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RV Review: 2021 Keystone Passport GT 2870RL “flat fifth wheel”

I mentioned yesterday that I stopped by Keystone during my trip to Indiana. I had looked at several travel trailers in the past that I referred to as “flat fifth wheels” – including Keystone’s own Outback 328RL. But that trailer is on the higher end of the spectrum. I had a chance to go into the Keystone Passport GT 2870RL. It’s another trailer that I would call a “flat fifth wheel” – but at a much lower price point than the Outback. 

But the two offer a very similar floor plan with levels of convenience features commensurate with their prices. 

Flat fifth wheel?

So what in the wide, wide world of sports is a “flat fifth wheel”? Well, it’s more something I interpreted based on the floor plan. If you look at the overview of this trailer, it really does look like a fifth wheel. 

Unless you knew you were looking at a travel trailer you might assume this is a fifth wheel. There were customers who liked these specifically when I was selling trailers because of knee or other mobility issues preventing them from being comfortable or even capable of navigating the stairs. 

Of course the major downside of this floor plan in a travel trailer as opposed to a fifth wheel is storage. That’s followed closely by ceiling height, although that’s not a major issue in this trailer. It has an interior ceiling height of 81” at the peak of the vaulted ceiling. Being in the trailer, it did feel like it had a tall interior height. 

What’s inside the Keystone Passport GT 2870RL

The floor plan of this trailer is very much like a fifth wheel – which you’ll notice as you step inside. Your entry point is a hallway and there are night lights here and in several other places. Take a left and you’re in the main living area, which features opposing slide rooms. 

On the model I saw, the camp side featured a table and chairs. That table is mounted to the side of the wall so that there are no knee-knocking pedestal legs. Interestingly, this also leaves a large open space under the table where you could put someone in a sleeping bag. Perhaps an in-law … or an outlaw? 

Next up are theater seats with cup holders in the center arm rest. The Outback had Thomas Payne models that were both nicer and more elaborate – as you might expect in a higher-end trailer. Still, these were fine and my larger backside enjoyed a few moments of testing in them.  

The back wall is a tri-fold sofa and the windows around it really do open up the space. While I was visiting, the weather was threatening rain and we saw the hugest ground hog running around. On either side of the couch were cubbies and small side tables finished with sealed surface table tops. 

Storage isn’t an issue in the Keystone Passport GT 2870RL

On the camp side slide there’s a huge TV lording over an electric space heating fireplace. Above the TV are two cabinets for storage. There’s also a large pantry with adjustable shelves next to that. Storage isn’t an issue in this trailer. 

Continuing down the road-side slide room you’ll find the usual three-burner RV stove with a 17” oven and microwave overhead. Four drawers sit next to this, and the shorter oven does allow for a large drawer underneath. 

Behind you is the center island which features a stainless steel sink with pull-down faucet. Four additional drawers reside in the island along with a larger cabinet below the sink that would easily accommodate a trash can. 

The slide rooms on both sides are completely carpet-less – which makes floor maintenance easier. 

The bathroom is larger than you might expect

The bathroom is in the middle of the coach and is also a bit larger than you might expect in a travel trailer. There’s a corner radius shower and a porcelain toilet. They’ve also included a linen closet inside. The company said they’ve eliminated bathtubs in this line as people prefer showers. This one featured the Nautilus door – which is a retractable vinyl door with a wiper seal on it. I like these over the glass doors. I’ve filed more than my share of glass shower door warranty claims, including one for a friend right at the campground. 

There’s another linen closet in the bedroom of the trailer. However, it was a bit tight getting to it for your reporter, owing to my displacing a lot of water in the pool. But the closet was appreciated. 

There are additional hanging closets on either side of the bed above night stands. The night stands have solid surface tops that match those used elsewhere, such as by the couch. On the road side of the bed this night stand is longer, owing to the fact that the water heater is under the bed. But this still leaves the pass-through storage intact, accessible from the outside, which is a plus. 

The beds in all of these trailers are a true 60” X 80” queen-size. 

Outside the Keystone Passport GT 2870RL

There are a few things outside worth taking note of. The exterior uses a gel coat fiberglass (not all laminated trailers do) along with a fully walkable roof, so you’re good on the shiny side. The front cap is also painted. On the part you’re not supposed to see you get a fully enclosed underbelly which is also a heated space. 


Yesterdays’ article featured a whole section about what features I think Keystone has to their advantage. I also included a sermon about choosing your dealer first, so I won’t reiterate those here other than to reinforce finding your dealer first. 

In summary

Do I like the Outback 328RL better than the Passport GT 2870RL? Of course – as you might expect, considering that it’s almost $10,000 more. But this is actually a nice package, as well, and has a few benefits including being lighter. So, as a “flat fifth wheel” floor plan at a relatively affordable price that isn’t super heavy, this unit has a lot to offer. 

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Open living room
Keystone features
Closet/drawer space
Floor vents


The Keystone Passport GT 2870RL offers a floor plan that feels almost like a fifth wheel but is a travel trailer.


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Ron H
5 months ago

Sorry but calling this a “flat fifth wheel” is only going to cause confusion. The layout is similar with other brands/models of pull-type trailer so what’s so new here?

Looking at the tank specs, what is their idea on a fresh water tank being only 43 gal while the gray tank is like 76 gal? Shouldn’t they be somewhat the same?

5 months ago
Reply to  Ron H

Many campgrounds do not have sewer hook ups on every site, however they do have city water hook ups. A larger gray tank allows for a longer stay without overflowing your gray tank and having to go through the trouble of using portable dump tanks or taking the trailer to the dump station mid-stay.

5 months ago

A feature of many pre-Great Recession motorhomes and trailers was a desk beneath the old-style CRT-TV. I realize that electric “fireplaces” are the in-thing with RV designers these days (along with those awful prison-gray interiors), but many still-employed RVers might appreciate a return to those desks. This Passport floorplan would be perfect for that since a dining chair could easily be used as a desk chair between meals. A couple of file drawers on either side of the desk could make the space a very efficient full-timer office.

5 months ago

Tony – I read your reviews a lot. Good reviews but you never seem to mention the quality or durability of the fabric covering the furniture. None of the videos you see on Youtube seem to address it either. Many RVers begin to see their fabric peel by year 4. It is quite expensive to reupholster or replace RV furniture. I think the industry watches your reviews. You might be able to influence them to begin using more durable materials if you included that in your reviews and made it a row in your summary table. Just sayin,,,,,.

Bob p
5 months ago

You need to see your eye doctor as this trailer pic distinctly shows a standard travel trailer ball hitch, a 5th wheel attaches to the truck with a 5th wheel hitch mounted in/on the bed of a truck, not with a 2 5/16” ball on the rear of the tow vehicle.

Tommy Molnar
5 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

Bob, I think Tony is well aware that this is a travel trailer, but there is a new ‘term’ afoot. “Flat 5th Wheel”. This I don’t understand either, but I guess it has something to do with floorplan. To me, a travel trailer is a travel trailer and a 5th wheel is a 5th wheel, and never the twain shall meet.