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Boondocking gadget: Venture Wipes – Better than baby stuff

More and more people are considering boondocking as a way to combat running into the “no vacancy” sign at RV parks. However, two challenges continue to plague us boondockers: power and water. Solar systems have improved markedly in just the past few years such that you could literally power anything in your RV with a sufficient solar and battery system. Water, though, remains an ongoing challenge. 

At an FMCA rally in Gillette, Wyoming, the goodie bags that we were all given contained a sample from Venture Wipes. 

What’s so great about Venture Wipes?

Venture Wipes is a brand I’ve been aware of since I first heard about them on a podcast. They are, essentially, a very large baby wipe with some significant advantages. Venture Wipes come individually packaged and are much larger than most baby wipes, at about a foot square. 

Each wipe has two surfaces, a smoother side and a textured pattern. The cleaning ingredients are natural including aloe, vitamin E and tea tree oil. The wipes themselves are biodegradable and hypoallergenic, as well. 

As someone who is a “show me” kind of guy, I liked the fact that there was a sample in the goodie bag. So I thought I’d substitute my daily shower by using one of these wipes. 

When the pandemic hit we got a few packages of wipes from various places that were smaller but more antiseptic to keep in our vehicles. You know, just in case. One of the things that I noticed is that often the wipe dried before I finished using it. Plus, in those pop-up containers, I ended up throwing most of them out as the whole package had dried out in the car. 

Since all the Venture Wipes are individually packaged they aren’t going to dry out before you use them. Yeah, my wife is a geologist and hates throwing away packaging. But sometimes you have to make accommodations for some things. 

Does a wipe equal a shower?

The single Venture Wipe finished the entire task of substituting for a shower on someone who displaces a lot of water in the pool. I am no petite hiker. I am more the guy you call when your Santa Claus doesn’t show up. Or you can’t find the pillow that goes with the suit and the kids are already lining up. 

In fact, when the task was finished the wipe really wasn’t. While I wouldn’t pass it down to someone far less fortunate than I to use themselves, you might be able to use the wipe for a piece of gear or something like that. 

Furthermore, the company advocates that you might be able to save the wipes after they’ve completed their unenviable job and perhaps put them to work in another task, as a substitute for toilet paper. (Not sure about the hygiene on that use, however.)

While the wipes are biodegradable you would absolutely not want to flush them down an RV toilet, or any toilet. But you could dispose of them after this second use in a trash can. 

Do they smell?

Among the things I also liked about the Venture Wipes was that there was no smell to them. So you don’t finish using one as a shower replacement and smell like a baby’s clean backside, for example. 

I would have to say I was highly skeptical about using a single Venture Wipe on my mass while spending a day walking around Gillette, Wyoming, as summer did its best to counter my efforts. But I was so pleased with the results I actually bought a 25-count package of the Venture Wipes and they now take up permanent residence as a must-have for our RV. 

My wife tried the product as well and was equally pleased with it. 

We do a lot of boondocking and what usually brings us in is either a full gray tank or an empty fresh water tank. With some Camco water storage bags and an electric drill-powered pump, we’ve overcome much of the issues with the empty fresh water tank. 

Now, using these Venture Wipes to replace some showers, I think it’ll increase the amount of time we can spend off the grid. That’s a good thing. 

I will say the company also offers a Bug Defense wipe and I bought a small package of those. But I haven’t had a chance to give them much of a test just yet. I’m a huge fan of the Thermacell and am extremely popular with flying annoyances. The Thermacell is the only product that has ever worked to stop them. The reason I haven’t tried the Bug Defense wipes yet is that, very surprisingly, I haven’t been camping where there were many bugs. 

When I do try them, I’ll certainly share my experience with you here. In the meantime, I would give the Venture Wipes two thumbs up. 

You can learn more or order some for yourself here.



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1 month ago

What!! Throw away dried baby wipes? I just add water to re-hydrate them.

1 month ago

I don’t think these are as versatile as regular baby wipes and personally, I’d never use them as a shower alternative. Brian- the “Dude shower” sounds hilarious!

1 month ago

Like it was said below, the military has been using them for field showers for years. Comes in camaflouge covers. Works great when boondocking. And military PX’s do not charge tax.

1 month ago

I ordered and tried several different kinds including the Venture ones. The Venture are probably my second choice with the “Dude Shower” coming in first.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I was locked up in a hospital room last year for a month. No bathroom, no shower, no nuthin’. Had something to do with my leukemia chemo. Anyway, they gave me packages of these ‘wipes’ that I found were miraculous at keeping me ‘fresh and clean’ (ahem). They were probably of the Medline brand, but I forget. Anyway, they were great. If I could buy them for our boondocking it would almost make showering unnecessary.

David V
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Medline Ready Bath Luxe
Regular & Antibacterial
Excellent product!

David V
1 month ago
Reply to  David V

Tommy, look online. You can buy them by the case. 12 packs of eight wipes each. Around $45.

1 year ago

Similar products aka adult body wipes or adult washcloths have been available for quite awhile through healthcare outlets; they are called adult washcloths or body wipes. Military call them tactical wipes. Also have no-rinse shampoos available. Most are 12×8 or 12×9 which is plenty large enough for us. However larger folks or very sweaty ones may prefer the larger size. Have not done price comparison. Have not compared brands or prices. W/M brand around $.20 ea; Sams Club about .04 ea.

Montgomery D. Bonner
1 year ago

Some info about wipes. I use lysol brand, why, thicker single sheets, walmarts are also single sheets in other words not 2-ply like clorox brand which come apart and then fighting the wipe instead useing it.
If container loses it’s mosture, there is chemical left in the wipes to keep them moist, add a little water to the container, and you are good to go again. Once wipe gone, pour chemical from old one into new one, now you have more.
Make sure lid is closed tight, keeps them wet longer.
The walmart ones are ok, but perfer Lysol brand, thicker, more chemical for sanization, and last longer. I have not tried the suggested brand on this article. I still have some of all three to use before I buy more.
I use them to clean hands after hooking up toad; or clean one to wipe of hose big in park PRIOR to hooking up my water hose for RV; or after I put out Andro Ant Killer around MH in rv Park to keep them out of RV instead of after in RV.
We don’t have pets, but good for keeping you

1 month ago

There are two types of wipes: the Lysol type that is used for kitchen and bath, etc and the human body type that the article discussed. They are not interchangeable, except maybe an occasional hand wash with Lysol wipes for germ killing.

I agree with you, never throw away a dry package, just add water!

S. Perry
1 year ago

We’ve been using various-size wipes, all in those pop-up containers, for years. When I open one, I pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup bottled water in the container. They never dry out. Sometimes I add a small amount of shower gel. Nothing can replace a nice long shower but these will come close. Don’t need some high priced individually wrapped product.

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