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Still in Kingman. Reality hits. Hanging in there

By Chuck Woodbury

Hello from along Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona.

Gail and I are still in Arizona. We’re here for two more weeks. We’re not sure where we will head after that. Right now there’s no room for us in our current park after April 21. We’re hopeful something will open up.

Thanks to those of you who have offered us a place to stay on your property or even in your homes. I haven’t yet thanked all of you personally, but I will. There is simply so much going on and I get overwhelmed with things to do. I think sometimes that I will burn out, but I feel compelled to do whatever I can to help in some way. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have I think some people who are not accustomed to working at home (or out of their RV like me), must be going stir crazy.

I’ve personally been spending about half of each weekday putting together our daily coronavirus update — how the pandemic is affecting RVers. Please sign up for our RV Daily Tips Newsletter, where in each issue we provide a link to the update. There’s important news every day — more public parks closing, more national parks closing (Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon are just a few now closed). And most all RV production has stopped. The RV industry is in for big trouble in the next year. Big, big trouble.

Our park. A lot of permanent residents. Most are self-quarantining now.

Our little RV park is quiet. People keep to themselves, although they pause to talk when walking by, usually with their dogs. One of our neighbors stopped by to visit the other day. He brought a lawn chair and kept his distance. It was “wine” night for Gail and me, and the evening air was gloriously warm. We talked for an hour or two, and it was refreshing to visit with another human being.

Gail and I are very lucky that we get along so well. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to be cooped up with a spouse or partner you don’t get along with. That’s a little bit of Hell on Earth, I think. I am so fortunate.

I suggest if you are alone, you might want to head over to your local animal shelter. Adopt a dog or cat. It will add a great deal to your life.

My staff is working hard, really hard. We are fully aware that at this point we are lucky to have jobs and incomes. So many others don’t and won’t in the days and weeks ahead. I feel so sorry for them. I sometimes feel guilty that we are doing okay when others are worried sick about feeding their families, much less paying their rent, and in the case of RVers, their monthly RV payments.

Gail and I are content in our 32-foot motorhome. It’s nothing fancy (a 2011 Winnebago Adventurer) but it is as much a home to us as our permanent home back in Seattle — located dead center of the coronavirus outbreak there. We’re not going home anytime soon. We’re in Mohave County, Arizona, which has very few cases of COVID-19.

I KEEP THINKING that it was only four months ago that we left our Northwest home for what we thought would be a couple of months on the road. Then two months later, we heard the word coronavirus for the first time. But life went on normally. But the news gradually got worse. And now here we are, forced to stay in our homes to await whatever is ahead. In my opinion, it will get worse for the next month or two, maybe longer, heaven forbid. Whoever we are, wherever we are, we must fight, in some cases for our survival.

Is this is just a bad dream, and I am going to wake up? I wish, but when I pinch myself, it hurts. It’s no dream. It’s real, and even when the disease is conquered, our lives will be very different from before. Good? Bad? I don’t know. Who does?

I now have four friends infected with the virus. One has died, two are in the hospital on respirators and the other has recovered. My good buddy Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, is fighting for his life in the hospital. I am updating his condition often as I know many of you know Gary or have read his RV columns in or elsewhere for years.

Here, sheltered, in our quiet RV park, it’s hard to imagine the chaos going on in the world around us. Gail and I live normally. We walks with our little furry pal Archie, whose only worry is whether he will one day catch one of the wild rabbits we stumble upon.

The other day, for the first time ever, we ordered groceries from a local supermarket here in Kingman. We placed the order and then were given a date and time two days later to pick it up. On our way there, I suddenly realized that things were not normal. Almost every store along our three-mile drive was closed. There was hardly any traffic. At the store, the grocery clerks who loaded up our car wore masks. I got nervous. This is all real, not a bad dream. It hit me.

That trip to the grocery store: When we returned home and unpacked, about 20 percent of our order was not filled — no pasta, no rice, no toilet paper (figured that). And other stuff. Gail and I are okay, we’ll get by. But not being able to just buy what we wanted was another reminder of our suddenly upside-down world.

