Do you believe people would be kinder without the Internet?


Does it ever seem to you that people are ruder now than before the Internet came along?

Do you, or someone you know, react differently to someone on the Internet who disagrees with you than you would to a friend or acquaintance you were talking to in person?

Most of us would agree that the world is an angrier place than it was 20 years ago. What do you think? Your comments are welcome, but keep them constructive and respectful.

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Anonymity brings out the worst in people. They will write stuff that they would never say face to face. On the flip side it is also very easy to misinterpret someone’s intent in a written comment, where you’re missing all of the non-verbal cues that are a part of human communication.


Nasty people have always existed, the internet just gives them a bigger microphone. I’m often misunderstood, so I try to be polite and smarter than most online folks – good folks get my point eventually, often listening just because my “voice” is different. Insults aren’t productive discussion even when the other person IS a tuckus-bolo extremus. You usually can’t educate, but you dont have to roll in the mud with them. Ignorance has always existed; the internet makes “guesses from the couch” seem on par with experts speaking from authoritative knowledge. I am often challenged by loudmouths claiming their feelgood… Read more »


You can blame almost anything but the lack of good parenting is the big problem. Unfortunately both parents work most of the time out of necessity and it leaves little time with the kids to teach values and manners. This is the job for parents and grandparents not teachers as they don’t have time and it isn’t their job.

Anthony Vinson

I see this as a “road rage” type of scenario. Thousands of people walked down crowded sidewalks and bump into each other; but never say a thing except, “excuse me”. Get these people in a car and they’re a raging lunatic. Being face to face has a lot to do with it and if your removed from situations “lunatic” comments on the internet will result. Being face to face, they just might keep their mouths shut.


With or without, people are still people…. the ratio will never change.


I have watched people get really nasty on social media because they believe they’re anonymous and won’t ever have to face the people they’re being rude to. I have also seen people I know who are just nasty people be more openly nasty online because they’re not in the other person’s presence.

As a society, we’ve become more disconnected from each other than we’ve ever been. There’s little or no “community” anymore. It’s easy to be mean to someone you aren’t face-to-face with.

Roy Ellithorpe

I marked “yes”, I think people would be kinder without the internet. Most of the comments are referring to the writers opinion of others.
I marked yes because I think that I am less kind because of the internet. I sincerely believe that I was a much more tolerant and nicer person before the internet allowed all the dumbasses to constantly show me how really stupid they are.

Gene Bjerke

Some social platforms and forums seem to attract more trolls than others. If I find myself involved in one that sees a lot of negative commentary, I just unsubscribe. It would also probably help if people were required to use their real names rather than “nicknames.”


Since everything we now do or post is being tracked, it would be nice if only those who are rude could have their internet privileges revoked and leave the internet available to those of us who never use social media but depend on the internet for so many of the valuable things in our lives.


People being rude to each other started before the internet. Parents STOPPED teaching their children to be respectful in the late 60’s


The human ego decides around 11 years old to become an individual … if you’re a parent, you know what I mean … and that young ego begins to test ways to enhance its sense of self worth. Its normal for this developmental stage to attack all the other little egos around it to lower their self esteem in a attempt to enhance their own. Its the source of bullying in middle school. Some adults get stuck back there at 11 years old and use the anonymity of the internet to mentally shelter in place while they struggle to feel… Read more »

Mike B

Social media has allowed people to voice anything on their minds without social filters once used. It’s certainly a recipe for some of the social ills we’re witnessing.


Do you remember when Mothers’ used to say; “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”? Social media, sadly has left the wisdom of Dear Old Mom crying quietly amongst forgotten shadows. She is being replaced with a thumb symbol signifying “likes or dislikes”. Personally, I prefer one-on-one, and Dear Old Mom. I have never signed up with Facebook, and there is no purpose or value by inviting a “thumby-thingy” into my life. A wise old Pastor once said that “Satan will give you a cup full of truth, to encourage you to swallow an ocean full of… Read more »


I agree. Nasty people have always been there. They were just limited because not that many people hung around with them. Now they can be nasty to somebody in front of the whole world.

Ron Schmitz

The internet has too many false stories that people believe, and the people who believe these false stories are the ones who will act out in a bad way

Judy G

I think people are generally limited in what they are willing to say or do in person vis a vis another. However, in a crowd the ‘courage’ of ‘mob’ psychology can result in riots and other negative results. The cover and support offered by the internet allows us to be unkind. [Please be kind in your responses : )]


The BIGGEST CULPRIT is Facebook! (OR FAKEBOOK) The most socially destructive thing in modern times. Too many people are just nasty and extremely unfriendly on FAKEBOOK!


I agree with Jeff. This forum is about as social as I get on the internet. I prefer to be anonymous because I have seen things I have posted on a particular site exploited on another that I never approved of. The internet is neither safe or nice.


People who are nasty, rude or inconsiderate bullies were so before the internet existed and would still be so even if it had never been invented. The ability to insult on the internet just gives these people a forum larger than their immediate space.


I totally agree.