Best-selling RVs – Is yours on the list?


Best-selling RVs – Is yours on the list?RVers love their travel trailers, and sales of most of them continue to skyrocket, according to the RV Dealers Association (RVDA). More than a quarter of a million new travel trailers were sold in 2017, up almost 13 percent from 2016.

Sales of all RV types increased last year except for folding trailers (sometimes called pop ups), which declined 5.6 percent and Class A gas motorhomes (down 2.4 percent). No statistics were available for truck campers.

Here’s a breakdown (no pun intended) of new units sold, by RV type, in 2017, as well as the most popular models (in descending order) in each category.

Travel trailers: 274,294 (up 12.8%)
Jay Flight

Fifth wheels: 78,046 (up 9.7%)
Big Horn

Class A, Gas: 14,240 (down 2.4%)
Class A, Diesel: 7,382 (up 5.6%)

Class B: 3,974 (up 26.5%)

Class C: 27,530 (up 20.5%)
Four Winds
Sun Seeker

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Brenda W.

If going with a Class A diesel, purchase high-end, pre-owned. Go for quality…


I will never buy another Grand Design Reflection.Since Winnebago took them over they have cut quality control and workmanship is in the cellar.They may have started out decent in the beginning,but as usual,thew conglomerates rule anymore.


Not seeing any truck campers listed. We bought a new Arctic Fox truck camper five years ago and have had no problems at all with it. It is a four season, sharp looking, quality camper. Sure, it’s smaller than our 5th wheel Cougar was but with this truck camper we can also pull our pontoon behind without having to take two vehicles, saving money on gas – and making our retirement much more pleasant traveling in the same vehicle:)


We bought a used 2014 Montana 5er in 2015 which is our second Montana. Nice to see it at the top of the 5th wheel list. We full timed for 2 years and are now snowbirds. We love our Montana even though we have had to replace the fridge, an air conditioner, the black water tank (I blew it up), gray water tank, fix the damage from a tire blow out and most recently the rubber roof came lose and was replaced. We have definitely used the $5000 we spent on extended warranties at Camping World when we bought the… Read more »


Seems some of the best are long gone. We have a SeaView made by National RV. We love it. Yes, we have had to repair most all the appliances but the coach itself is good.


Something that I’ve noticed on several occasions… not to do anything with this survey…. In the Class A listing, the third manufacture down is “Allegro”. Allegro is a manufacture as it is a sub-model made by the manufacture “Tiffin” who also makes models named Breeze, Phaeton and Zyphers in addition to several models of Allegros…RED, Open Road. The list is about manufactures, not models.


Opps, I meant that Allegro is “NOT” a manufacture.

Tommy Molnar

Traveling Man, you make some good points, and YOU should be asking the survey questions. You’ve bored right in to what I think would be good, hard hitting questions – and logical answer options.

Traveling Man

Once again, the problem with surveys is that they are only as good as the questions asked…. I suspect there is a reason for some models not making the list and that is Price. Obviously, the models above are the “Best” selling because they are less expensive. And price plays a big factor in what people will buy. Now, ask a question about whether or not they were happy with what they bought and you might get a different answer. There are problems with layouts and quality. Ask if you bought that model because of price? I bet most will… Read more »


It’s hard to believe on the 5th Wheel list, that Heartlands Big Horn is on the list.

We had a Heartland along time ago! The Heartland products proved to be nothing but JUNK. Now that it is owned by THOR, makes it even more questionable.

Buy a Heartland product and you better have a BIG Checkbook for repairs.