Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Think there’s nothing to do during a Pandemic? Think again!

By Nanci Dixon
Think there is nothing to do in a Pandemic? You’re wrong!

During this time of mask-wearing, self-isolation and restrictions on most of our normal activities, there are still plenty of things to enjoy.

Our plans of visiting lots of National Parks on our pilgrimage north were dashed by the coronavirus this summer, but we found a way to virtually visit national parks while in the safety of our RV. 

There are thousands of learning opportunities online. Ever thought about learning a new language? Duolingo and Babbel are two very popular sites. Not sure you want to join? Try a free trial. Just remember to cancel before the subscription starts. Setting a reminder on your calendar can help prevent unwanted subscriptions from starting or continuing. 

Want to feel productive? There are many online sites that showcase projects to build, items to sew and things to make. You can actually order entire kits with all the supplies delivered to your door.

Want to cook but avoid the COVID-19 pounds? Try healthy cooking sites and find new recipes to try. Google “healthy recipes” and see what you find.

If you belong to Amazon Prime, there are a number of free Kindle books online as well as ones for purchase. Libraries have thousands of books for free checkout when you are a resident in that county. They often even have movies or audiobooks to download.

A veritable plethora of movies abound. Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, as well as the major networks, all have movies to watch. So many movies, in fact, that it’s hard to pick. All can be watched via streaming with Wi-Fi or cell data, although the Wi-Fi or cell source needs to be strong enough to avoid lagging. 

Need to get out of the house, cabin, RV or camper? It is easy to find things to do in the area. Google “Things to do near me.” Google asks to use your location. Allow it, then up comes a list of things in the area. No matter where we are there is always something of interest to do or see outside when everything inside has been shut down. Sometimes it’s just a city park, sometimes a local mural or a historic monument. Right now, less than 30 miles away is the world’s largest ball of twine! There are things we would probably never do pre-COVID, but enjoy getting out and doing now. It’s all about appreciating the little things.

State and local parks are a great place to get outside while social distancing. Bring a picnic (or take-out) lunch, bug spray, and binoculars for bird or wildlife watching.

Finding hiking trails is also easy. The first step is a simple search for “hiking trails near me.” For even more information there are several apps that provide maps and suggestions: AllTrails, MapMyHike, ViewRanger, Spyglass, Maps 3D PRO, and Yonder are all popular apps for Android or iPhone that are free or low cost.

If all of that still leaves you lethargic and bored, there is always cleaning out that overfilled closet or storage bay. Have fun!



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2 years ago

As suggested, I’d love to take this downtime to clean out a few … no, a LOT … of the storage bays but here in the Texas Panhandle it’s just too hot during the day. That will just have to wait until the weather cools off a bit OR until I can get these lazy bones out of bed earlier in the a.m. and get to it! I DO do some geocaching though and have been taken to some really neat places and have seen some really neat things with that.

Deborah Mason
2 years ago

One thing we have always enjoyed is “Sunday drives”. We don’t care what day of the week, and prefer weekdays when there are even fewer “out & about”. It’s a way to explore the area. We do it when we travel & since we moved to the family property, we’ve finally been able to start exploring NW Montana like we couldn’t do when visiting (with the rest of the siblings) for just a few days and catching up with family. Sometimes we come home with wild berries, or “feral” apples for a pie. We always come home with photos, ideas for future explorations, and an appreciation of the beauty around us.

Ron T
2 years ago

I know I’ve mentioned before using this “at home” time to work on my geneaology. At my age it’s mostly filling in the generations younger than me. It’s an interesting mix learning of people I didn’t know I was related to in my home town and also those who moved to other areas of the country and proliferated there. Now I can’t wait to get back on the road to visit all these places to see cemeteries and maybe even some live family members I’ve never met!

2 years ago

The rv park we visit a lot used to have a free “library” of dvd’s that people donated. You just went in the office and they were up there on a shelf. Sad to say it’s not there anymore. I guess sat. tv, and other stuff just made this obsolete. We still enjoy good movies on dvd’s when there’s just junk on the tube.

2 years ago

During Covid we’ve stayed in our “sticks and bricks” dwelling but have found things to keep busy. I started walking every morning, anywhere from two to six miles depending on temps (we’re in AZ), I have gotten up as early as 3am to go for a walk. I’ve had an Instant Pot for years but only have used it for a few recipes, so I decided to explore more with it,and for the last 3 weeks all of our dinners have either been made using the IP or were leftovers from the IP. I’ve taken a free class on Coursera, check it out there are lots of options for free classes. I’ve taken some virtual tours of NPS and I’ve tried my hand at a some crafts. There is joy to be found wherever you are. Oh, and August is Happiness Happens Month so remember to smile and make some happiness happen!

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