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New Ford F-150 EV: Bigger, faster truck – far less cost

By James Raia
The anticipated debut of the Ford F-150 EV (battery-electric) pickup truck is still about two years away. But the manufacturer believes it will cost about half as much to operate as its current gas-powered stablemates.

The new version of the country’s best-selling vehicle will also be the most powerful Ford truck ever made.

The Ford F-150 EV will cost about half as much to operate as its gas-run siblings.
The Ford F-150 EV will cost about half as much to operate as its gas-run siblings.

With zero gas and oil usage, low electric charging rates and lower maintenance costs, the Ford F-150 EV truck will thrive on its efficiency, according to Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s president of the Americas and International Markets Group.

Ford F-150 EV: Fastest ever

Scheduled to the begin production in mid-2022, the Ford F-150 EV will have the fastest 0-to-60 mph time and produce the most torque and horsepower in the nameplate’s history.

Without an engine, Ford is touting the new truck with a “giant front” for increased storage.

Ford has dominated the pickup truck segment for decades. But the EV truck market is likely to include stiff competition. Tesla, Rivian and Nikola are newcomers to the segment. The three truck newcomers are only making EV trucks.

While any new Ford truck creates plenty of interest, the carmaker’s EV participation will expand the prominent truck series, a popular choice for RVers.

The current Ford F-150 pickup truck lineup has a towing capacity from 5,000 to 13,200 pounds with a specialty towing package.


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2 years ago

For us truck campers load capacity is the critical number. Yet I see no information about it in any of these truck articles. To keep our interest you need to do better.

2 years ago

I cannot believe the design mentality behind these new EV pickup trucks. If you don’t have a gasoline motor under the hood, then get rid of (most of) the frunk. The company that designs the next gen EV pickup with a cab forward, more bed space and/or more passenger space wins.

2 years ago
Reply to  James

Ive been thinking the same thing.. maybe its harder to meet crash/safety ratings without that space to absorb crash energy.

2 years ago
Reply to  James

I want a truck that looks good

Bob P
2 years ago

I’m anxiously awaiting the towing capacity of EV trucks. FastLaneCar on YouTube did a test of Tesla’s only car rated to tow, it has a tow rating of 5000 lbs, they used a small off road type camper that weighed about 4400 lbs. They operate out of Boulder, CO, they were planning on taking the car and camper to a car show in Portland, OR. They were able to make it a little over 100 miles before they had to call someone to come get the trailer while they limped to the next charging station, so once again EVs are still a great commuter car but don’t expect everyday usefulness to replace ICE cars and trucks.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

Why is the 0-60 ‘drag race’ time so important for electric vehicles? Who cares about this? If you’re buying a tow vehicle I would guess this is not even on your radar. I think Tesla started this.

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