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For $500, this RV is yours!

NOTE: This was from June 2020. We have no idea where this RV is, so we’re turning off the comments. Too many folks are wanting it, but we can’t help you. Sorry.

By Chuck Woodbury
I found this for sale online for $500. You could probably get it for less. It may or may not run. Its description included: “Can be towed by you to your location. Ran and drove to the spot it is currently parked.”

If this looks familiar, it’s because there are thousands of other old and worn ones just like it parked along city streets, in parking lots and in homeless camps across America. Some are parked permanently in ghetto-like RV parks where the rent is a couple hundred dollars a month, maybe even less.

Driving last week along I-5 from central California to Seattle, I saw dozens of RVs like this parked in such places, with others in the middle of vacant lots and on neglected farmlands.

It’s easy, I think, to look at this RV, turn up your nose, and say, “What a piece of junk. I wouldn’t be caught dead in something like that!”

Living on the streets

But think about that for a moment. If you were homeless or almost homeless, and living on the street or in a tent in a homeless camp were your options for housing, then buying or renting (for, say, $50 a week) something like this might be a godsend — a roof over your head, a bed, and a door to lock to keep outsiders away.

I feel sorry for people who live in RVs like this. But I wonder if things went terribly wrong for me, and I lost my income, if I wouldn’t be thankful to have such a place to live. I don’t know any people who live in an RV under these conditions or I would ask for their thoughts. And, frankly, I don’t think there are even a handful of readers who live in such conditions. If any of those few people should read this, I hope they will leave a comment to explain why they live in such a way, and how that came to be.



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William Taylor Turner
3 days ago

Call me 817*******. I want this.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
3 days ago

Sorry, William. That post was from June 2020 and we have no idea where that RV is. Sorry we can’t help you. But good luck in finding one. (I’ve removed your phone number so you don’t get spam calls from all over the world! 😯 ) Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

Jennie L Nehls
5 days ago

Hi I’m looking for a rv cause I’m living in my car due to cov. We lost our jobs then our apartment WE don’t have friends or family to live with and this is the only thing I can think of to put a roof over our heads and like you said a bed to sleep on I miss a bed

Brittany Douglas
9 days ago

This is kind of offensive. I mean “why would they live such a way”. Usually because they have no other options. Not any which are better anyway. My dad, uncle , and aunt all live in my grandmother’s backyard in their own separate campers. They have hit hard times and suffered more than their share of struggles. But they buy these “crappy” ones and my dad and uncle referbish them to the point they’re immaculate, absolutely gorgeous, nicer than my 3 bedroom apartment. So don’t judge. I stumbled upon this because I’m on the hunt for an old fixer upper of my own. I’m CHOOSING to live such a way because 1. It’s financially smart. #2 it allows travel. #3 it’s fun. #4 hard times are real, we aren’t all lucky enough to have 40k salaries and can’t afford a payment on an RV that cost more than a house. I personally think that’s an unwise, uneducated purchase. You’re being ripped off. So I may only pay 5-700$ for this piece of crap or similar but in 6 months it’ll be as nice as your 20k RV.

Alexis Vi
16 days ago

Hello, is this rv still available and how can we do test drive

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
16 days ago
Reply to  Alexis Vi

We don’t know if it’s available and have no idea where it might be, since this was from June 2020. Sorry, Alexis. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

27 days ago

Would like to get it. It would beat living in our truck

Sherle Bales
1 month ago

Hi i wanted to respond bout the rv for 500 an being homeless i am a step away from being homeless in 2020 i paid 800 for a camper for my bf so he would never be homeless again. Yea backfired now not happy an what i would’ve give to find another deal like this its even hooked up on light an water permanently.. Tured of worring bout being homeless it took lots of stress if but now he is happy he dont have to worry but ive been ask an told to leave so many times

Shewana Hudson
1 month ago

Do u still have this i would love to buy this

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Shewana Hudson

I’m sure it’s long gone, Shewana. That post was from June 2020. Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

William Sulls
1 month ago

Do you still have the camper

2 months ago

were is it

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
2 months ago
Reply to  wayne

Hi, Wayne. That’s on old post, so the RV is probably long gone. Sorry. Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

Jacob Nunn
2 months ago

Does the RV run

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
2 months ago
Reply to  Jacob Nunn

That article was from a year ago, so who knows the status of the RV. Probably long gone. Have a great day, Jacob. 🙂 –Diane

Jacob Nunn
2 months ago
Reply to  Jacob Nunn


4 months ago

I am actually homeless right now with my 16 year old son I am 55 and I’m actually looking for an RV $1,000 or less because my landlady did an illegal eviction and illegal lockout during covid so yeah and today is the last day for us at motel. money we had ran out and now I can do is come up with is the last of our stimulus she towed my car so 2 in one right now would be heaven sent.

