Friday, October 22, 2021


Earn income renting your RV when you’re not using it

Keith Ward of interviews Michael McNaught, the co-founder and CEO of, a peer-to-peer RV rental company often described as an Airbnb for RVs.

In this 18-minute interview the discussion focuses on how an RVer can earn money from renting his or her RV, and how streamlines the process by handling all the details. Most RV owners use their RVs less than a month each year, and can profit handsomely from renting their RV for days, weeks or even longer. For some, it’s a way to offset some of the costs of owning their RV, but for others it’s a business, earning tens of thousands of dollars a year.

As McNaught explains, some of his customers earn a substantial income by establishing a small fleet of RVs — motorhomes, trailers or a mix — which they then rent out on a regular basis.

This is a sponsored video.

Learn more about RVezy at its website.



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Merlin B.
11 months ago

Ha-ha-ha, no way! The main reason I have an RV is so that I can always sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen, eat from my own dishes and silverware, etc. You get the idea. Why in the world would I allow strangers to use my stuff just to earn a little money? Not to mention the risks of accidents or abuse by others who might not take proper care of my stuff. To me it’s just not worth the risk. If you want to make money by renting out an RV, buy several and go into the business.