Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Take your ice cream cone out of your pocket! It’s illegal!

We received many interesting comments on a story we published recently about birds nesting inside a motorhome’s slide-out. The article encouraged RV owners to frequently check around the outside of their rigs as a precaution against unwanted nuisances. Many comments centered around the legality of destroying bird nests rather than taking precautionary actions, and that got me thinking… What other kinds of interesting or funny laws exist and how might they affect RVers? Here’s what I discovered:

If you like to fish when RVing, remember that:

  • Tennessee law forbids you to lasso a fish.
  • In Oregon, you may not use canned corn for fish bait.
  • In both Indiana and Kansas, it’s illegal to fish with bare hands. (Are gloves okay, I wonder?)
  • You may not go whale fishing in Nebraska at any time. In Ohio, whale fishing is banned on Sundays.

If you’re an RVer who enjoys hunting:

  • Pennsylvania law does not require landowners to have a fishing license to fish on their own property, but landowners must have a hunting license to hunt on their own land.
  • In New York, it’s illegal to shoot a rabbit from a moving trolley. In Kansas, it’s illegal to shoot rabbits from a motorboat.
  • If you bow hunt in New Hampshire, you must put your name and address on all your arrows.
  • You can legally hunt rabbits, squirrels, and other fur-bearing animals in Connecticut. Just don’t use dynamite, fire, smoke, brimstone, or sulfur. Those methods are illegal.
  • You can legally hunt Bigfoot in Texas (but not in Washington).

Many RVers enjoy various culinary delights. Just be aware:

  • Louisiana jambalaya that is prepared in the “traditional method” is not subject to the state’s sanitary codes.
  • Do not put your ice cream cone in your back pocket, at least while in Alabama. It’s illegal there. (Kentucky and Georgia also have this law on the books.)
  • Delaware prohibits picnicking on state highways.
  • In Boston, you are not allowed to eat peanuts in church.
  • In Marion, Ohio, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut while walking backward.

Strange, right? Of course, many of these laws were written for a different time. Still, they make you wonder. You can find other funny state laws here. Makes for fun reading!

Now, fellow RVer, you’ve been forewarned.



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