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Motion-activated nightlight comes in handy in RV

nightminder-737What could be more convenient when you get up a few times during the night (as many older folks need to do) than a light that comes on when you throw that first leg out of bed?

It will light the way to your destination, then turn off automatically after 15 seconds of no motion when you return to bed.

You could put it in the bathroom where it is most needed, just inside your main entry door to light your way when returning after dark, or under a cabinet if you sneak out for a cookie at 3 a.m.

Put it on a table top or mount it on the wall. You can remove it from the wall bracket to use as a flashlight. It uses three AA batteries.

You can find the NightMinder at for less than $12 (as of October 2020).



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2 years ago

4AAA version $4 or rechargeable version $7 online. Since i’m remiss keeping up with batteries and recharging, my preference right now is a solar “shed light” that has its small outside solar panel separate from the sensor/lighthead inside.

2 years ago

I use these in my motorhome, and like them. they are USB rechargeable, have magnetic/tape for under counter use. Try them first at night and place in areas that work the best. I put one in bathroom, under counter so when boondocking, we don’t have to use power. The multi-switch allows sensor on and off. Also, great on steps just inside the RV when coming in at night.

Arlene Helms
2 years ago

Our motorhome came with motion activated lights at floor level in the entry well and the bathroom. The one in the bathroom is great! But my husband often falls asleep on the couch, right next to the entry well. As he tosses during the night, that light comes on every time and from the bed I can see it. I’m a light sleeper so I find it annoying. I finally put several layers of masking tape over the sensor – problem solved! 😄

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