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RV Review: Keystone Bullet Premier 25RKPR—new open space couple’s camper


Today’s RV review is of another new offering for 2023, this time from the Keystone Bullet family in the form of the Keystone Bullet Premier 25RKPR. This is a model with a very large open space in the main living area thanks to opposing slides. It also features a kitchen at the back. 

Kitchen talk in the Bullet Premier 25RKPR

Many of you have reminded me how bouncy the back of a towed RV can be and said that you were no fan of the kitchens being in the back. Still, the fridge in my own RV is in the back and I traveled all over the place and even got rear-ended and it’s still working fine. 

I’m less inclined to be concerned with rear kitchens although I’m sure the length of the RV and the type of suspension absolutely is a factor in this. For example, this is what I would describe as a mid-sized trailer at 29’11” in length. But it also features a leaf spring suspension. 

I had described that my own trailer had zero issues with the pantry and fridge at the back, but it is also shorter and sports a torsion axle suspension. What goes on underneath absolutely does have an effect on the final outcome. 

The Bullet line comes in subflavors

The Bullet line comes in a few subflavors, with the Premier being, well, the most fancy of the series. These are bigger, heavier offerings under the Bullet brand and incorporate a number of upscale features in build quality as well as finish. 

They also have a more premium, or premier, feel to them. Further, this model features things like a rock guard made of spray-on pickup bed liner material and a Nautilus-style water management system. 

The frames of these are something our rep used to brag about being a Norco huck-bolted frame instead of the traditional welded frame. No, I don’t know why it’s better—but they seemed to think it was. Maybe it is. 

What I can attest to is the marine-grade flooring in the flush floor slides. I like this so much better than carpeting as it’s directly under the dining table. It can also be cleaned easily. Not true of carpet. 

There are also options for seating, including theater seats or a couch facing the TV and then a dinette or freestanding table and chairs. This model features opposing slides—so it definitely has an open feel to it. 

On the subject of choices, you also have one in terms of staying cool with either a 12-volt DC compressor fridge or a more traditional propane/electric RV gas absorption fridge. 

The website floor plan showed that there was a windshield but the video did not show one. I looked a second time, thinking I was going nuts, and I realized that the floor plan on the website was incorrect. Ooops. 

This is always an interesting time of year in the RV industry. 

Bedroom spaces in the Keystone Bullet Premier 25RKPR

One of the things I really liked about this floor plan was the front bedroom, which features a queen-sized bed. There are the usual wardrobe closets on either side of the bed along with three cabinets above the bed. But then there is a linen closet at the foot of the bed and, of course, the bed lifts up for more storage. 

Further, I always thought that the laundry chute access to the front pass-through storage was a really simple but very useful feature. I see that it’s still a part of this design. Essentially, this is just a way to access the pass-through storage through a hatch, but I like it. 

Something I’m seeing more frequently are shelves behind the wardrobes of trailers. They are the perfect place for things like CPAP machines or just the noisy little toys we all read RV Travel on. There are both household and USB outlets back there. Those household outlets are wired such that, if you do get an inverter, these outlets will work with that. Nice. 

The bathroom in this trailer still features cabinet doors and a decent amount of storage, too. This might seem like no big deal. But I’m seeing more and more RV bathrooms where there are no doors in the cabinets. Doors are good. 

Boondocking and travel access

Travel access is never a strong suit in RVs with opposing slides. But since I have no point of reference, I don’t want to speak to how accessible this unit is with the slides in. However, it’s likely that you’re going to have to forget about the kitchen altogether. But I’ve been wrong before, and it’s about the time of year I could be wrong again. 

You know I’m kidding, right? 

Keystone has really taken a leadership position with their SolarFlex™ solar packages which start at 200 watts of solar on the roof. Their trailers are also prewired for an inverter which can operate selected outlets. You can upgrade to a SolarFlex 400i package that includes 400 watts of solar along with a 3,000-watt inverter. 

Keystone has also teamed up with a major battery supplier so you can get lithium batteries right at the dealership. They would be covered by Keystone’s warranty. Nice. 

