What is this truck?


What do you know about this truck? We’ll guess that most readers won’t know anything about it. It wasn’t a big hit in the marketplace. If you have one and pull a trailer or fifth wheel with it, please send us a photo!

It was introduced in August 1969 by Dodge — the Special Edition of its half-ton D100 pickup truck: ‘The Dude Sport Trim Package’. The truck had a body stripe decal in the form of a lengthy ‘C’ stripe, dog dish hubcaps that came with trim rings, a ‘Dodge Dude’ decal at the rear marker lamps and a roof that matched the color of the stripe at the side of the body. It also had bucket seats.

Dude trucks were manufactured in 1970 and 1971 model years. It is widely estimated that somewhere between 1500 – 2000 of these trucks were ever made. So, if this is the first time you’ve ever heard about the Dude pickup truck, don’t feel bad.

Most of the Dude pickup trucks begin with the serial D14AE, signifying that they were rear wheel drive half-tons with 318 cubic inch V8s.


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Larry Parsons

I loved the Dude packaging. I bought a new 1971 D200 3/4 ton and tried to get the dealer add the Dude package but he said it was not allowed.

Mike M

The Dude was a standard 1/2 ton truck. One difference was a smooth tailgate with a dodge decal instead of embossed letters. The roof was painted to match stripe.
And yes, Don Knotts advertised the dodge dude.


Growing up a lot of people I knew had an El Camino. I wanted one but never did. Thanks for the memories.

Skip Farrell

Did Don Knotts hawk this one on the TV ads, or was he involved some other way?

James DeLap

I’ve got one!

Sink Jaxon

Dodge version of the El Camino or Ranchero

Tommy Molnar

Gee, before “Dude” became a popular term.