Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Dogs show off their cute little RV doggie houses

By Emily Woodbury

According to a recent study by ThisIsMadeUp Inc., 52 percent of human RVers are over the age of 60 and 32 percent are under the age of 65. Additionally, 4 percent of those RVers are dogs, 2 percent are cats, and 2 percent have feathers (birds).

The substantial number of RVing pets is surprising: In previous years RV sales to pets had declined.

With an increase in sales, we wanted to know how our non-human counterparts feel about their homes on wheels. We interviewed some pets of the BARK (Best Adopted RVing K9s) Organization. Here’s what they had to say:

“I absolutely adore my new RV. I bought it last year from Big Creek Mercantile, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The design is ideal for napping, and the outdoor kitchen is just what my white floofy self was looking for. I love that I can catch, kill and cook all from the same spot!” — Lulu

“The craftsmanship on my new Winnebarko rig is such high quality, it puts ThorNoMore and Forest Shiver to shame. Ain’t no Great Dane gonna barge into this thing and steal my squeaky ball.” — Piper

“The folks at Big Creek Mercantile put so much love into building my new RV. The birdwatching window is just what my yappy-self always dreamed of. I absolutely love annoying the neighbors with my egotistical screams.” — Princess BarksALot

“Yes, I love my RV.” “Um, sorry, can you tell us why?” “Because it keeps me away from humans, of course, *licks paw* and those god-awful smelly, mud-covered dogs. Yuck.” — The cat, who didn’t have the time to show us her face.

There you have it, folks. It seems like our furry friends are enjoying their RVs as much as we are. Maybe we’ll share a campfire with them at an RV park soon. Roasted liver, anyone? Tuna s’mores? Corn on the kibble?

If your dog, cat, bird, lizard, or ferret, goldfish, etc. (you name it!), want their own Winnebarko, send ’em over to Big Creek Mercantile. Design extras include WiFi video cameras, LED lighting, framed artwork, handmade textiles, a custom license plate, and stainless steel food and water bowls.

*Please note that all statistics and interviews in this post are made up (we hope you already knew this). Big Creek Mercantile though, is real, and very much deserves checking out. They also make Wild-West-themed kennels, which are equally as adorable. 



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Howard Malpass
2 years ago

The pets are very cute however….. I

choose not to bring mine on the trips {ok, he 120 lbs} and I do not like to hear the continuous barking next door or down the street! the little ones are the worst, but here again, it depends on the owner ~ if they continue to let them bark without any cares for the other R V’ers!

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