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Car generator can substitute for portable generator in emergency

An innovative product originally designed to provide power directly from vehicle engines to recreational vehicles while camping off-grid could literally be a lifesaver for those without power in storm-ravaged areas.

Inventor and entrepreneur Jonathan Schloo was looking for a way to provide power to his Airstream trailer while camping in remote areas, without the mess, noise and hassles of traditional fuel-powered generators. What he invented was a lightweight and inexpensive power inverter that runs directly from any traditional vehicle’s battery through the use of heavy-duty, booster-style cables.

The unit hangs from the front of an idling vehicle. There’s a power meter on the unit so users can easily see how much power they can generate from their vehicle to power items in their home.

The All Weather CarGenerator™ sells for $795 and can provide up to 1,000 watts of clean off-grid power. The advantages of the CarGenerator™ over traditional gas-powered generators include:

Lightweight: The All Weather unit weighs just 16 pounds.
Longer run time: Users can get up to 70 hours of run time from one tank of gas in their vehicle, versus refiling a small gas generator every 4-6 hours.
Works with electric and hybrid vehicles: The CarGenerator™ works with all types of vehicles. In the case of e-vehicles, no gasoline at all is required.
Environmentally superior: Small generators have little to no emissions controls. A car, on the other hand, is loaded with pollution controls to regulate emissions.
Less fuel: Running a compact car on idle uses less gasoline than a traditional generator.
Reliable and hassle free: The CarGenerator is ready when needed. All that’s needed to power a home is a car that will start.

The CarGenerator provides power during any power outages

The unit can provide the power needed to provide lights, heat and refrigeration to anyone dealing with power outages such as the one now being faced by millions affected by Hurricane Ida. It’s simple to use and can power many household appliances, furnaces and refrigerators for days, directly from an idling vehicle engine. “A car is about three-quarters of a generator already,” Schloo said. “Cars have gas tanks, engines and alternators. All I needed was something that could create power directly from our vehicles.”

Since those early tests, Schloo has used his device to help customers keep sump pumps, refrigerators and lights working until the utility companies can restore regular electrical service.

“The 16-pound CarGenerator takes zero maintenance. There isn’t any fuel to add or oil to change. It’s all self-contained,” Schloo said. A vehicle with a CarGenerator unit attached could keep power flowing to a home for about 5-6 days.

“This product can literally be a lifesaver for those who have no other means of providing power during an outage,” Schloo said. “All you need is this unit and your own vehicle.”

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  1. I will disagree with the whole concept. In the first place the accompanying graffic shows the generator plus the car equals 1KW of electricity. 1KW will barely run my coffee pot, never run my microwave, nor A/C. All this for $795, conversely my 3700W generator that cost $719 will run everything in my trailer at one time for 11 hours on 3 gallons of gas. True I can’t run 70 hours that the compact car that can’t pull that camper can run, but after running that 70 hours you have to push that compact car to the gas station to refill it. Lol. Whoever wrote the ad needs to use some common sense before applying fingers to the keyboard.


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