Saturday, December 3, 2022


Are we exiting or existing? This hilarious sign doesn’t know either…


By Kate Doherty
Would comedian Jeff Foxworthy admit the author of this sign was likely not smarter than a fifth-grader? What’s worse here? Is it the person who ordered this parking garage sign or the person who printed it? Perhaps an elocutionist could argue that the “S” should be silent and not pronounced. But I’m guessing that wouldn’t pass either.

The parking garage sign begs noticing for the mere fact that some folks likely missed their fifth-grade readin’ and writin’ classes. Oh, and the classmate who missed the arithmetic class authorized paying for it! I’m certain the spelling bee doesn’t make honey, but it might make you as smart as a fifth-grader.

Yes, sure, we’ll pay our parking fees before existing…

You kidding? Deer reading deer crossing signs?


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1 year ago

I’ve heard of all kinds of taxes and fees even a death tax, is this getting some money from you before it all starts. 🤣

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