Gail is off on a hike with Archie now, late Friday afternoon, along an old wagon road within easy walking distance from our park. Gail took the photo above yesterday. It’s very pretty around here. She’s a little afraid of coming upon a rattlesnake, but I don’t think they are out yet, a bit too cold up here at 3,300 feet. I haven’t even seen a single lizard yet.

I’m finishing up the newsletter now, so must stop. I just had to get some of my thoughts out.

I hope you are doing okay. Feel free to write something that we can post. Tell us about your situation. Unload if you want. Others will be interested. We’re all in this together.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Get some fresh air when you can. Smile when possible. Say your prayers. Be kind to all.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Brent Adamson (@guest_72599)
3 years ago

Hi all, We are at the S & B, 6.5 earthquake last week gave us a bit of pause, but everything is OK. Our 5th wheel is under a hay cover and still safe. We are getting it ready to go– but really getting it ready to be my home if one of us gets covid 19. All is good in our corner of the forest. Well, maybe one problem– DW does not get to eat out as often now!

Wayne Foster (@guest_72494)
3 years ago

Your lucky you could stay put this long, I had to leave my RV in Florida to go back to Canada on the 27th. I had no choice, my health insurance would run on Apr. 2nd. I’m glad to be home but our country is pretty much in lock down and extremely difficult to get the staples needed etc. The trip home was quiet and eerie. Using gloves and mask everytime I had to stop for gas (and do all I needed to do) 3 times for gas and once for a motel in 1,250 miles. In self quarantine now for another week then I’ll be allowed to go to the grocery store once a week. No delivery available and pick up orders of like you said what is available takes over a week to book. I’m alone and have an income but can’t imagine families trying to feed their families especially without an income! I’ll be ok but GOD help the families AND GOD bless the front line workers! GOD bless you Chuck!! Keep up the good work!

Henry & Paula in site#159 (@guest_72471)
3 years ago

Chuck, we are in a 55+ RV Resort in Tucson just south of you…I checked with our office and they are taking “new” guests and have room for you and yours. Call Rincon Country East at 520-886-8431 to make a reservation…Jasmine, Joanne and Shannon are all aware of your needs and will help you.

Cheryl Carr (@guest_72348)
3 years ago

We left Casa Grande, Arizona the end of March to return to the Seattle area. We have been staying at KOAs and have not had any problems getting reservations. They have curbside checkin and we have not had any contact with the campground hosts. Once we get back to the Northwest we will quarantine in Lake Connor. Hopefully for not too long.

Donna M Bass (@guest_72345)
3 years ago

If you are looking for another Campground to stay in, Tradewinds RV Park, here in Golden Valley, AZ, is 20 minutes West of Kingman. They are still taking in newcomers for daily, weekly or monthly stays. Monthly rates are very reasonable. Full hook up.

Rebecca L Zumwalt (@guest_72341)
3 years ago

Mohave County please not Mojave.

RV Staff
3 years ago

Oops. Sorry, Rebecca. It’s been corrected. —Diane at

Betty Bryson (@guest_72340)
3 years ago

We are new RVers (one year owners of a class B) and haven’t boondocked yet. Everyone we know here in Orange County and else where is healthy and has not caught the virus.

We have a young noisy messy family staying with us as they’ve lost their jobs and would love to boondock even for one nite locally (in SoCal) in the wilderness, to get a break from the chaos. But have not been able to figure out where we could do so even using the BLM website.

Can anyone tell me if there is some undeveloped bookdocking sites within a 2, 3 hours of the Orange County metro area??
I know the developed ones are closed, many if not all.

Thanks so much. Betty & Craig

Kurt Kruppe (@guest_72318)
3 years ago

The Californian RV resort in Acton, California is a safe and secure park. Has about 15 spots open that could accommodate monthly residents at the moment. 10 year rule does apply. However pictures can be sent to manager if older.

Randy (@guest_72530)
3 years ago
Reply to  Kurt Kruppe

Really? 10 year rule at a time like this? I believe there is an morality issue in there somewhere but then again it must be me.

Dale Sain (@guest_72284)
3 years ago

I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative of the RV community as a whole. Friends to stay in contact with, you Chuck with your wonderful staff keep us all abreast of issues important to us (can’t stress that enough), neighbors to share a fire, and park owners doing their best, all combine to help us through this life-altering event. It will be even harder, but this community is up to making the best of it. Just this week, three of us played a dice game via video chat that spanned three time zones.

