How to get rid of “the corner of death” in your RV


We saw this posted in the Facebook group RV Tips and couldn’t help but giggle. We know everyone has at least one “corner of death” in their RV. How many times have you bumped your head on yours?

Here’s what Mandy Roberson-Slayback posted:

“Need ideas for this corner of death! Looking for ideas on how to cover this corner and the edge of the cabinet so that it doesn’t slice and dice as you flip around in the middle of the night. I almost lost an eyeball…or at least it felt like it! Lol!”

Mandy’s post has gotten 204 comments (so far). Here’s what a few people suggested:

• “Had the same issue with our bed. Rounded the corner off, end of problem.” — Gregory Dault 

• “I put foam tape on the side and under the cabinet. It’s not the best looking but it has helped tremendously.” — Julie Poolie 

• “Look up corner protector on Amazon!” — Pam Reid (Here they are!)

• “Water pipe insulation from Lowe’s or Home Depot – same as pool noodle but comes in a few different sizes.” — Don Baloh

• “Customize it by cutting out the space and replace on a slant like this…(see photo below)” — Mark Fagan

• “I used gorilla glue and those removable rubber kiddie corners that you usually put on the corners of tables. Worked great and helped keep the door snug. Lasted us 6 years, just traded that unit in, and I saw the dealership left them on when they sold it.” — Boosie McNeely (These look promising.)

Sleep in a helmet!” — Brian Hancock

I put a foam mattress pad on my bed and it brought it above where I kept hitting my head” — Tammy Mustoe

Do you have an idea for Mandy or other RVers with the same problem (we know these corners are common on all types of RVs)? Leave a comment below.


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Tony Rodriguez
8 months ago

I’m glad this blog came out about corner of death, about a year ago I was looking down while walking behind my rv and felt like if someone hit me very hard but no, I hit the corner of my slider that it was open getting a 3 inches cut in my forehead .now I install a piece of red pool noodle on every corner. Believe me, it hurts….

11 months ago

Baby’s R Us stock furniture edge and corner protectors that are peel and stick.

1 year ago

I give myself concussions so you don’t have to…

As for that low-clearance door forehead-creaser, I’ve found leaving a ribbon dangling into your sightline helps those of us with overly deep eye sockets to remember to look up before scalpings…

1 year ago

I used corner protectors purchased in the baby department at Walmart after my wife gashed the back of her hand on the cabinet by the bed.