Saturday, December 4, 2021


Visit a ghost town with “wild” animals to feed

There’s a certain ghost town along Route 66 where wild animals roam the streets, and where the local merchants encourage tourists to feed them. Oh, they’re not so wild that people are afraid of them (but don’t stand behind and get kicked: that’s another story).

Okay, the town is Oatman, Ariz., which is located along historic Route 66 just east of where the Mother Road enters California.

And the wild creatures are burros. They’re descendants of the animals once owned by miners but then abandoned when the gold or silver didn’t meet expectations. They roam freely in much of the Desert Southwest, but Oatman is the only town that takes a special interest in them and coaxes them into its one-block downtown to entertain tourists.

Here’s a one-minute video by editor Chuck Woodbury, with a surprise ending, when one of the critters he encounters while driving out of town tries to eat part of his car. Watch the video.

Learn more about the ghost towns of Arizona.


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Dave Stansbury
11 months ago

One of our favorite things to do was take somebody to Oatman who has never been there before. Then we’d give them a quarter and tell them to buy some burro food. Then the fun begins…..

Kris Platz Crawford
1 year ago

Merry Christmas to all you RV & travel buffs! My family has been in Oatman for over 50 years and used to work for the mine! We now own several 100 year old buildings and want to share the history with the world. Come see us! 1900 School house, 1916 miners cabins, 1935 grocery store, the old farm in town, Elephants Tooth mountain & over 160 acres to hike and a campground! Call 406-546-6412.

Ron Higgins
1 year ago

Keep your dogs away from the burrows! The burrows think they are coyotes and will stomp them. I got this from a local while walking through town with our two yorkies

Jim Preston
1 year ago

We live in Moreno Valley California. Near Riverside / San Bernardino. We have about 1000 wild burros living in the hills behind our house. They visit our subdivision daily and we get to clean up after their deposits. Some see them as a real pest. We kind of enjoy their company except for the cleanup. Unlike deer, you do have to constantly watch when driving, they don’t jump out of the way of the car.

1 year ago

Why did that lady kick the burro 😡