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Have you ever spent the night in your RV in a Cracker Barrel parking lot?

Cracker Barrels can be an RVer’s best friend for the free overnight parking and the cheesy hashbrowns. What’s not to love? There are currently 660 Cracker Barrel stores across the United States. Most of them, though not all, allow RVers to park overnight in their parking lots for free (but if you do, try and purchase at least one meal or something from their store).

Have you ever spent the night in a Cracker Barrel parking lot in your RV? Have you stayed multiple times, or just once or twice?

Please tell us in the poll below and, of course, feel free to leave a comment too.

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Lee (@guest_102000)
3 years ago

Missoula, MT:) We always ask first to stay and look forward to our breakfast at CB.

Steve (@guest_101956)
3 years ago

Ditto at Fort Leonard Wood and several times along I-95 in the southeast. We always eat there, ask the manager for permission even though we have never been turned down, Go in for breakfast and coffee and super friendly people. Just be sure to park out of the way, be aware of others around you, do not open slides unless they are out of the traffic pattern. Keep the area clean, And it is an over-night stop only. We will continue to stay at CB’s going forward.

Kathryn (@guest_101613)
3 years ago

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Twice. Big spaces, open parking lot. Felt very safe.

Beverly Carr (@guest_100821)
3 years ago

I love the security at CB. They have a well lit parking lot with cameras. Dinner is great with enough leftovers for lunch the next day. I always ask the manager and leave a $20 tip for the waitress.

Eddie D. (@guest_99592)
3 years ago

We went to the one in Clive, IA. I went inside to ask permission, and it was granted. Not only that, the manager went outside with me and my wife to show where the most level spaces were. But we were allowed to practically park anywhere we wanted. Had supper that night and breakfast the following morning.

Dave J (@guest_99475)
3 years ago

Yes, had a good supper first, and a great breakfast in the morning before rolling on down the highway.

dave (@guest_99431)
3 years ago

Tried to once, but the employees were parked in the “RV only” spots. We reported it, but I doubt it did any good.

Clayton (@guest_99407)
3 years ago

Several times and enjoyed dinner and breakfast before I left

John Koenig (@guest_99406)
3 years ago

I try to arrive between 8~9 PM. Their dinner rush is over so, I can always park my rig and go in for a nice late dinner. They open at 6 AM so, I can get a good breakfast and get back on the road early before their breakfast rush hits.

MrDisaster (@guest_99403)
3 years ago

Tried a couple of times. Once to many cars in the RV space. Second time we were so happy we got a space! But after a quick walk around we found our rig (55′ truck and fifth wheel) extended over the front and rear of the spot. We moved out and found parking on the street. The local cop who was there (unrelated to our parking) did mention the was no parking there from midnight to 6am. He explained it was to keep the big trucks from parking their before delivering to a local distribution center. He did find a nearby RV park for us!

Tom (@guest_99399)
3 years ago

Spent 2 different nights and 1 late morning.

Bob P (@guest_99397)
3 years ago

Great place for the evening meal and a better place for breakfast, they always welcome RVers to stay the night because they know we’ll be in for breakfast before leaving.

Gene Bjerke (@guest_99396)
3 years ago

The Cracker Barrel in Florence is our first night stop on our annual Florida trip.

Vj mope (@guest_102117)
3 years ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

We stayed there this summer, awoken around 3:00 am by sound of gunshot, woke up again around 630 and sure enough someone was shot next door in a parking lot. Sad.

Cindy (@guest_99395)
3 years ago

We have a class C towing and CB seems to work ok for us. We’ve had good experiences. Having dinner and not cleaning up is a bonus! We only do this when driving all day and hitting the road early the next morning, We appreciate the opportunity since they are usually close to the expressway!

Tom B (@guest_99394)
3 years ago

I had to laugh, as I did just last night! I always go talk to the manager. We tend to arrive just before closing,and the parking lot is mostly empty. after all, we are just looking for a place to sleep overnight, to move on down the road after We have breakfast.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_99387)
3 years ago

Once, about six years ago

Last edited 3 years ago by Bob Weinfurt
Jim (@guest_99386)
3 years ago

Overpriced unhealthy food.

Jim Langley (@guest_99376)
3 years ago

Can’t remember what state we were in, but it was a nice stop – quiet, safe and tasty breakfast in the morning. Thank you Cracker Barrel!

KEN DIEBOLD (@guest_99374)
3 years ago

Great place to have dinner or take it back to your RV. The RV parking is great. Good breakfast too. Thank you Cracker Barrel.

Jennifer Fuller (@guest_99371)
3 years ago

We have stayed at CB twice, the most recent stay about 10 days ago. There were 4 other campers. Sites were wide & long enough to accommodate our 38’ Bounder. We parked in the end spot, so were able to put out our bedroom slide. Lot was well-lit. Ate dinner & breakfast.

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