Friday, July 1, 2022


Are you spending this Memorial Day weekend in your RV?

Are you reading this now in the comfort of your RV? If so, that likely means you’ll be answering “yes” below — that you are spending this weekend in your RV. Lucky you!

It’s going to be busy out there this weekend. More on that here.

So what about you? Are you in your RV this weekend? Or just staying somewhere else, like a regular home that doesn’t even have wheels (what fun is that?). As always, your comments are welcome.


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Natalie R
1 month ago

Still In Fla as Snow Birds!!! Flying to NJ tomorrow 🥃. Will take our 36 foot tr,,, to otter lake campground for the summer July 2,,, ! Seeing great friends over the next few months is rewarding!!!

Brenda Grady
1 month ago

Will be enjoying “the fruits of my labor” (roof cleaning, Eternabond application, Dicor sealant, etc) staying on my residential property camping out with my fur-baby, Bebe, complete with propane fire pit, pop-up screen room, zero-gravity chair and wading pool. Life is good….and not spending a ton of $$ for gasoline.

Deborah Mason
1 month ago

Last year, trying to be late enough for things to open, but early enough to miss the worst heat (ha!) we would end up landing at the Grand Canyon Friday of Memorial Day weekend. This year our traveling companion needed to avoid traveling then, so we leave next Friday.

1 month ago

We are spending the week near Yellowstone. It’s supposed to rain and snow the next three days 😁

Rosalie Magistro
1 month ago

We are spending the weekend in our RV as we are full time RV’RS in Southern AZ for now.

Thomas Moeller
1 month ago

My trip had to be canceled, the brand new trailer we bought last October has slide that was installed incorrectly by Winnebago, who knows there is a major problem, however they keep spitting out non quality trailers, instead of using those parts to repair the thousands of trailers filling up dealers lots! If they let you bring it in!

jerry mulligan
1 month ago

Visiting family graves.

1 month ago

Yes we are because we’re living in it until our new house is built. We’ve been living in it since the end of February. So far so good!

1 month ago

We are in Elon NC and parking our class A at a friends place that have 13 acres and a log home. We are leaving on Memorial Day to head home to Texas.
Hopefully the traffic won’t be to crazy in Monday

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

Yes, camping at a local State Park. Well, sort of – wife works the weekend and I work on the holiday, so we get to spend Sunday evening together.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

Unfortunately no. I just haven’t had the time (or help) to get it ready to go anywhere yet this year.

1 month ago

Been traveling since Feb and just starting the trip home. Realized Memorial Day Weekend was approaching and found a wonderful boondocking spot to stay put while the roads are busy. Do not want to engage with the road warrior’s… will relax, think of those who are gone and be grateful.

Last edited 1 month ago by cee
Diane Mc
1 month ago

Sadly, no. We should be in Indianapolis for the INDY500 camped across the street from the entrance. However, husband has a medical issue we just wanted to deal with & not take any chances. Secondly, son, wife and 3 granddaughters, 14, 11, 7 move to Texas from Calif (30 minutes from us…see the girls every week, when not traveling) next week. So glad we were here to spend more time with them and make some more memories. They kept picking things to do we did when they were all younger. So sweet.

Betty Danet
1 month ago

We are ‘most timers’ (9 months RV 3 months home in Florida). Over holidays on the road we book 2 weeks with the holiday in the middle. Keeps it interesting and us sane.

Ali F
1 month ago

Yes! Attending the Strawberry Music Festival in Grass Valley, CA is one of the joys of life. Years ago, we secured an RV site with full hook-ups every year.

James Gillett
1 month ago

We always camp the week before or the week after major holidays in summer. Much more peaceful.

Morris Estrada
1 month ago
Reply to  James Gillett

We do the same. Avoiding the crowd and the traffic.

Deena Jones
1 month ago

We are going camping at an Oregon State campground on June 6th -June 15th. Oregon has iffy weather even in June. Booked our reservation in January and could only book 6 months out.

Karen Bates
1 month ago

Our nephew is getting married, hence the reason for camping this weekend! We were fortunate to find a CG just minutes from their wedding venue!!

1 month ago

We are Workampers so YES! We have Workamping jobs from early May through mid to late October. Then it’s off to Florida to spend the winter in our S&B house near the ocean.

1 month ago

16 years full time, so……

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