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Do you ever pay to get your RV’s exterior professionally cleaned?

Cleaning the exterior of your RV can be a real pain in the butt… especially when you have to do it yourself! It’s a huge task, one that, depending on what needs to be done, can oftentimes take up an entire day to complete. It is a good workout…

Instead of doing all that hard work yourself, do you ever pay to get your RV’s exterior professionally cleaned? If you do, how often?

Please tell us by voting in the poll below. If you have advice for others on cleaning the exterior of your RV, leave a comment! We look forward to reading how you do this tedious task!


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Bob P
1 year ago

We did 3 years ago in Rockport, Tx, after having driven through numerous rain storms going there. In my upper 70s I don’t feel like doing all that labor for $160 the man charged me. There was two women doing the same job charging $325 and their work didn’t look any better than his did.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

We’ve used Blue Beacon on several cross country trips and been very happy with them. What I’d like to find, is a local detailer who will wash and wax my rig at its storage facility.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

I have considered using Blue Beacon to wash the RV and Jeep, but have not yet. I likely will in the future when we make a lengthy RV trip.

1 year ago

Like so many people today those who do these type tasks they overvalue their worth. They use my water yet want $125.00 to do the job
Way too pricey.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

I assume that includes using a truckwash.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

Don’t use a truck wash, the soap is way too strong for a RV

1 year ago

Not now but as I age it becomes a greater possibility.

1 year ago

I use Meguira’s ultimate fast finish twice a year. Watch the U-tube video by Dallas Paint correction &auto detailing of a Prevost motorhome. Using the system that they use I can wash, dry with a towel and wax a 42 foot motorhome in one day while standing 98% of the time on the ground.

Thomas D
1 year ago

If that $75 a gallon wax is amy good, and thats a lot of money to tie up, rebottle it in say,12 oz bottles and recoop some money. Whats the name of it?

1 year ago

Anyone have suggestions for someone in the Denver area to remove oxidation?

1 year ago

We get the rig washed and waxed when we first arrive in Yuma and then again 2 or 3 months later when we leave. Best $300 ($150 x2) I spend. Keeps the motorhome well waxed year around.

1 year ago
Reply to  dave

who did the wash and wax for you

1 year ago

Used to, but they do more damage than I was willing to put up with, especially the decals and never did anything for the roof. Their work simply wasn’t worth the expense either. There is a RV self wash here that I have found to be what I want for cleaning the RV. Works well.

1 year ago

It’s an all day affair but every spring we wash and wax the outside, wash the awnings and roof as well as the inside including shampooing the carpets and furniture. Then, during our camping season, it’s easy to keep it looking clean.

Harry Ward
1 year ago

For $85 my local 18 wheeler commercial washing facility will completely wash the sides and roof and apply spray on wax to the sides. It looks great when finished. For $85 I’ll never wash it again myself.

1 year ago

Once a year, I pay for a detailer to use some compound and orbital buffers to buff out any oxidation. The rest of the year, I spot clean with Wash Wax All. It’s a 2008, and I get compliments on her appearance every where we go.

1 year ago

Used to do it myself, but it’s too much work now, so I get it done while in the desert in Arizona each winter. I just scheduled a wash, de-oxidation buff out with wax, plus an extra application of wax for $400 next week. I only do the buff out every few years. I’ve used the same guys in the past & they do a good job that lasts about a year. I still wash the rv myself several times a year with a wash/wax solution.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I’m getting too old for washing our trailer. It’s a BIG job to do it right. There’s not that much “BIG” left in me.

We had the trailer washed several months ago in Houston and the results were kind of a disaster. The high pressure washing produced leaks where leaks never were before. Next time (if there IS one) I’ll ask about the method they use. I’d love to get a professional wash and wax job, regardless of the cost, because I’M sure not going to do it. Our nine year old trailer is well used (meaning we use it a lot, not worn out) and needs a good wax job.

Dick & Sandy from near Buffalo, NY now in Florida
1 year ago

Custom paint jobs, as on our 2015 40 foot DP Class A and many other RV’s, need protection and upkeep. When younger and on our older Class A’s, I would wash, hand wax and hand wipe down our coach. Now in my upper 70’s that is too much work.

In 2015 I trolled the internet looking for a wash and wax that I could apply when washing with a brush and did not have to hand apply wax and/or hand wipe down. Back then I found a German company that sold a product in the US. It is specifically made for the outer gel coat finishes for boats. It was only sold in gallon and larger containers and it was about $75 a gallon. I gave it a try.

It uses 4 ounces per gallon of water. Like with any large vehicle you do it in sections. Rinse down a section to remove any large dirt particles. Then wash down with a soft brush. Then rinse and allow to dry. I thought there would be lots of water spots but to my surprise there were few. I do it once a year unless necessary otherwise. Works for us.

1 year ago

And the name of this good product is?….

Phil Atterbery
1 year ago

It seems that the planets have to align for me to get this done. Last time was in Colorado Springs. A coach several spots away was being done by a local service. They were going to do the coach next to us. The price was right & it happened.

Mary Ann
1 year ago

We got our class A detailed just once. It was expensive- more than $300. It looked beautiful but after our trip the shine was gone. Now we wash the Rv in our yard with brushes and a power hose whenever we feel up to it and don’t mind getting damp.

Diane Mc
1 year ago

We get ours washed, waxed and wheels polished every year when we arrive in Daytona Beach from California. Been using the same guy for 17 years. He does a beautiful job. It is expensive, but he takes 6+ hours. Our coach is 19 yrs old and we want to keep it looking good. At home we will do it ourselves washing all but the sides. No roof climbing and definitely no waxing. There is a company that is national that comes to your home (if they have some one in your area, of course), you can schedule online & select what you want done. It is more expensive than our guy in Florida. Only used them twice when we returned from other long trips and coach was pretty dirty.

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