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As a child, how much of a role did your grandparents play in your life?

Some of you may have spent every day or every weekend with a grandparent (or grandparents), others may have seen them a couple of times a year for a holiday gathering, and others may have never known their grandparents.

It’s wonderful to hear stories of children spending time with their grandparents, and it’s just as wonderful to hear adults reminisce on the days when they cherished time with theirs.

What about you? Did your grandparents play a large role in your life, or not so much? Please tell us below, and leave a comment too, if you’d like.


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Neal Davis
2 years ago

My maternal grandparents carved an acre from their 5-acre lot and gave it to my parents as a wedding gift. Consequently, I had the pleasure (perhaps it was mutual) of growing up next door to my grandparents. As young children my brother and I would each climb aboard one of the wide arms of my grandmother’s rocking chair and ride her “stagecoach” to wonderful and exciting places in our collective imagination. After my grandfather’s premature passing at age 67 in 1970, I came to view my grandmother as MY grandmother. Although she, too, eventually passed away at age 94 in early 2002, she never got old or tired. I still miss her free-wheeling imagination and infectious silliness.

2 years ago

I spent summers with my grandmother because I had no living grandfather. Now that my mother is deceased my daughter has no living grandparents but did spend a good deal of her growing up years with her grandmother until this year. Now it is me who will be the grandparent, scary when she has children. God willing.

2 years ago

Both of my Grandmothers played substantial roles and I spent time with them both. Worked alongside my Paternal Grandmother in the fields a few times. I saw them often during the week but both Grandfathers were deceased before I was born

Lynn Loftis
2 years ago

My Maternal Grandmother, the only one still alive when i was born, lived with us for most of my childhood. I now treasure the time i got to spend with her

(Walter) Roland Hyatt
2 years ago

A followup to a comment a while back about polls not opening. I am now – and have for a short while – the problem. Today the poll would not open in Chrome, Edge, and Brave browsers. It would only open in Firefox.

Mike Albert
2 years ago

Part 1) I grew up in Miami Beach. My paternal GP and great GP lived there too. My great GF died when I was 6 and my great GM died when I was 23. My GF died when I was 19 and my GM when I was 51. She was 97 years old. My maternal GP lived in Nashville. My GM died when I was 19 too. My GF died when I was 43. I was able to experience multiple visits with all of them and able to remember them too. Now my grandchildren are able to share the stories with us about them. Both of my children remember my paternal GM and my maternal GF.

Mike Albert
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Part 2; My oldest grand in PA, is 17 and she met my paternal GM when she was 3. She vaguely remembers when we associate the view from her house and furnishings that she had. She remembers my mother and step father, her sister 9, never met either set of great GPs. Our youngest grand daughter, almost 2, lives in California. While we do FaceTime with her at least four times a week, we have only visited with her five times. We are in S/W Florida and can’t wait for this virus to be over!!!

Ron T
2 years ago
  • My paternal grandparents lived into my mid-to-late 20s. Saw them regularly until the last few years as I was mostly away from them at college. Pretty staid old Germans. My maternal grandparents, also of German descent, and who also lived near us were a lot more fun. Lost “Pop” when I was 18, but grandma lived until I was 36. With 4 grands and two greats ourselves we are a lot more involved with their lives. We’ve traveled with them for the past 14 years until 2020 and aren’t exactly sure we’ll pick up where we left off as one long trip the older (4yr) great-grandson last year was much harder on us physically, but we’ll see.
2 years ago

My grandparents lived in New Jersey, I lived in Ohio. Long way to travel in the 40’s and 50’s. Only saw them a couple of times that I can remember.

Thomas Wenzler
2 years ago

I never knew my grandparents because they all passed away before I was old enough. I have 5 grandchildren and spend as much time as I can with them.

Larry & Bev Lee
2 years ago

I grew up with my grandparent next door. As kids we spent almost every evening at their house eating toast and playing canasta. This is my most endearing remembrance of them. Although they fought like animals they would always stop as soon as we showed up. All us grand kids always talk about them when we get together. I will never forget.

Robert Cassels
2 years ago

Not getting the polls

2 years ago
Reply to  Robert Cassels

I had the same problem. I use a VPN for all my internet access and recently started having trouble with RV Travel access and polls. I have to turn it off, access RV Travel (or this poll) and then after it loads, turn my VPN back on. Not sure if this is your issue or not.

2 years ago

Only knew my mom’s father, he lived with my mom’s sister On other side of town. He would come to visit twice a month for a day and stay for supper then my parents would drive him home. He passed away when I was 13. Others grandparents passed away before I was born.

S M Jenkins
2 years ago

Only my maternal grandmother.

2 years ago

My fraternal grandparents lived a block away and we (my brothers and I) spent many hours with them either at their home or at the cottage. My maternal grandparents lived on the other side of the country so we only saw them on vacation, but still pretty close to them as well. Both sets of grandparents lived a long and healthy life. Now we are a very important part of our grandkids lives and they are very lucky to have a great-grandmother (my mom) as well.

Danny Wells
2 years ago

My father’s parents both died before I was born but my Greatgrands were in my young life. My mother’s parents were in my young life and beyond.

2 years ago

My grandma & Pappy were the BEST! True “old-timer’s” who lived off the land, farming & Pappy had a sawmill. Eleven children & poor grandma was still going to have two more babies after becoming a grandma for several. Pappy said they didn’t have TV back then & grandma was just too sweet to not love. He was so ornery….the “ol’ goat!” He made his own moonshine & wine in the back room of the sawmill. Very Irish (McLaughlin) & very proud. .I was lucky in that when their health declined, I was able to help provide their end-of-life-care & am so grateful I had that opportunity to spend this time with them. Pappy lived to be almost 100 & just as ornery the day before he passed. I got my grandparents until I was 40, which is a blessing, in & of itself!

2 years ago

My parents were in their mid 40s when I was born an they both immigrated to this country. Both grandfathers were dead long before I was born. I met my mother’s mother only once on a visit to England. My fathers mother lived in Yonkers, NY and I did get to see her regularly but she spoke very little english. I do remember her fondly. Because of the age disparity she died while I was in my early teens and my parents both passed before I was 35.
I now have so many questions I would love to ask them.
To visit our children and grandchildren was a major reason we purchased our RV. we just left our son and are currently visiting our daughter and grandchildren on our way to Florida for the winter.

2 years ago

I lost my mother at age 8 and my Dad was on active duty in the Navy. At that point my paternal grandparents took over the task of raising me. I lived with them until age 16 . My Dad received shore duty orders, was remarried so I then went to live with him. My grandparents and an uncle were very instrumental in my young life.

Captn John
2 years ago

I was too young to remember my paternal grandparents before they passed. My moms parents were great. They were poor but the fun I had with them. My grandfather was really a card and influenced me in many ways. We did things that I’ll never forget. Some my parents and grandmother did not approve of but neither of us cared. Although they had many grandchildren I was the favorite. Overheard grandma say he died of worry when I went to Nam. I was in the bush when he went into the hospital and didn’t know he passed until 2 weeks later. I never got to tell him good bye.

2 years ago

I really only had one grandparent, my maternal Grandmother. My paternal grandparents died when I was real young, and we didn’t see them very often. My Grandma loved to spoil us kids.

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