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How much red meat do you eat today compared to 15 years ago?

Mmmmm…. meat! How much of it do you eat?

The times they are a-changin’ and us humans are eating less meat, mostly less red meat. Are you? Do you think you’re eating more or less red meat than you were 15 years ago? What’s the reasoning behind your answer?

Please vote in our poll below and tell us. Leave a comment too if you’ve made any changes to your red-meat-eating habits. We’re curious to hear your thoughts.


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2 years ago

I love a good T-bone or ribeye occasionally but most of the time we eat fish or chicken. Over the past five years I would say our red meat consumption has dropped 60 to 70%.

2 years ago

So two years ago I lost a Kidney to Cancer. Red meat is on a limited basis. I eat more Chicken now but still need to cut more protein out of the diet.

2 years ago

My wife and I have been vegetarians for more then 40 years.

Mike Albert
2 years ago

9 .5 years ago, my cardiologist came in the room and told me that I had a choice. He said eat to live or live to eat. He also said that I should not have any more four legged animals. No beef, pork, lamb, venison, etc… only seafood and poultry.
Do I miss a good steak and prime rib every so often, you bet I do! But it’s my choice. We make ground turkey burgers, chili and tacos. So many ways to prepare fish, shell fish, and other poultry. We can prepare poultry to taste as good as beef and pork, the only difference is the color and inside appearance as well as the dripping blood.
BTW, the cardiologists told me this after he placed three stents, one in the 90% blocked LAD.

2 years ago

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 50 years. No-one will convince me that the hormone-growth cocktails that are fed to animals are not passed on to us through eating their flesh. I believe that’s one of the main reasons why 10-yr-old girls look like they’re 16 nowadays. And, I also believe that if the public saw what goes on in slaughter houses and livestock auctions, they might re-think their food choices. I’m not trying to condemn anyone; I just wanted to present some food for thought (pun intended). Happy Day, everyone, and please stay safe out there!

2 years ago

You forgot the category, “I’m vegetarian” :))

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

Fifteen years ago I had a different wife, who preferred a lot of chicken. My current arrangement basically puts me back in the situation (meat-wise) I was in earlier. So I checked “More” due to the time specified.

Jim Langley
2 years ago


Suzanne Quinn
2 years ago

None. Haven’t eaten red meat since 1978.

Dan Brooks
2 years ago

During the week I can only get the clock when I’m trying to answer a poll.

2 years ago

much, much, much less.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Compared to 15 years ago, I’m eating MUCH MUCH more red meat. I purchase a steer every year (I’m not a farmer) and have it delivered on the hoof right to the butcher, where it magically become a PICKUP full of boxes — 700lbs usually. That’s my beef for the year, and I eat it in about 10-11 months — yes, that’s 2lbs a day, although I have help.

Before you ask, my Cholesterol is actually slightly LOW — some of us are made to eat meat.

Bob R
2 years ago

Actually, none. I’m not a vegetarian just don’t care for meat

David Kendall
2 years ago

Rather have a good burger any day, i.e. ground steak. 😊

Bob p
2 years ago

Less now, after my late wife passed away, my new wife seems to like having me around so we eat healthier. We go out for a good steak dinner every two to three weeks, at home we’ll eat chicken or pork or a salad, she makes unbelievable salads.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob p

I’m all for eating healthy, whatever that may mean, but I’m not so sure eating meat is the villain. Processed sugars (especially corn syrup) hurt you (strangely more than cane sugar), and America is obsessed with carbs (fueling obesity) and experimental fats (again, nothing to do with health unless you have gall bladder issues).

To me, far and away, the most important health advice is making sure you KEEP MOVING. You need protein and you need fats and you need modest carbs, but sitting still literally kills you no matter WHAT you eat.. .

2 years ago

I love Love LOVE red meat!! I am blessed with extremely low cholesterol and all related issues. I am eating less red meat only because my wife has higher cholesterol and has cut back considerably on her intake. I would eat filet three nights a week and there’s nothing like a big, thick juicy cheeseburger to satisfy my appetite! We eat lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, etc., so don’t feel guilty when I can indulge and personally don’t buy all the hype about how “bad” red meat is overall.

2 years ago
Reply to  RonL

The “hype” is science.

John Bolinski
2 years ago

John-Got gout 4 years ago, so no pork,beef, liver apples, beer, wine, mixed drinks, but thank goodness bourbon is allowed, since it is distilled. So as a retired chemical engineer I am allowed to run a chemical reaction each night and convert bourbon to urine.

2 years ago

When I was butchering cattle from my wife’s cousin’s farm once a year and lived in my stick and brick house, I kept my freezer full. Now we live in our motorhome fulltime. I’m at the mercy of store prices. We don’t buy as much so we don’t eat as much red meat.

Wayne Caldwell
2 years ago

None. Due to extremely high Coronary Calcium numbers, we went to a vegan diet. In 18 months, my numbers had dropped over 20 percent.

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