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Fill your free time with an interesting hobby



Here’s a question from a reader of about RV living. 

Hi Bob,
My husband and I have been full-timing for several months. When we first started we rushed to see as much of the country as we could cram into our days. But we’ve settled down now and find ourselves with an abundance of free time. It occurred to us that we now have time to pursue activities and interests that we never had time for before. What do other RVers do with this suddenly realized free time? —Vicki

Hi Vicki,
For many of us RVers, the RV lifestyle has brought us the freedom to wander the backroads of America, to visit our National Parks, and to snooze in a camp chair by a babbling brook or crackling campfire. In fact, after winding down from a busy life, many of us find ourselves with several hours of free time to fill. This might be the time to try a new hobby. And if you didn’t already know, hobbies have come a long way since we collected stamps and built airplane models as kids.

Ham radios and RVs

There are hobbies today for nearly every interest, and hobby groups exist both outside and within the RV world, where you can connect to the internet and share knowledge and get help and information on your particular hobby interest. We RVers are, of course, somewhat limited to what hobbies we can pursue in our rigs. Maybe taking up birdwatching instead of building birdhouses.

Look at the Escapees Birds-of-a-Feather groups for ideas on a new hobby. As you roam around, look for evidence of RVers engaged in a hobby and don’t be shy about asking questions. Hobbyists love to talk about their hobbies. And look for shows in public areas, like art shows and the popular Quilting Show in Sisters, Oregon, an outdoor show held every July with hundreds of quilts hung from every available surface, railing and window. Ham radio enthusiasts meet up at their own rallies (photo) and often build tall temporary towers for attendees to talk to enthusiasts around the world. Do you cook? There is a large contingent of RV chili fanatics that participate in Chili Cookoffs in nearly every state.

There is so much to do, so many hobbies to try, that once you get involved you will likely wonder where all that free time went.

[Editor: Check out’s list of RV clubs, which includes sections for Special Interests (i.e., hobbies), Volunteers, and Social RV Clubs, among others.]

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Terry Eggart
5 years ago

How about joining us Care-A-Vanners through Habitat for Humanity and building houses for worthy persons who qualify for a house? That’s what we do and it keeps us very busy with something rewarding and beneficial. Neither experience nor tools are required and you will meet wonderful people. Just go to the Habitat for Humanity website for all the details and information.

Cheryl Rush
5 years ago

A very rewarding hobby I have is as a ‘Find A Grave’ volunteer. It is perfect for those who travel around this great country. On the ‘Find A Grave’ site are requests from people who would like a picture of the headstone of a family member. Because they live a distance away from the cemetery, it is not feasible for them to get the picture themselves. I encourage anyone to consider trying this out as a hobby or just anytime they have a few free hours to spare. The website can answer all their questions about how to become a volunteer and how to take the right picture and post it to the site. As a family genealogist, I assure you, your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Woodbury
5 years ago
Reply to  Cheryl Rush

Cheryl, where can people go to sign up for this? I’d like to write about it in It sounds like a very fun, interesting way to spend some time while traveling.

Marvin Thomasson
5 years ago

Not sure how long you stay in one place, but… Food Banks can usually use volunteers, so can animal control facilities. How about Pickleball? usually a group can be found that plays on a regular basis. Look for free yoga classes, exercise groups, library’s. Our problem is scheduling. PBall keeps me in playing trim, yoga keeps the wife mellow. We meet people from all over, many who are just temporary visitors like us. We also workcamp during the winter for 4 1/2 months. Never a dull moment because there is always a local festival, fair, etc going on. Just look around…

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