Last edited 4 months ago by Teresa
Pooh Creative
2 months ago
Reply to  Teresa

Look at your local tow yards and call out of state too. I bought a 35’ for 1500 and put about 1500 in work and it’s running and really nice inside. Don’t buy one and group up though. It’s asking for trouble.

Sarah Houser
6 months ago

I am in a situation of homelessness because of poor health, I have cancer my husband lost his job. It’s tough right now and I am sure if I had the opportunity to not live in a tent during chemo I’d be forever grateful…. Its humanity at its finest, these nomad communities will help every time. And they have nothing. God bless them.

Janet Keith
7 months ago

Ive lived in a small used RV for 6 years, without running water,just a bit of electricity from a solar panel, to charge a phone or run a small 5volt fan! I can tell you that homeless people are not a “special type” of person, they are JUST LIKE U & ME. It was physically taxing, but the hard work kept my body young n fit,no longer needed an expensive gym membership! Homeless people are just as educated and capable as “Normies”, but factors beyond one’s control are sometimes designed to TEST people. They are Not there from MENTAL DISABILITIES, ADDICTIONS or a fear of SHOWERS! Be it karma, relationships,loss of work,injury, PTSD or a desire to be free from commercialism, these “homeless” have GOOD REASONS WHY they landed there. Many never thought it could happen to them, & admit having an RV to call “home” IS WAY BETTER than sleeping on park benches, sidewalks, or in make shift shanties! An RV means U are never “Homeless”!

7 months ago

You nailed it on the head when you said, some if the kind words.. most are just grateful they gave something close to a roof. Not just from elements but really scary people. I’m about to be homeless.. I have only a small car for my daughter and I. I am praying for a small trailer to find us.. stranger things have been known to happen… I pray for all the homeless.. most of middle America doesn’t realize just how close poverty really is.. were conditioned to ignore so much till it slaps you right down in the dirt. Prayers for anyone fighting the homeless battle.

Melody Dawn Harrison
7 months ago

I am currently hoping & praying to find a deal such as this. My Momma passed away on New Years Eve Day 2017, the following day before Valentines Day, my husband of 6 years left me for someone else because i was depressed. I am now living in the girl he left me fors living room. She has become a good friend but he & i fight and argue almost daily. The stress is bad for us all &i want out

8 months ago

I and my boyfriend are currently homeless and looking for an RV or somewhere to lay our heads permanently, but we can not afford much at all. I was recently in a car accident and hurt my right arm and am right handed and he has a hurt back and can not work. We get by but only by the skin of our teeth.

Kendra N Crabb
10 months ago

Right now my husband and I are looking to buy a camper like this. He went on medical leave last year, due to needing a hip replacement. I just got out of being incarcerated for 8 years and have full blown schizophernia. I was working a job at a hotel, but then corona hit and I became hospitalized with double pneumonia. After 15 days on hospital I was released with no job to go back to. I started working at a part time job, but just lost that due to my mental medicine causing me to gain 80 pounds this year and the obesity caused my feet to give out. Planters fatesia. A crippling condition. We are so behind on our bills. Bad decisions didn’t help our predicament. We are now looking for something like this so we can park it at a friend’s until we can get back on our feet. Our only other option is our 2002 Chevy Tahoe. We thank the good Lord that at least we have that to stay warm in. Some people have less.

Edith Murdock
11 months ago

I am a cna. Licensed in MI. IN and TX. I am currently trying to live in Tx. I would like to do some travel cna work. And yes, something like this would be a God send. I’ve lived in some shady places and some not so private places. A motor home would reduce my cost of living expense and having to introduce my service dog to new places and living conditions.

Claudia Medina
1 year ago

So for 2 years me an my husband lived in a motirhome that was always leaking when it rained. We had electrical cords al over cuz none of the outlets worked and cooking was also a nightmare because we had no working stove. I used hot pans to do my cooking. I couldn’t run alot of electrical appliances at the same time. Always had to turn something off to turn something on. We lived like this forv2 yeas. I was sick and couldn’t work and so my husband was the only breadwinner. We have 4 dogs which we love and so renting an ap6was out of the question. We stuck it out until we were able to save enough money to move. We currently bought a 5th wheel trailer and its nice. Just need a few repairs but definitely an upgrade from where we use to live. Only thing I need done is the roof. Dont have a lot of money so I’m looking for a cheap and inexpensive way to do it ourselves. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

1 month ago
Reply to  Claudia Medina

Use flexseal or gorilla sealant.

Johnny Nashville
1 year ago

Hahaha… Some of you are crazy… But Hey…. All in fun… I HAVE lived in an RV/Camper… And it’s not that bad… A lot of RV Parks are against you staying longer than 2 weeks, others a Full Month, and others don’t care as long as you pay the Lot Rent on time! It really isn’t that bad.. and I am probably about to do it again!