Mary C (@guest_72280)
3 years ago

We had planned to head to the Pacific Northwest as well, but are still in an Escapee park in the Southwest. It is closed to anyone new but the Board voted to let those of us already here stay as long as we want until this eases up. We are very thankful but worried about the heat once summer gets here – but we will figure it out.

We are also doing our grocery shopping online and picking it up at the store. If you do this, please thank the delivery people bringing it out to you. They are doing us such a big service!

Patsy (@guest_72266)
3 years ago

We are in our rock and sticks house on 8 acres, with our coach in the garage. We had planed a few trips mainly in Texas where we live and one to NC. Not now, I have not let the house- property in 26 days and don’t plan to, I have asthma, my husband Is going to his office trying to keep his biz afloat. Last weekend we moved a rug down to the RV garage and set it up like we were camping outside/ inside. I put up our stick Christmas trees for lamps, and set out chairs and a little bar. We took all the dogs down there like old times and had nachos and margaritas. Trying to keep ourself entertained as best as we can. I “ think” some RV parks are still open in Texas. Might check them out.

Paul S Goldberg (@guest_72243)
3 years ago

Hunkered down in California. As members of a coop we can stay indefinitely (although our CUC’s would limit that to 11 months, no one is checking) the summer heat would be enough to move us on if we can. We were traveling in Panama and had to fly home 2 weeks early, just grateful the coach was on our site waiting for us. Checking in in Panama City was crazy with long lines and no separation, getting on a plane that was 85% full with no way to isolate and then coming through LAX which was almost empty in the middle of weekday, seemed more like from a disaster movie than real life. Even Immigration and Customs couldn’t wave us through fast enough.
For now we are staying safe in our coach in the midst of a warm caring community most of whom are happily keeping separation and knowing that only delivery and service people are coming through our gates. As I read about full and extended time RVers struggling to find a place to stay my heart goes out to all of you. Our board has determined that we are closed to renters for our own safety. While I disagree, I see their point, we are close to 500 members enclosed in a relatively safe bubble and almost all of us are at risk as this is a +55 park and the average age is closer to 70.
Stay safe and hoping you can find a safe place to relocate if and when necessary.

Jean Knapper (@guest_72225)
3 years ago

We’re holed up at home in Oregon. Not sure our little town of Silverton will ever recover from this. We’re filled with small antique shops and restaurants. Restaurants are doing deliveries and curbside pick up. Usually at this time we’re down on our Escapees lot in Sutherland, then down to California. Our son and daughter-in- law we’re supposed to transfer from Istanbul to Oregon then to Sarajevo. They are in limbo. Very unsettling times.

Diane Mc (@guest_72180)
3 years ago

We were lucky, our two month trip got us home March 12th before all the shelter in place orders. So I feel for all of you having issues traveling. Not every state has draconian rules. Here is an informative site by state and counties within states giving you lots of numbers and information in a concise manner.

On the positive side…so to speak…NY & NJ account for approx 50% of the cases and deaths. The death rate for the rest of the 48 states/territories/Navajo Nation and a cruise ship is .7. Yes, 7/10th’s of one percent. And this would include hot spots of Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois where most of their issues are in metropolitan areas. California is 40M people, half the population of NY, but we started shelter in place in the Bay Area 5 or so days before NY and 2 days before NY when the whole state was put on it. There are some other factors. We are not as “densely” populated and our mass transit is nothing like NY’s. Weather better as well. Anyway, hope everyone stays well and those on the road can find places to hunker down. I’m hopeful we will see a break in the numbers by Easter and can start some back to work end of April. We would be willing as “old” people :-), to stay inside for a time in May while others started integrating back into the workforce. Prayers and lots of crossed fingers.

alcomechanic (@guest_72137)
3 years ago

These are the times that form “who” we are. I’m lucky, I’m on a fixed income, don’t have to worry (at this point!) about the money! So many are out of work, and a lot of them were living day to day to start with!

But I think of what our forefathers (and Mothers) want through, the Great Depression, W W II, W W i, the 1918 flu. Now maybe we can understand why our folks were the way they were. They were a product of their times, as we will be.

