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Let the sun do your cooking with this solar oven

It is hot, hot, hot here in the Southern California desert where my house is—it will reach 114 F this week! I hate the heat and plan on taking my Newmar coach on the road to escape soon. As many of you might remember, I chronicled my travails in buying a used motor coach sight unseen to move me and my cats to California from North Carolina last November. More on that below.

For now, I am adjusting to living in an inferno. Living in the desert in the summer requires some planning to keep cool. One thing I don’t like doing is cooking hot meals because it heats up the kitchen. I decided to see if a solar oven could help and did some research. I bought a highly-rated solar oven from GoSun, which has many great off-grid products that are perfect for RVers.

GoSun Sport oven

I bought the GoSun Sport® oven is a medium-sized unit that will easily cook a dinner for two. It is 100 percent solar. The company also has a smaller, more portable unit, and a larger hybrid solar/12v unit that can be plugged in when the sun sets. I bought a package that included the oven, two cooking trays, a carrying case, a coffee maker and silicone cups for baking.

I have been cooking meals in my Sport for several months now and I simply love it. It is easy to set up, cook and clean. Tonight, I am cooking some chicken and vegetables.

How it works

The GoSun oven is a solar tube in which you slide a tray holding your food. At first, I balked because the oven wasn’t square—imagine that! But stay with me because this thing works beautifully. I even baked banana bread in it and it came out great!

The tube tray holds quite a bit of food

I put my chicken, onions, and carrots in the cooking tray with some olive oil and spices.

Next, I took the oven outside where the sun was directly overhead. To set it up, I merely opened its mirrored wings and angled it so the sun was hitting them full-on, popped the tray inside the solar tube, and I will have my dinner in about 20 to 30 minutes.

The GoSun oven in action cooking dinner outside
Dinner is cooking.

I find that cooking times vary a bit depending on the intensity of the sun. In the late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky and its rays cutting through more atmosphere, it will take longer to cook things. But I learned not to underestimate the power of the sun. I was cooking some steak and onions one day and got distracted. I burnt the meat to a crisp!

Tonight’s dinner was cooked to perfection and my kitchen is cool!

Meat comes out moist, tender and tasty!

Great for boondocking

I am not a big boondocker, but I would imagine this to be a great alternative to boondocker’s propane appliances. GoSun has other products that might be attractive to boondockers too: a solar kitchen that includes a table with solar panels, a solar oven and a solar ice chest.

Here is the GoSun website so you can explore what they have to offer. GoSun products are available on Amazon, and some products are sold in stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, too.

Please check out my forum and feel free to ask me any questions. Here too, if you are interested, are the links to my painful, but sometimes humorous, saga of the newbie.

Stay tuned because the story continues…




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