Challenges in the Keystone Bullet Premier 25RKPR

There are a few things I saw in this that I don’t like and ones that are consistent with Bullet and some Keystone brands, but not others.

Yep. The same thing I complain about over and over. Small ovens and cheap vent fans.

What’s odd is that Keystone’s own Montana and Cougar lines don’t have these lousy features—but the Bullet line does.

Also, this features an outside kitchen that has a two-burner propane stovetop. That has a lid at the back ostensibly to protect the trailer itself. I wonder, though, if anyone realized that when you’re cooking on the stovetop there will be no getting to the little refrigerator behind it that’s blocked by the stove top?


For those who have had fifth wheels for years, you’ll recognize the Nautilus connection station. I’m starting to see that on more travel trailers like this one. I’m wondering if you all like these, or not? 

I can see the Keystone Bullet Premier 25RKPR being a really good choice if you’re someone who travels a great deal of time and wants a large living space but aren’t interested in a fifth wheel. 

I have shared a lot of the things I think that Keystone is doing well in a lot of areas, so I’m not going to bring that up again. But I do think the brand has some significant advantages and they continue to improve upon those, as well. 

Overall, the Bullet Premier 25RKPR is a nice floor plan with a few dings that are so easily corrected. With as many things as Keystone is doing well, these little bumps in the road are easily addressed. I hope they do so sooner rather than later. Although, they’re already selling RVs like hotcakes so, perhaps, my ideas will just fall on deaf ears. 

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Steve H
1 month ago

Ugh, another prison gray interior. Guess the designers at Keystone have never spent years working in government offices with left-over WWII furniture and painted walls. I wouldn’t even open the door of a trailer at an RV show that I knew beforehand offered gray as its only interior color scheme!

1 month ago

I think I missed what makes this “Premiere.” Looks like most other trailers on the inside for features and looks. Even the cheap looking “fireplace” with marbles in it instead of something that might resemble logs. It did have some blue lights on it though! 🙂

Gary M
1 month ago

The oven size is not bothersome. We work around its small size. The interior color scheme is bothersome.

Roger Spalding
1 month ago

The aerodynamics of this TT appear optimal for low drag; to good effect on one’s tow vehicle mpg. It does look alot like the Japanese Bullet Train. Keystone has a great reputation for being at the vanguard of RV tech. I, too, am confused by the small oven, especially when Keystone supplies 21″ and 22″ ovens as standard equipment on other models. The cheap fan cuts costs, I guess, but can be replaced at not too big an expense. 50 amp is mandatory which is good; the second A/C unit is a must for most campers. Lastly, I was very surprised by the puny freshwater tank capacity; very unlike Keystone. Although I like this rig very much, this one shortcoming is enough to make me look at Cougar or other brands of equal price.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago

The bed would be super hard to make if you’re of the type who make their beds in the morning – and we are. I’m also no fan of outdoor kitchens. Too much inside space taken up. When walking around the RV park we’re currently ‘stuck’ in, we see all kinds of different RV’s, many of which Tony has reviewed. One of the common things we see is folks using their outdoor kitchen for storage. Yup, tools, munchy food, bird seed, pet food etc. I think these folks bought the trailer and it just happened to have the outdoor kitchen. They didn’t buy it because it had the kitchen. No fan of the foldable stairs.

Dan F
1 month ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

That’s kind of surprising are you in a warmer climate where people stay inside the RV much .I would say I am outside the RV about 90% of the time unless it rains.I could dig a nice outdoor kitchen. Our weather season is reasonable for Wisconsin to be outside. Just finished up here last camp October for us .Cooked outside the entire time.We are also not stationary , meaning we camp every 2 weeks for 5 days at a time. Gray interior not a bad color way better then the browns lol.

Tommy Molnar
1 month ago
Reply to  Dan F

Yeah Dan, we are currently stuck in Houston where all summer long it was in the 90’s every day (with really high humidity) and we never went outside during the day. Just too hot! I can say we’re tired of the brown interior in our 2012 trailer but to paint it would be a job I would NEVER undertake. And we’re not buying a new one just for that. Plus, we’ve spent way too much fixing it up exactly the way we want it.

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