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Good News: Things to smile about this week, March 28, 2021

By Nanci Dixon
In the midst of an abundance of bad news – rising COVID numbers, unemployment, evictions, homelessness and hunger – some good news stories still bubble to the surface.

We find ourselves mostly posting bad, sad or frustrating news in our Sunday newsletter. It’s not our fault, of course, but we want to make sure you come here and smile too. That’s why we’re bringing you this “Good News” column.

“With age, you get to a place where you don’t want to knock people out. You just want to give people a hug.” —Vin Diesel

Hugs are hugs – and whether getting a vaccine or not, these moments that bring families together again are heartwarming. Thanks to ABC News for giving us all of these hugs.

Why can’t cheetah’s ever hide? Because they’re always spotted!


Asiatic cheetahs have been extinct in India for more than 70 years. It is believed that the Maharaja Ramanuji Pratap shot the last three known cheetahs in India in 1947. Thanks to a program in Africa, India is about to receive cheetahs from Namibia and South Africa, the two countries with the highest population of cheetahs in the world. Along with the cheetahs, wildlife experts will provide training on care, handling, rehabilitation, medical treatment and conservation.

“It takes a society to combat homelessness, and a strong nation to fight poverty.” —Wayne Chirisa

Bobby Crutsinger recently started giving RVs to those in need of a home. He started by giving a homeless three-time war veteran a 45-foot RV. Now Bobby and his wife, Peggy, are working on 17 more to donate.

Bobby is getting requests from across the country. A friend buys them for “just a little money” and the Crutsingers clean them out and find the people to donate to. They also find a place to put them where the new owners will feel safe and comfortable.

Bobby is known in Weatherford, Texas, as the “Tent Guy” for giving out tents to the homeless for the last five years. Perhaps now he will be the “RV guy.” Read more about Bobby and Peggy Crutsinger from, including how you can help, if you’re so inclined.

The good news: This wolverine ain’t mean!

This Wolverine named Jasper is trained to rescue avalanche survivors. He smells them in the snow and then digs them out.

“I’m a lot less cranky when it’s just me and my dog.” —Bob Peterson

And, of course, this week’s cute animal videos…

An Epic Friendship Begins from AnimalsBeingBros

The last one made my day 🙂 from aww

A smile from a reader…

Martine F. sent us these fun photos of large, whimsical sculptures on the Enchanted Highway in Regent, North Dakota. Thanks, Martine!

Photo Credit Martine Flory
Image Credit Martine Flory
Photo Credit Martine Flory
Photo Credit Martine Flory

Read last week’s Good News posts here.

Have a “Good News” story? Please use the form below to tell us about it. Include a website or link to a video. Thanks!



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Thomas D
1 year ago

For what it’s worth Around Regent North Dakota is a speed trap. 25 mph sign in town and 5+ mile out of town same 25 but not a sign since the first one.

1 year ago

Thanks for compiling all of these “feel good” stories. It is a welcome respite from the craziness of the real world!

1 year ago
Reply to  littleleftie

Ditto. Greatly enjoyed.

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