Harvest Hosts: Camping free at wineries and farms


By Chuck Woodbury
I’ve been a member of Harvest Hosts for at least 10 years and try to take advantage of the membership as often as possible. In a day and age when RVers are squeezed into RV parks like sardines, and popular public campgrounds are often booked solid, the idea of staying alone or with only a handful of others for free on a farm or alongside a vineyard is incredibly appealing.

I was inspired to write this after seeing this photo taken by a Harvest Host member that was chosen as the “Member Photo of the Month.” To me, this is pretty much heaven on Earth. It looks so peaceful!

It appears that in this case, at the Thousand Islands Winery in Alexandria Bay, New York, it’s boondocking only, which I suspect is true at most other Harvest Hosts locations. My last stay with Harvest Hosts was at a blueberry farm in Michigan (or was it Minnesota?), where Gail and I camped alone under a beautiful grove of trees, perhaps 30 yards from row upon row of blueberry bushes.

That evening, we sat outside in our lawn chairs, sipped wine, and marveled at fireflies that danced all around us. Fireflies are magical to those of us from the West, where the insects do not live. The following morning, we stopped by the farm’s store for coffee and for fresh pastries to take along on our journey.

Harvest Hosts most recent newsletter notes that it added 69 new locations in the past month, plus 21 golf courses, where members can also stay free if they choose an additional membership option. That brings the total of farms and wineries (plus breweries and other places) to 825. Add the golf courses and it’s 1,179.

An annual membership is $79. RVtravel.com readers can get 15% off if they use the RVtravel.com coupon code HHFRIENDS15 when joining.

About two years ago, Harvest Hosts signed on as a participating sponsor of RVtravel.com so we have an incentive to say nice things about them. That said, I was a member for at least seven or eight years before then, and had already concluded that the membership was a keeper.


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Pamela Balogh
1 year ago

Harvest Hosts is not free. you are suppose to thank the owners of the vineyard by buying a bottle of wine or some produce.. oftentimes costs more than the campground.