Sunday, June 13, 2021
Sunday, June 13, 2021

Do you carry binoculars with you on your RV trips?

Maybe you’re a birdwatcher, maybe you’re a whale-watcher, maybe you’re a soccer fan, or a concert-goer… Whatever your interests might be, there are always reasons to carry a good pair of binoculars with you in your RV. Do you travel with binoculars on your RV trips?

Binoculars are either something you have, and then have forever, or you have on your “I want” list that you’ve just never gotten around to buying. Do you have a pair?

Tell us in the poll below if you carry a pair (or pairs) with you on your RV trips. If you want, tell us what you most often use them for in the comments below. We’d like to know!

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8 months ago

Was a member of the Texas Astronomical society for a number of years. I not only carry 3 sets of binoculars, (10x25s, 12x60s, and 15x70s) but I also carry a Meade LS 6 Telescope with me. Getting out in dark sky places allows me to observe where city light pollution doesn’t.

9 months ago

I have carried a pair of binoculars in the car with me for 40+ years and keep 2 pairs in the RV. I also have a 1000mm lens for my camera in it. I’ve gotten some great wildlife photos sitting in a camp site.

Sharon B
9 months ago

Thinking about getting a drone for boondocking. I think I would like to know who and where there are others around.

Vanessa Simmons
9 months ago

In the RV and the TV and telescope in the RV.

9 months ago

Yes, we keep a pair in the fiver and in the truck

Gene Bjerke
9 months ago

As a long-time sailor, I can’t imagine not having binoculars handy. However, a magnetic compass does not work in a steel motor home.

9 months ago

Well, now the surveys are coming through again but it won’t let me vote while in “incognito mode”. How did I get that way and how do I get out of it?

M. Will
9 months ago

Always carry one pair of larger sized binoculars for in the truck and or trailer. Use them often. Carry a small sized pair for hiking trips and in my fly vest while out fishing. Carry two spotting scopes for wildlife watching. A straight type and an angled scope to fasten my smartphone onto and take digiscope pictures.

Brian Moore
9 months ago

Yes, I have three pair. Small, medium, and large. Have had all three pairs since I was in my twenties and am now 60 yrs old. Use them for a variety of reasons.

Michael Micikas
9 months ago

Yes, always have them in the MH

9 months ago

We always have them with us. Unfortunately we forget to grab them when we head out on our hike🤔.

9 months ago

Yep, am an avid ‘birder’ and never go anywhere without them along with my spotting scope.

9 months ago

I’d really like to have a pair with high quality optics. I currently have some that are decent. I never seem to find them at garage sales…that’s probably a clue 🙂

Erica Hammer
9 months ago

Yes, we always have binoculars with us.
I can’t vote or see results.
For several weeks, the poll just “spun” and wouldn’t come up, no matter how long I waited.
For the last couple days, when I try to vote, it highlights the selection but won’t let me submit it. I get a message that I can’t vote while in incognito mode. But I am NOT in incognito mode.
And when I try to view results, nothing happens.
Very frustrating!

9 months ago
Reply to  Erica Hammer


9 months ago

We have a pair of binoculars we bought specifically for the travel trailer and use them often!

9 months ago

I can never take any polls anymore on my iPad or iPhone. Nor do I see the results. They never show up! I can only comment! That’s no fun!

9 months ago
Reply to  Hank

What has finally worked for me is to open the poll and let it load for however long it takes (sometimes as long as ten minutes). When I vote, it takes a long time to accept my vote, too.

9 months ago

When hunting is the reason for rv use, sure.

Pat Daubenmier
9 months ago

When I don’t forget!

Captn John
9 months ago

Binoculars and scopes rifles always within reach.

Ed K
9 months ago

Bought them in the 70’s they are in the coach though we haven’t used them in years. They are still with-in reach if we want to use them, just haven’t felt the need.

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