Sunday, October 2, 2022


Half of all campers have already booked their 2022 camping trips

Kampgrounds of America’s (KOA) Monthly Research Report for March says nearly two-thirds of current campers are planning to take a camping trip in 2022, and half of all campers say they have already booked at least some of their trips.

“Between what campers are telling us and our reservation data, it’s clear that camping will be a popular way to travel again this year,” said Whitney Scott, Chief Marketing Officer of KOA. “Campers and leisure travelers alike are looking to get out and try new things as COVID-19 wanes.”

Compared to February, when nearly 30% of respondents said COVID-19 concerns negatively impacted their camping plans, only 19% said they would be unlikely to camp due to the ongoing pandemic. This corresponds with increased interest in a vast array of experiences travelers would like to try in 2022, including extended road trips (33%), visiting national parks (26%) and hiking long trails such as the Appalachian (20%).

“Even as fuel prices rise, people are still looking to vacation, and camping is an affordable travel option,” Scott said. “Recent fluctuations in gas prices are something we are keeping an eye on, but knowing that most campers stay within 100 miles of home, we think the industry will be resilient. We plan on sharing results around gas prices in our April KOA Research Report.”

The KOA Monthly Research Report – March Edition also asked about campers’ spring break plans. One-in-five respondents indicated they had a warm-weather camping trip in mind for spring break. Canadian campers plan to spend spring break trips closer to home (16%).




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Donald N Wright
5 months ago

We do not know what the future is. If the world goes to hell, getting our deposits back will be difficult. I am glad I made the reservations for 2022. One day, all the boon docking sites will be full too.

Marcus Price
5 months ago

We have a six week trip planned for this summer and I scheduled 2/3 of it three months ago. There is one place that I am still waiting for reservations to open but the only things I didn’t pre-plan were places where I was too early to reserve it. Camping is not like it was where you can just show up. This summer is going to be a zoo

Warren G
5 months ago

We have almost all of the 75 planned nights booked. Only ones not are state parks or national campgrounds outside of the booking window.

5 months ago

Not me. Not any of the campers I know. So someone know a LOT of well scheduled RVers.
Again, look at who did the research.

5 months ago

I have all of my 2022 trips reserved and will soon start reserving for 2023.

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