Friday, December 9, 2022


The best way to keep bugs off your food


 By Nanci Dixon
We have just started feeling comfortable enough to have a few couples over for socially-distanced campfires again. This time, the plague is not COVID. It is the swarms of little pesky black flies all over everything – including the food. My former net food covers did not deter black flies or other bugs – they just crawled right under!

A friend showed me this wonderful, impenetrable food cover and I promptly bought a set of two for myself. Unlike the standard net covers, this one has a floor to it and a zipper to seal the food out of harm’s way from flying and crawling bugs. It works! While the flies immediately followed the aroma, they could only look and not touch! Success! I am so happy with them that I just had to share them with you.

They fold up for storage and spring into action easily. It did take a bit to learn to fold and twist closed. But having been warned, I practiced as I was unfolding them the first time before they sprung entirely open.

I also added a piece of Velcro-like sticky tape to keep the flap open while I’m putting food inside. Then it easily flips down and zips to close. They do come with a tie to hold them open, but I find the Velcro-like tape works better. I just could not imagine my husband actually tying and untying it every time he dipped into the nacho sauce!

You can order some for yourself on Amazon – just in time to protect your food from flies and other bugs at your next potluck or BBQ!


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Bob p
1 year ago

Best way is to eat inside where it’s comfortable, quiet, and bug free. I know they don’t eat much and if they stayed in one place and ate I wouldn’t have a problem, but they like to walk around and see if it tastes better on the other side. But more likely than not they just left a dog pile where a pet owner was to stupid to pick up after their dog and came to your table to sample the food. No Thanks!

1 year ago

Thanks Nanci! Looking forward to these arriving. The umbrella type covers I have work until the flies crawl under the edges and then they are useless.

Leslie P
1 year ago

Best purchase ever! Works just like you said!