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RV Review: 2021 Wildwood FSX 270RTK Toy Hauler


By Tony Barthel
I’m like a kid in a candy story – new RVs hit the market and I’m very excited to see what the companies are up to. There are two new toy haulers that got my blood pumping – today’s Wildwood FSX Max 270RTK and a Jayco you’ll see tomorrow.

“I don’t want a toy hauler”

So many people I speak with tell me they Absolutely. Positively. Completely do not want a toy hauler. They’re not hauling side-by-sides or anything else that requires this kind of floor plan. But I think those folks are missing out. Well, some of them.

As more and more folks are going full-time or bringing their families on the road, a toy hauler makes perfect sense. Rather than all the spots in an RV being defined very specifically, a toy hauler allows you to use space as you see fit. Want a big, long table where two or four kids can study? Toy hauler. Want a space to do crafts, hobbies or that sort of thing? Toy hauler. Want a huge outdoor patio where you can enjoy the places you’re going? Well, you already know the answer.

Wildwood FSX Max 270RTK

This new model is the first to feature a few things for Wildwood. For example, it’s a full 7-foot ceiling height inside, so it feels very open. It also means if you travel with someone who’s taller, the shower has more headroom.

See? Toy hauler, baby.

I can see people’s reticence to toy haulers as they used to be big garages that weren’t all that attractive. Fortunately, the people who have been doing a better job with interior design with RVs in general have also turned their attention to the toy hauler department.

For example, Wildwood FSX 270RTK features a cabinet at the back that has space for shoes underneath, a cabinet that has drawers that really counts as your pantry, then a 40” electric space-heating fireplace and then a flat counter on top. That’s where the hookups are for the TV. But this unit doesn’t come with one so, if you want one, the hookups are there and you can put whatever TV you want in.

The kitchen in the Wildwood FSX 270RTK

The kitchen counter is an “L”-shaped arrangement with a very large sink in it. Then there’s the typical RV three-burner stove, this one being a 17” model. Above that is a vent hood and a microwave.

Surrounding the microwave are cabinets and, again, since this has a higher ceiling, those cabinets are taller with shelves inside and glass doors. I do wonder about glass doors in cabinets in an RV. I can see the can of beans crashing through the glass. But I’ve never actually heard of this happening in the real world, so maybe I’m just looking for trouble. There’s also a 12-volt compressor fridge.

Forest River has been good about including a solar solution when they include a 12-volt refrigerator, and this is no exception. There is a 190-watt solar panel on the roof as standard, along with a 30-amp solar charge controller.

Opposite the kitchen there’s just a big empty space. Want to put a desk here? Sure! Bring in a couple of zero-gravity chairs? No worries.

In the back, as is typical of a toy hauler, are two benches that fold up against the sides of the trailer. There’s a free-standing table that fits in between these. Of course, they fold down to form either two individual beds or one big bed. However, the odd shape of the backrest makes this more of a bed with a divider, really.

There is also the option of the MORryde Bunk Above system to double the sleeping capacity.

Funny business in the bedroom of the Wildwood FSX 270RTK

Onward into the bedroom, where there’s great news and some funny business. Not the good kind of funny business that happens in bedrooms, either.

The good news is the queen-sized bed has three storage bins underneath that really take advantage of the space under the bed. In fact, Wildwood also has six more plastic totes that come with the trailer and fit under the benches in the main area. But they also stack if that area is full of a side-by-side or bikes or a golf cart or whatever. Under those storage totes in the bedroom is a whole second space for shoes.

What’s weird here is that, in order to increase the amount of space in the forward storage bay and also provide room for an outdoor kitchen, the sides of the bed are taken up by rather large “boxes.” It would seem that getting into and out of bed would be significantly more difficult.

What those “boxes” get you is an outdoor kitchen on the camp side of this trailer at the front. Typically, this precious space is reserved for a pass-through cargo hold. But in this case, it got repurposed to hold the kitchen. That kitchen has a flat-top griddle and small 110-volt refrigerator.

On the road side, the storage up front is made larger by this “box,” so that’s a plus. But I still question the ease of getting into and out of bed.

Large multi-use rear ramp

Another thing I like about toy haulers is the large rear ramp. This can double as a patio deck in some models, and it does here. To help facilitate this there is a railing and screen around the ramp. There’s also a large screen that can cover the opening. These decks really float my boat. Or pull my trailer. Whatever.

One odd thing I noticed was that on the road side there is both a full outside shower and a spray port. Not sure what the logic is of both being in the same place – but there they are. I think if you’re going to include an outdoor kitchen, then putting either the shower or the spray port there by the kitchen makes more sense.

In summary

The Wildwood FSX 270RTK can serve a lot of needs well and that’s why I like toy haulers so much… in case you missed it. I do think the interior is much nicer than toy haulers of just a few years ago. But now it’s gone to the very trendy white and gray look and, frankly, I love color and wood. But you can’t please all the people all the time and there’s stick-on wallpaper and color you could add yourself.

I like that the underbelly is sealed with panels that are removable in sections. That way, if there is trouble, you don’t have a huge job of removing the entire underbelly to resolve it.
Overall this is a well thought out design that I believe can serve a number of needs very, very well. But that’s the point of a relatively blank canvas. You can make it your own.

Toy hauler.

These RV reviews are written based on information provided by the manufacturers along with our writer’s own research. We receive no money or other financial benefits from these reviews. They are intended only as a brief overview of the vehicle, not a comprehensive critique, which would require a thorough inspection and/or test drive.

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Josh Winters
1 year ago

Great Review Tony! I agree completely — this is ultra flexible and a really interesting “in betweener” that lands somehow uniquely between something like a common “Crossover” camper/toy hauler like the similar Wildwood 260RT and a “Full on toy hauler” like a wider/taller wolf pack for instance. FSX continues to thrive in this “negative spaces”

Bob M
1 year ago

Like the griddle, but would drop the fridge for easier entry on bed. Having water by the griddle would be better. Would like to see one in person.

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