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New Ram pickup truck recall dilemma: faulty floor mats

By James Raia
Vehicles get recalled for many reasons, but faulty floor mats?

Fiat Chrysler announced the issue – the potential of all-weather floor mats to cause the accelerator to get stuck – and it has voluntarily recalled about 190,000 Ram 1500 pickup trucks from 2019 and 2020.

About 180,000 Ram pickup trucks from 2019 and 2020 have faulty floor mats.
About 180,000 Ram pickup trucks from 2019 and 2020 have faulty floor mats.

No accidents have been reported.

The recall involves Ram 1500 trucks with all-weather floor mats ordered from the factory. The adjustable pedals may get too close to the floor mats and get stuck.

All Fiat Chrysler vehicles are now equipped with brake-throttle override, which lets drivers use the brake to automatically stop a vehicle with a stuck throttle.

The manufacturer started investigating after a driver reported the floor mat interfered with the accelerator. The driver was able to safely stop using the brake-throttle override.

Ram will contact owners of the affected trucks. Customers who ordered the factory-installed, all-weather floor mats will be instructed to visit their dealers. Trucks owners’ floor mats will be modified until they can be replaced with a new all-weather mat.

Ram estimates that only 1 percent of the 186,233 owners will have the problem. Customers are advised to remove the mats if they think they have any clearance problem between the pedal and the floor mat. They can also contact their dealers if they have any questions.

The recall involves an estimated 160,229 vehicles in the United States, 21,937 in Canada, 872 in Mexico, and 3,195 outside of North America.

Fiat Chrysler and Ram are also recalling 43,148 all-weather floor mats sold as aftermarket equipment. Customers will be advised to bring their mats to a dealer for modification until they can be replaced.

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Gary Swope
2 years ago

This the same thing Toyota had a problem with about 10 or 12 years ago.

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