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Need an RV mattress? This MIGHT be your pick to “sleep on it”


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

One of the finest things we can think of when evening falls is knowing there’s a comfortable bed just a few feet away. Ah, sleep! Like Pop always said, “Off to the Land of Nod!” But sometimes RV manufacturers make it a bit difficult to get there. How so? By creating “bed spaces” in oddball sizes. Trying to find a mattress to fit some of these strange-sized sleeping platforms is enough to give you a nightmare – that is, if you can get to sleep in the first place!

Enter Brooklyn Bedding, a mattress manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona. Seeing the need of a decent night’s sleep for RVers hard-pressed to find a mattress to fit, the company has formed a new website: The company says it “custom crafts” mattresses to fit a variety of sizes, sleep needs and price points. We cruised their website to see just how broad the spectrum of available sizes that rvmattress provides.

In the “entry” level mattress, a memory foam variety, the size range is overwhelming. Get out the tape measure, Maude! Twin. Twin XL. Full. Short Full 48×74. Queen. Short Queen (I have one of those! If I lip-off, she doesn’t fix me dinner!) 60×74. Olympic Queen 66×80. King. Short King 72×75. RV King 70×74. Another RV King 72×80. California King. And a gazillion “RV Bunk” entries, 28×75, 30×75, 30×80, 32×74, 34×75, 35×79, and (pant! pant!) 42×80. Prices for this particular mattress, which rvmattress calls “Brooklyn Wanderlust,” start at $149. That’d be for the 6″ thick twin. We can tip the scale at the other end for the same mattress: A 10″ California King will set you back $419.

More sophisticated mattresses are also available. “The Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid combines the targeted pressure point relief of individually encased coils with the contouring comfort of quilted gel memory foam in a hybrid mattress that’s exceptionally priced. Optimal cooling in the top layer and open cell technology in the transition layer ensure greater breathability, resulting in a cooler night’s sleep,” says the advert. Starting prices here for the Twin is $549.

Two more varieties of mattresses are sold, the most expensive being the “Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid.” Here’s the hype-line: “The coolest take ever on affordable luxury was derived from science – the average skin temperature is 91 degrees, but the ideal sleep temperature is 88 degrees. To maintain the optimal sleep temperature of 88 degrees, we infused a phase change molecule called TitanCool™ on the surface of the Brooklyn Aurora to moderate your temperature: cooling gel beads liquefy at higher temperatures to deliver cooling relief; those same beads solidify at lower temperatures to ensure an ideal sleep environment. A premium smooth top weave allows the proper amount of cooling to be delivered to you on contact. The result is the most elite sleep experience yet.” At a starting price of $999 for the Twin, we’d not only hope it would hold the sleeper at 88 degrees, but that it would rock and sing him to sleep as well.

No, not all sizes are available in all of the mattress lines sold. However, if you find what you want, you’ll get it shipped to you free, in a discreet box. Well, we’re not sure just how discreet a box containing a California King mattress is gonna be, but we like playing with words. The company is just so sure you’re going to love their mattresses, they put a 120-day “sleep on it” warranty in play. Here’s the catch, you have to give the mattress a 30-day trial so you and your new sleepy surface can get well acquainted with each other. Exchanges or refunds are available after you’ve tried the mattress for at least 30 days from the date of delivery.

Looking for sheets for those oddball mattress sizes? The company does sell a lot of different sheet sets – but sorry, only in “normal” size ranges. Get into something other than standard queen, king or twin and you’ll be looking to making modifications on your own.

On the other hand: We tried contacting the company to answer a question we had when working on this story. When we phoned in using the customer service number provided, ended up with a “call center” representative. The representative was, shall we say, less than helpful, and directed us to send an e-mail. We did. We waited. The next day, we simply got an automated e-mail back, asking us to rate their customer service. Not helpful at all, which causes us to run up the “CAUTION” flag.

A check on the Better Business Bureau site shows that the parent company, Brooklyn Bedding, gets an A+ rating from the service. However, based on complaints filed with the BBB, user ratings give the company only a little over three stars out of five. A review of the complaints made it appear that customer service was the biggest beef with the outfit. We read through the complaints, and company responses. The latter were sometimes rather snippy, which, again, gives us a bit of concern. Yelp reviews had more praises than complaints, but, still, those who did have grievances usually had them with customer service.

Bottom line: We’ve never tried one of their mattresses, but as far as their quality is concerned, it looks like most customers are pretty satisfied. On the other hand, customer service might be a stumbling block. If you’re looking for an oddball-sized RV mattress, may be one of the few places to look – but go slow, ask lots of questions, and let the buyer beware.


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1 year ago

I ordered a “normal” queen sized memory foam mattress for my last rig CHEAP online ($120 delivered, 8 inch mattress), and then opened the fabric, cut the extra length foam to fit and resewed the case. Perfect and VERY comfortable (better than my $1500 home mattress according to wife). 20mins DIY can save a lot of money and monkeying!

Last edited 1 year ago by Wolfe
1 year ago

We bought a” MY PILLOW” Mattress Topper , had to cut a little off a Queen size but works GREAT for our Pleasure Way B class R V.

Ron Sifford
1 year ago

We purchased a 14″ king last year. We love the way it sleeps. Upon returning from our last trip we notice the stitching coming apart where we get in and out of bed. I called and sent pictures and within two days they agreed to send a new mattress. They told us to donate the old mattress
Now that is customer service.

1 year ago Any combination of foam types. All custom cut to your size. Shipped fast. Happy customer.

1 year ago

We bought a mattress from Walmart online a year ago. It cost under $400, came boxed and rolled for easy unpacking, is a king size, and made by Wolf. This mattress sleeps great. We have not added a mattress topper. We are full time RVers and after two new mattresses in two years quickly realized that DRV used the worst mattresses on the planet!

Laurel Barth
2 years ago

My husband and I just invested in a sleep number bed. We have a queen short. We would 100% encourage you to buy one too. We have never dreamed we could sleep so good and restful. No more leg cramps for my husband too. It did take a few modifications but comes highly recommended.

Laurel Barth
2 years ago
Reply to  Laurel Barth

And we also have a mattress topper by MY PILLOW.

Dennis J
2 years ago

Can”t beat 2″ Mattress Toppers from” MY PILLOW”. Right now they have 50% off , there GREAT. They come in all sizes , go right over your old mattress, very comfortable, I could go on and on ,You can even trim them yourself to fit perfectly.Need a extra bed for Grand kids or a over night guest, take it off the camper bed and roll it out on the floor.Perfect. There VERY reasonable priced.

Billy Bob Thorton
2 years ago
Reply to  Dennis J

Buy from this guy, he’s a true patriot.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dennis J

We also added a My Pillow topper to our RV king mattress and what a difference it made. My Pillow did not advertise a camper king at that time but they will custom make one and the cost was a little more than their RV queen, they also gave us at no charge 2 twin size pillows. Also great customer service. Mike Lindell makes some great sleep products.

Amy Dimond
2 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our company and RV mattress collection. We’re so sorry to hear your customer service experience was less than the best ever. We’ll go back to our team to see what happened and discuss ways to improve.

For all press inquiries you are more than welcome to consult our media page for individual contact information:


Brooklyn Bedding

Billy Bob Thorton
2 years ago
Reply to  Amy Dimond

Guess somebody must have tipped em off you guys were not happy. Day late and a dollar short. Better try harder next time boys.

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