a long courtship (3 weeks) it has now been 53 years married to my best friend and lover. Great trip and the adventure continues.

Mary Masters
2 years ago

I answered single, but I’m not sure if that describes me or not. I lived with a man for almost 3 years and we acted like we were married although we never legally were. He was killed 2 1/2 years ago. So, does that qualify me as widowed or single?
Anyway, I would love to meet someone to share my life with again. I am full-time in my fifth wheel. I’m stationary right now on my friends property because I am working full-time. I look forward to the time when I can travel more! I am 60 years old now so not too long until I can retire!

2 years ago

She started to chase me freshman year in high school and caught me right away. After college and Vietnam we got married, so we have been going together for 60 years. I have no Idea who I would be had I not allowed myself to get caught.

2 years ago

Geesh Mark. Did’ja really have to say it?
Lessee. Was I commenting on average age or path to the bathroom? I forgot…….

Terry Hedum
2 years ago

Single Male, Iowa, Just getting started in camping and fishing again. Almost ready to retire, and enjoy the good life

2 years ago
Reply to  Terry Hedum

Is that an “ad”?

Renee Mazurek
2 years ago
Reply to  WEB

LOL…..I was going to write the same thing until I saw your comment & then I felt weird about it. I don’t take it as an ad…..I am a female who has a few years until I retire but I’m already searching out the RV’s, highlighting map areas & making plans to roam the states. I can’t wait, but I don’t want to necessarily do it by myself. I will. Trust me, I have no issue enjoying my life & everything else can catch-up to me, not the other way around. It’s just better when you can share those sunsets, awesome animal sightings or beautiful ocean waves. Again, I will still do them regardless…….but, ya’ know!

2 years ago


Mark B
2 years ago

Wow, the recent surveys have confirmed the average age of us readers is…older. And I just reasoned why RVs are so attractive. In a typical RV you are probably, at most, 15 feet from a bathroom. Somebody had to say it 🙂

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark B

Spot on, Mark.

Mary Masters
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark B

Funny 😄

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

It is something I noticed at Aliner Owners club rally’s is how many married couple there are. Lot’s of single women, but all divorced and not interested. Ever. Again. Single guys like me are rare.

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