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RV park WiFi bad? It may not be the park’s fault

Most RVers have experienced great RV park WiFi, as well as marginally good WiFi, as well as terrible WiFi. It’s easy to blame the RV park when the service is bad.

But, as David Bott explains in this video, it may not be the park’s fault. You’ll have a much better understanding of what an RV park owner is up against when designing a system after watching this. Often, the problem is not the park, but the RVers in the park, who can be big ol’ bandwidth hogs, spoiling the WiFi for others.

Then, again, it could be the park’s fault. David explains. This is well worth watching.


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2 years ago

Thanks David! From my experience, everything you said is a fact. I’m currently in an RV park near Yellowstone NP that gets it’s Internet beamed wirelessly from a nearby mountain top. If I do a speed test in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping, I get 2Mbps up & down. So, that might be all they have to share between 88 RVs. I work 8 hours a day from my RV and considering this remote location, I am amazed that I can rely on the parks Internet connection most of the day to get my work done. But, I always know when the rest of the park wakes up in the morning and when they get home in the evening because that’s when the Internet connection stops working. Streaming is against the park rules, but I’ve even had some of the work campers tell me they stream when they can.
By the way David, I installed the Ubiquity solution in your previous video and it works great!

Tony Grigg
2 years ago

I have had a long career in the computer and IT biz, with much of it as an instructor. Great job, David! Thank you and RV Travel for posting this.

Jeffrey Cudd
2 years ago

First time here…great edvid… I learned a lot.
I use a net service called The RVIT
It costs me $100 a month and if I have wifi I have two separate signals A & B. A is for streaming B is secured for banking.
This a great service, check it out..solved my issues.

2 years ago


Thank you for all the great info! I hope many people see your video. There are many rv’ers who certainly look like they could afford to use their own provider- so I wish they would.

Lisa Adcox
2 years ago

I am at a park that has Tengointenet for their WiFi. Best WiFi I have ever seen in a park. Does not ever drop you and you can stream and no problem for others. The park has been busy and no one is complaining

2 years ago

Many of these same issues apply to hotel wifi: guests may have multiple devices, there are many walls, and there may be lots of “bandwidth hogs” in the family. Yet I’ve stayed at many hotels where the wifi is at least decent bandwidth. The RV park owners cheap out and limit bandwidth. I rarely have signal issues – it is almost always a source bandwidth issue. This could be fixed, if they wanted to, but they don’t, because it costs.

Chuck B
2 years ago
Reply to  Morgan

It’s not so much the RV Park owners cheaping out as it is the RV Owners cheaping out and not carrying their own wifi to stream netflix 24 hours a day on laptops phones and tablets. Chuck

4 years ago

Thanks, yes very interesting. I learned a lot.

Linda W
4 years ago

Very interesting. Thank you for this information!

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