Bet you’ve never seen an Airstream like this


So is this a trailer or a motorhome? Or both?

Reader George Hills sent us the photo. He said the RV is for sale in England for about $32,000. He explained that the base unit is a 31-foot Airstream Excello travel trailer. Instead of towing it, a previous owner mounted it to the bed of a 16-ton Mercedes 1617 truck.

Sorry, but we’re not sure where you can buy this beyond it’s somewhere in the U.K. Pretty cool, though.

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We own a 1985 Airstream Excella which matches all the windows on this one. Same smaller front window, bathroom and bedroom windows and the wide blue belt-line stripe. This is giving me ideas.

Gene Bjerke

Since you can’t go from the cab directly into the “house,” I would classify it as the ultimate truck camper.

M. Will

Thats a nice looking and functional rig!!