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Is traveling to Alaska with your RV on your bucket list?

A couple of weeks ago we asked our readers, “Tell us: What is your dream RV trip?” Can you guess what the number one location was? If you guessed Alaska, you’re right!

Has Alaska always been on your bucket list as an RV destination, or was it a recent interest in the beautiful state that sparked your wanderlust? Do you want to make the drive through Canada in your RV and drive the Alaska Highway, or do you want to fly (or cruise) to Alaska then rent an RV once you’re there? Please feel free to answer in the comments below the poll. Thanks!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Jim O'Briant (@guest_125925)
2 years ago

Because the Alaska Highway is deteriorating more and more each year due to thawing of the permafrost on which it’s built, we will not take our RV to Alaska. We are considering reserving a rental RV in Alaska. The plan would be to fly to Alaska, RV around the state for 2, 3 or 4 weeks, depending on budget and our schedule, take a cruise back to the lower 48, and then fly home.

Dennis near Bellingham (@guest_125515)
2 years ago

Have done the trip three times now. First time “moteling”, second in truck camper, last one with a small trailer. Up one road and back on the other. Great drive and fab scenery and wildlife. Hauling your own lodging is definitely the way to go. Functionally the truck camper has the most options. Paved all the way these days, but keep in mind that there are two seasons in such places; 1-winter 2-road repair.

rag_ftw (@guest_125194)
2 years ago

I’d have to say it is not on our bucket list. We have spent four summers there and enjoyed each one more than the previous. It is time to see some more of the lower 48 now!

Andrea Christel Thompson (@guest_125182)
2 years ago

We are fulltime RVers, but we decided to fly to Alaska. Our 5th wheel is 13’5 high and 41ft long. We drive a F350. Driving from Detroit to Anchorage is over 4500 miles one way. So we went ahead and rent a small RV and do our travel, staying mainly at Military Base FAMCAMPS and shop at the commissary for our own cooking. We fly August, 22nd and so excited. I’ve been in all lower 48 States and so ready for my number 1 on my bucket list. It’s like a dream come true. ❤️

Vané (@guest_125108)
2 years ago

It’s my dream to drive from my country (Mex), get to US, then Canada and end up in Alaska… And really get to know -and learn- as much as possible from that beautiful place, the people, their strength, the landscape, nature, etc…
I’m working on it and hopefully make it come true in a couple of years on my own.

Roy Davis (@guest_125107)
2 years ago

My wife and I flew there several years ago and rented a motorhome. We both said we have to go back and spend more time there now that we’re retired. I am hesitant to drive a high end RV there and looked at taking it on the ferry but we’re over 13 ft. high. We thought about buying a used Class C and drive there and back then sell it but the prices for a good one has sky rocketed. Maybe we’ll just take a cruise.

Don (@guest_125146)
2 years ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

In 2019 I drove a Monaco Windsor from the east coast to Baja Mexico then to Alaska. It was an incredible trip. Drive anything you want…just go do it.

Laura (@guest_125105)
2 years ago

I voted no because I’ve been there tent camping all 8,231 miles. I even did the Too if the world highway, camped that night just south of Dawson. Was a wonderful trip. I even saw Denali while at Denali National Park.

Nikki Harnish (@guest_125104)
2 years ago

Best trip ever.

Tim Slack (@guest_125102)
2 years ago

Worked driving those green backcountry buses 80 miles into Denali Ntl Park 6 days/wk — 10 years before I retired & started RVing f/t. Loved every tour in, not a day went by that I didn’t see half a dozen grizzlies as well as moose, wolves chasing caribou, fox digging out huge marmots, all kinds of animal life. Wouldn’t trade a minute of that summer but would not take an RV over roads deteriorating from melting permafrost.

Rammer (@guest_125098)
2 years ago

Used to be but due to age and disability it’s no longer possible. Will stick closer to home.

Bruce (@guest_125096)
2 years ago

I live in Alaska and have been here for 30 years have been up and down the ALCAN many times. So many people seem to be afraid of that road, it is a long but beautiful drive

Dean Yoesting (@guest_125090)
2 years ago

Took a trip in the RV to Alaska in 2018. Was a great trip.

Skip (@guest_125089)
2 years ago

Yes, but have to wait until 2023 when wife retires. Will be leaving northeast coast. Thinking a 3 month adventure to and return. Flew while in the service in the 70s at winter time I surely didn’t find anything then grand about Alaska. So look forward to seeing late spring, summer ending season.

Marion Runcie (@guest_125086)
2 years ago

We drove TO Alaska in 2000 (Haines and Hyder). The good advice: see a gas station, top up, have blinds that will make it dark, “Alaska Highway” roads are in fairly good shape, mid July bug problem improves (sort of), bring a CB radio. The bad news of the Alaska Highway it can be boring to see nothing but the same trees for miles AND miles (from BCers who love forests), even without caravans you see same people every night as it is only place to camp.The strange things: we met no other Canadians on the road, we wanted our daughter to see our country but her memories of the trip are: listening every night to several people in class As, blinds pulled down and men adjusting their antennas “honey it’s not right, A’m not gettin ma wildlife show!”, a mother and daughter in an enormous Class A, collecting 2 rocks ( gravel) from every camp, a Class A pulling a Hummer. The interesting fauna was our fellow travellers. Beautiful scenery was similar to other west coast mountainous areas.

Leanne (@guest_125084)
2 years ago

We’ve driven it numerous times (yearly) and always want more time. One of the last times we caught the marine ferry in Haines and got off in Bellingham, WA. An adventure we enjoyed. We really missed our trip last year (and probably this year) because of COVID19 restrictions and Canada being closed.

Jeff Craig (@guest_125082)
2 years ago

Wife has wanted to do it for years, and once we retire and get a diesel pusher we will.

Phil & Peggy (@guest_125080)
2 years ago

Already went in 2010. Saw the mountain on a clear day. As long as the trip was, once was enough. Now, if they build the bridge (or Ferry?) to Hawaii …

Sue (@guest_125078)
2 years ago

We hauled our 36-foot 5th wheel coach from VA to AK twice and spent the summers of 2012 and 2015 there. Awesome trips and I’d love to do it again!

Tom H. (@guest_125072)
2 years ago

Would love to go, but wife not interested. I’ll keep working on her…

Mark (@guest_125071)
2 years ago

It would make me a little anxious in my Mercedes Sprinter…. it’s bad enough with service in the lower 48…..

Bruce (@guest_125097)
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark

There is an authorized sprinter facility in Anchorage

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