Friday, October 22, 2021


Dog in good condition after hot trip in crate behind RV

Photo credit B.C. SPCA

Update July 3:
According to, a dog found in a crate that was strapped to the back of an RV in the middle of B.C.’s heat wave has now been seized by the B.C. SPCA. The owner was driving from the Fraser Valley to the Okanagan. The SPCA was able to track the location of the dog and obtain a warrant to seize the animal, said the non-profit’s communications manager Lorie Chortyk, via email.

“We took him into our custody on June 30. He is being cared for at an undisclosed location and we will definitely be recommending charges of animal cruelty to Crown counsel,” she said. The dog is not available for adoption at this time as the SPCA must follow legal steps in the process before the dog is considered the non-profit’s to re-home, she said.


Courtesy Heather Peters on Facebook

Motorists who spotted a distressed German shepherd in a crate strapped to the back of a travel trailer on a British Columbia highway are expressing outrage amid the current heat wave. Heather Peters said she was traveling along Highway 1 near Abbotsford, B.C., at approximately 3 p.m. last Sunday when she spotted the dog crate and the RV.

“I was like, ‘Oh please, dear God. Please do not let there be a dog in there,’ and of course, I pulled to the side and we were at a light on Sumas Way, and there was a dog panting,” said Peters. “His tongue was sticking out to the side. He was a big German shepherd.”

Penticton South Okanagan RCMP announced the dog was found at a campground in Oliver. “I am pleased to tell you, that thank you to the public and media’s attention to this incident, the dog has now been located in Oliver, BC and is doing well,” Sgt Jason Bayda with the branch said. An officer spoke with the owner and checked the well-being of the dog. “It looks like (the owners) came from the Lower Mainland up to the Interior. What we’re being told is the rationale behind it was that there was no room in the vehicle and it would have been too hot in the trailer, so I guess this is what they thought was the next best option, albeit not a very good one.”

Oliver Mounties are working with the BC SPCA “to determine the most applicable charge or charges in this matter and the next steps to ensure the dog’s continued safety,” according to a RCMP release.



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3 months ago

Must be related to the Romneys.

Rolling Coal
3 months ago

WOW! More proof, humans are not the smartest species on this planet!

3 months ago

I would never put my dog in a crate. If she cant ride with us in the vehicle, either she would have stay home with a sitter, or we all stay home. Whoever did that to that poor dog should be put in a crate for at least as long as the dog was in there and then driven all over everywhere for all to see. And, NEVER be allowed to have a pet of any kind, not even a gold fish.

T Edwards
3 months ago

I recall the story about a presidential candidate that tied the dog crate to the roof of their vehicle because there was no room inside the vehicle for the dog with the passengers. Apparently the dog arrived safe at their destination. We have two 10 lb rescue dogs that travel everywhere we go except to hot parking lots in summer. They are most excited when we ask if they want to go “ridies”; they travel in a soft side crate strapped in the rear passenger seat. I could never imagine strapping the crate to the roof or back of our fifth wheel with them in it. Growing up we lived in a farm. My dog would happily jump in the truck bed and in route, its head off to one side or the other catching the smells with tongue dripping and a big smile on his face. So I have mixed feelings about transporting dogs in crates outside the vehicle – safety being my primary concern.

3 months ago
Reply to  T Edwards

I recall a certain past president who said he has eaten dog meat.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ret*Sheepdog

Yeah. As a child, in a country where it was ‘normal’.

If that’s all you’ve got, it’s pretty weak.