I had a fellow I trained under, when I first started working. We were talking and he said to me, “Your generation would never make it through times like we had in the depression!” My response was, “Your wrong Virg! The one thing I learned from the Army, if you wake up in the morning, you made it through a day. If you make it through enough days, you’ve made it through a week. If you make it through enough weeks, you’ve made through a year.” That’s how we get through, one day at a time.

Unfortunately some of us won’t make it through, but that’s the way of the world. I hope the best for all, in these hard times. Hang in there and help where you can!

KMG (@guest_72264)
3 years ago
Reply to  alcomechanic

My father said the same thing about younger generations not understanding.
I used to say my dad went through the depression and suffered from it the rest of his life.
My sisters didn’t appreciate him.
They resented him.
I’m proud to say that I am so much like him!
He taught me by example.
I miss him everyday, but am thankful that he’s not here to experience this Covid-19 situation.

SHARON Jackson (@guest_72332)
3 years ago
Reply to  alcomechanic

Thank you for your words and your service.

Lee (@guest_72059)
3 years ago

Chuck, same situation here at Two Rivers Landing RV Resort in Tennessee. We made it here just as many campgrounds were closing. We wanted to head to our family in SE Indiana but most things are closed in that area. We worked here the last two winters so we feel at home here with some people we know. We were in Virginia at Williamsburg in March and left early. We had reservations at Walnut Hills Campground and cancelled that so we did not get to meet your friend there. His story is exactly right, closing campgrounds and leaving the motels open. Ridiculous!

Mark (@guest_72009)
3 years ago

Hi Chuck and to all, we have been TT and 5’r campers for the last 9 years. We are usually on the road between 6-8 months as I’m a singer/songwriter and Ukulele instructor and have been teaching all across this wonderful country of ours. This last summer we decided to buy a Class A, sell our house of 13 years in Sun City, AZ and travel full time. We just closed, sold, gave away 95% of everything we owned and planned our first trip to Nova Scotia, down through Maine and New England to see the color. Then on down to Florida where we’ve decided to have our domicile. All our kids and grandkids are there as well.
Like so many of you our plans are now future plans. Our 2004 Monaco Dynasty 38 Tag has been in service going on 6 weeks getting upgrades and a few needed repairs. Thankfully we are staying in my brothers vacation house with all our belongings in boxes and a variety of duffels. We are resilient and will always do our best to adapt to whatever curveballs are thrown our way as most of you are as well.
Hopefully we can pickup our Coach next week and will be moving to an RV park we had made reservations at over a month ago. Florida is still on hold until we know more.
Stay safe, healthy and exercise.

Montgomery Bonner (@guest_72002)
3 years ago

Chuck, hang in there, this is going to last well into July, and possibly longer. Humans think we have control over everything, we have control over nothing. Glad we made it home long before this started. Help a trucker, they are keeping this country going, along with medical folks and scientists. Too many horrible things to list now, but, patience and fortitude will get us through all this.

Smokey Lew (@guest_72000)
3 years ago

Good morning Chuck. We’re hold up in our 36’ 5th wheel in our driveway at home in Riverside, CA. Our daughter, who lives with us now due to a lost job, has come down with a bug. No telling what it is so we are isolating ourselves. I’m 73 and my wife is 69.

Anyway, check out Buckskin State Park near Parker, AZ. It’s right on the Colorado River and they do have openings with 50 amp hookups. It’s one of our favorite campgrounds. There’s a Walmart and Safeway in town. It’s not too far from where you are now.

Good luck

Jo Strickland (@guest_71990)
3 years ago

We bought our rv site in the 55+ community we’ve been wintering in for five years now. We can stay put(and are). Our plans for the summer are gone. We were going to break ground on our retirement home in West Virginia but alas the park we rent in up there is closed! I agree with the sentiment so many RVers are expressing, we can self isolate better than staying in a hotel. We’re full timers so this is home. We were going to travel and stay in truck stops, parking lots along the way but now there is no place at the end of our journey, so we sit in Texas for the time being. Anyone looking for lots, Rio Grande Valley has many empty parks. It’s getting warm but bearable right now

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