If you were in charge, would you cancel the FMCA rally or go on?


FMCA, the largest nonprofit RV club, has decided to go ahead with its planned international rally March 26-29 in Tucson, Arizona, despite the coronavirus threat.

UPDATE: On Monday, March 13, the event was cancelled. Read about it.

The day FMCA announced that “the show must go on,” the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), issued a warning encouraging Americans 60 and older to avoid crowds. The average of an FMCA member is about 70. Approximately 4,000 FMCA members are expected for the rally.

If you were in charge of the rally, would you cancel the event, postpone it or go on with it as scheduled?

To learn more about the rally, and FMCA’s decision to go on with it and not postpone or cancel, click here.

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Denny wagaman

we (All) have Made decisions that not only effect ourselves but others as well. “If only I had…. (add your comment) this would not have happened”. I Am talking about problems that we have created because of our Bad decisions.

I hope that all is well and normal

But to take a chance of someone dying because of the virus all because of what?
Money? having to change plans? someone’s ego? Not knowing any better?

How would you feel if you passed the virus on (even unknowingly) until later and you found Out that someone died, maybe more importantly how would you feel if you passed it on to your spouse? Your children, Or Your grandchildren?

The comment that someone checked online to see what the officials said? Wow Today I saw and heard On Several different news programs the official doctor said to stay out of crowds etc etc etc. if you don’t care about yourself then care about other human beings.

Or are you the macho nacho man.

I don’t get it.

Jerry X Shea

WAIT – you (idiots) forgot the important “death threats.” Heart attack over 70 while trying to have sex. COPD because you sent your life smoking. BY-PASS surgery because you think hamburgers are a healthy diet. Oh yea, be sure to bring cigars and cigarettes so you can pollute the Tucson air.
Spent 1/3 of my adult life working in a hospital as a technician. I have seen “stupid people die” – at this time it says “53% say have the event.” Proof that some “old people are indeed STUPID.”
Please, only 90+ seniors need to respond.

Tom Piper

This season, more than 16,000 people including over 100 children have died from the FLU; fewer than 20 have died from effects of the Corona Virus. Around 100 people die on our highways EVERY DAY. Funny, I don’t recall any hue and cry to ban cars. Practice good, daily hygiene, preferably every day, anyway. In my opinion, this is much ado about (almost) nothing.

David Lee

This Coronavirus phobia is ridiculous. The flu kills more than 50;000 every year and yet it hardly makes the news. I think it’s totally media-driven, and meant to hurt Trump. Yeah, I said it, and I believe it. Call me a cynic; I don’t care.

Sharon N.

The mind boggles!

Diane M

If it were in Seattle or another state with several cases already, it should be canceled. Since it’s in Arizona, I would go ahead and let people decide for themselves whether or not to go.


Being willing to take that risk is a personal thing. The possibility of spreading it, however, is irresponsible.

Cheryl Bacon

Where and when did the CDC put out this warning? I have looked on the CDC and the only thing I have seen is precautions for people with underlying conditions. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/specific-groups/high-risk-complications.html

Paul S Goldberg

I won’t be there, but that is because we are flying out to Panama for a tour on Mar 9. I know I am challenging all of the warnings. Getting on a plane as a 75+ adult, yikes! I do not expect to live forever, and there are things we want to do and places we want to go, waiting for the “all clear” may make the trip impossible for us as we do not stop aging while waiting. Upon our return we will travel by plane to the East Coast and return to CA before departing on a motorhome trip to Alaska. We have already had challenges and trips we had to return from early, we will accept the challenges and get on with life while we are able. Oh, if we had planned on going to the Rally we would not have changed plans, we live in an active RV community and already take additional precautions. It is probably less of a threat than the trip we are going on.


The Corona virus has a mortality rate below the rate of many of the other flu viruses that are floating around out there. Corona’s mortality rate is less than %. The use of best sanitary practices, wash your hands and use hand sanitizers religiously and avoid tightly packed closed rooms during flue season along with the annual flu shot is all any of us can do to avoid becoming another flu victim. Just remember that there are dozens of flu viruses that claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide each year. Corona is simply another name that will join the list of notables like h1N1 did a few years ago.
The big pandemic bug is still out there waiting to lay waste to humanity but in MHO Corona isn’t it.
Now, I just need to remember to return that box of 100 disposable face masks to Amazon when it finally gets here in August. 🙂


Proceed. This virus has been hugely overblown by a news media with too much time to fill and not enough news. The stories have already been reduced to how many people have tested positive rather than how many are actually sick, which makes me think this will turn out to be a lot less deadly than flu. I’m already booked for two Airstream rallies in April and June. I’m planning to go.


The decision to proceed is careless. Too many uninformed people associate this corona virus with the common flu. Educate yourself people, be informed. Don’t just rely on what you see on Fox news!

butch quigley

Continue with the rally. you always have a choice , to go or not to go.


The rally should proceed. While some of the concerns are valid, there is much that is “overblown” on the coverage of the virus.
If you are that fearful of contracting the virus, stay home/in place. Fear, to the point of feeding into the hype among others, is not good nor healthy for everyone you will be around. If you are worried about the virus because of any health and/or age issues you have that the CDC has warned about, it’s a choice of what to do that has some risk.
That being said, everyone should be doing what they are supposed to do during the flu and cold season anyways (!!)….wash your hands, don’t touch your face, disinfect touch points in your RV/home and when out and about, etc. All the basic things we are all supposed to do to mitigate the risks. The risk is much higher to contract the common cold or flu than the Coronavirus.
Continue to do what you plan to do! Just take the usual precautions we are all supposed to take. Remember, this too shall pass!


Cancel the thing. I think taking precautions in the national interest is more important than socializing right now.

fred ford

let everyone decide for themselves. i would not go. why is no one concerned about the 46,000 people who have died since october 2019 with the annual flu. this media hype is amazing. the long incubation period is the real concern for us. good luck.


Let the show go on! There’s been a lot of work put into the planning of this event and the right answer is to let those planning on attending make their own individual decisions on whether it’s right for them to be there. The mainstream media is stoking the hysterical hype about this virus and will continue to do until the next “big” thing. Just because a FMCA member may be “elderly”, does not mean that we are all going to come down with this virus.


Until just a few days ago we were planning on attending the rally until the CDC recommended no plane travel, big events or even church services for the over 60 crowd. We are definitely over 60 and one rally is just not worth the risk for us. Even if we contracted the disease but didn’t get really sick, we risk carrying it on to hundreds, if not thousands in our upcoming travels.

Dean Owens

Proceed with the rally? Yes! It lets the potential attendees choose whether or not to attend the rally. Everyone in attendance should be aware of the possibility of others that could possibly be carrying the virus. You must ask the vendors if they could have a problem with their employees scheduled to work it as well as any other group or individuals that work the rally. Sign a no fault clause? Hummm i’m over 70 and thankful to GOD that I’m still going.