Do you have a tattoo you wish you never got?


According to a poll in July of 2018, 84 percent of you do not have tattoos, although 4 percent of you said you don’t have any yet, but you want one. Additionally, 7 percent of you have one but don’t want any more, and another 4 percent of you have one and want more.

Now, it’s been a couple of years since we asked you that, so we’re approaching the question in a different way this time around. If you do have a tattoo, do you wish you hadn’t gotten it (or one of your tattoos if you have multiple?)?

We just hope you aren’t the one who has any of these tattoos

Thanks for taking our poll below (remember, it may take a moment to load). Please leave a comment if you feel like sharing a bad tattoo story.

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donald d drake
4 months ago

I have never seen an object or scene that I thought was worthy of being displayed on my body anywhere , anyhow. It marks you for life!!

4 months ago

I do have 3 tiny tattoos that have become impossible to see. They were put on my chest years ago for radiation purposes. If I was to get a real tattoo, I would lose my right to make fun of one segment of our family that has ‘more tattoos than teeth’. Fortunately we dont see them very much except for family reunions, funerals, etc. where they are first in line for free food.

5 months ago

Three of us joined the military right out of high school in 1966. We all had the same tattoo. Now I am the only one left of us Vietnam Vet’s so no I don’t regret our tat.

5 months ago

I have never gotten a tattoo, and never wanted one!!!!

5 months ago

I wonder how differently this poll would go if you asked what you think of your (potential/current) mate’s tattoos… when I was single, heavy tattoos were a BIG turn off, right up there with smoking. I don’t kiss ashtrays and I like natural better than skin graffiti.

Rory R
5 months ago

I don’t have any tattoos. I spent my time in Viet Nam while in the Air Force, watched my buddies all get one. I never wanted one. I see some that are really nice, some attractive, I also see some where it’s been overdone and it looks bad to me. But getting a tattoo is a personal decision, like choosing what class of RV and floorplan fits you best. If you want it, get it, if you don’t , don’t get it. Either way you don’t owe anyone else an explanation…

Donald Herrmann
5 months ago

I have a tattoo that I designed and am proud of it.

Wayne Caldwell
5 months ago

No tattoos and don’t want any. Have toyed with the idea of getting an ear ring, though.

5 months ago

As I once read: Getting a tattoo on my body would be like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

5 months ago

I had 2 bad tattoos I got while in the Navy and under the influence of beer. They cost $20 bucks. I had them taken off in 2010 with a carbon lazer for $5000. Talk about a bad investment ! But, money well spent.

John Mathews
5 months ago

I got one 55 years ago it hurt like crazy. I had it redone 6 years ago to sharpen & brighten it up. With the new equipment it hardly hurt at all. I see why so many are getting them now

5 months ago

Did my Stint in the Navy without any and have refrained from tattoos since. I did sit and have a beer while a friend got his while in service.

Brian Burry
5 months ago

I never wanted to put a tattoo on my body I remember going to the circus or is younger and that’s why I saw a lot of toothless circus workers with tattoos. I knew right then and there that wasn’t for me. But then I went into combat, was wounded and the scars I have, I think clearly are sufficient and don’t need any other marks on my body:))

Tom Gutzke
5 months ago

i don’t have any tattoos.

5 months ago

I’m not implying anyone here on this site as everyone that has one has their own specific reason why they got one. But tattoos are a great way to verify a person involved in a crime. Each one is different. It’s like DNA. Caught on camera? Your busted and convicted. People see them and they are easy to recall…

5 months ago

I have two tattoos, one I really like and one I plan on having removed.

5 months ago

I have no problem with people with tats. It’s just I don’t get face tats.

5 months ago

Was in the Marines and never got a tattoo and never plan on getting one.

John Koenig
5 months ago

I remember hearing a statistic that ~ 45% of people with tattoos have or will have Hepatitis-C because of said tattoo. This number came out after Pamela Anderson and her spouse got tattoos and, were later diagnosed with Hep-C. 45%, almost HALF of those getting “inked” can expect a case of Hepatitis! And still, SO many people voluntarily expose themselves needlessly. These are probably the people who, during the current Covid19 Pandemic, refuse to wear a mask when out in public.

5 months ago
Reply to  John Koenig

No, I wear a mask. I was about 15 when I got mine. Could be where my Hep C came from. Do I regret? No.

5 months ago

The only one I regretted was the first one I got, and I did it myself at 19. Finally at 51 I got it covered up. Now I have quite a few and don’t regret any of them.