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Finally, a gas lighter that works—without gas!

We’ve struggled for years with lighting LP. Our early rigs had water heaters and refrigerators that had to be lit outside. No fancy-schmancy electronic ignition systems. Even now, when everything is handy, we still have to light the burners on the stove top, or the oven down below. Sure, we have piezo lighters on the burners, but sometimes they don’t work, and occasionally they cop out altogether. We needed a gas lighter that we could count on.

You probably know the feeling. A trip to Walmart will buy you the “long stick lighter” for a buck or so. Or splurge, and buy the flexible “grill lighter” at about two for six bucks. They both work—for a while. But far too soon, and usually before the things run out of butane, they just stop working. It’s frustrating!

Try the Rolls Royce—without a high price!

gas lighter
Electrical arc lights LP. R and T De Maris photo

We decided to spring for the Rolls Royce of gas lighters, and got one that didn’t need butane gas. We picked up a RONXS lighter from Amazon. It doesn’t need refills on gas, because it doesn’t “light” with gas. Rather, a self-contained, rechargeable battery inside this ingenious device creates a small arc of electricity across the tips which instantly lights off our rig’s propane appliances. And if you’re a “candle” geek, it will set your wick to wiggling in a hurry, too.

gas lighter

Like those flexible grill lighters, the RONXS also has a flexible neck, if you will. But unlike so many of those frustrating “flexible”-necked butane lighters, the RONXS actually stays put where you flex it.

And with an electrical arc for lighting off gas, it beats butane devices hands-down. No more issues with a windy day and trying to light the outdoor cooker. No more issues on a hot day when, in some cases, our air conditioner would blow out the flame. The RONXS gas lighter just keeps on churning out the starting power.

Safety and fueling

Is it safe? Well, we haven’t tried sticking our little pinky tip in the arc, and we have no doubt if we were dumb enough to do it, we’d get what we deserve. But in terms of safety, there’s a two-step feature. First, you push a switch to energize the system. The arc tip won’t start, however, until you press and hold the igniter button. Once your finger comes off the button, the arc shuts down completely. If you forget to switch the RONXS off, it “times out” shortly thereafter. You’ll need to switch it off, then back on, before you use it.

gas lighter

What about “fueling” this gas lighter? Fully charged, it delivers some 500 ignitions. Indicator lights on the RONXS show how much charge is left. Once you hit the bottom, simply plug it into a USB charger, using the provided cord, or one of your own. After about an hour, an “empty” lighter is fully charged.

These RONXS chargers don’t feel cheap, chintzy, or flimsy. And they come in your choice of colors: blue, black, gray, pink, or red. The prices seem to fluctuate—sometimes a color is a buck more than others. You pays your money, takes your choice. We’ve had our RONXS since March, and have used it multiple times a day. We’ve only had to charge it once, and it’s worked flawlessly every time.

Gas burners, candles, yes. Bongs? Uh, nope!

A perusal of Amazon customer reviews finds a vast majority have had no problems with these little lighters. Some complain that theirs quit working. In many cases, it appears the users have been lighting candles with them. Yes, if you stick the arc-producing part of the lighter down in wax, it could very well create an electrical insulation problem. Keep it out of melted wax! The company includes information about the importance of keeping it clean. Some asked whether or not it would light bongs or water pipes. Those in the know (nose?) say no. Don’t ask us. The only thing about light pipes we know is PVC is a lot better than cast iron.

You’ll find RONXS gas lighters that don’t use gas on Amazon. Right now, Amazon has the color we bought (blue) on sale for $6.99. We’re ready to order a second one—for the other RV!



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Barbara Wyatt
3 months ago

We bought a more expensive version last year. Worked twice and is now dead as a doornail, even though it was left in to charge. Very disappointed.

3 months ago

Sorry not my choice, mine lights anything

Neal Davis
3 months ago

Thank you!

Tommy Molnar
3 months ago

Seems to me, with the usual charcoal lighters, when they run out of fuel the spark still shoots out and can still be used to light stove burners. Not so much for the oven though.

3 months ago

I’ve been using one for three years and love it. I’ve only had to charge it four times in those three years.

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